DJI Mavic Pro – Accessories For the Dazzling Device

Drone pilots have been over the moon this fall for a good reason: DJI have released the magnificent DJI Mavic Pro along with its accessories. This fabulous device has allowed the drone enthusiasts to enjoy the delectable features that could only be enjoy earlier with the mighty Phantom 4. What’s more, dronies can have fun these impressive features at an unbelievable smaller scale.

Despite being very small in size, it is incredibly powerful. As a matter of fact, there are 24 intricately configured and programmed cores within this stealth drone and four vision sensors. 

We endeavor to underscore some of the brilliant accessories that can be bundled together with this amazing device. We ensure you that this add-ons will make the machine more user-friendly, provide you with a swifter setup time, and ensure that you get an unparalleled flying experience with some of the most astounding gizmos to have ever hit the shelves.

DJI Mavic Tracker – Only $29.99 No Monthly Fees

This is a simple and effective method to track and find your DJI Mavic Pro – accessories in case the drone gets crashed or gets lost. This is not a tracker based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology but hey, it only costs $29.99. If you are within 100 feet reach of your drone, an alarm signal is transmitted to your smartphone. If you have some money up your sleeves, you can get your hands on a GPS tracker. Have a look for the .

But with a cost of just $29, nothing much should go wrong. This gadget will surely help you out in enjoying an anxiety-free flying experience of your one grand investment even if it gets out of sight or at a fair distance away.

As we go through the much awaited season of festivities, we expect the hunters for DJI Mavic Pro accessories to be on a rampage. Pretty much similar to the way the rage for Pokemon overwhelmed enthusiasts last summer! But we are of the opinion that setting your charismatic gizmo whizzing through the air to scour the uncharted territories of skies, is way more rewarding and exciting.

Let’s share with you top of the line DJI Mavic Pro accessories available in the market. We hope that these incredible add-ons will augment your exhilarating flying experience for all of you who have purchased the Mavic Pro standard package.

Shoulder Bag for the DJI Mavic

This one is probably one of the most ideal and practical drone accessories out there. It is the shoulder bag for the DJI Mavic Pro which is a nice way to port your amazing device from one place to another and stay ready for your next mid-air adventure as you go out of your house. This splendid shoulder bag can house your drone, controller, four batteries, one smartphone and other small sized add-ons such as cables.

This shoulder bag has a simple and yet eye-catching demeanor and is a fabulous way to transport your Mavic Pro to your next location of video shoot. Be it a train, aircraft or a Sport Utility Vehicle, you can carry your awesome Mavic Pro everywhere. This is simply a tremendous medium to pack your luggage and set off for your next aerial excursion.

Mavic Goggles

This is a resplendent Mavic Pro accessory that gives you the amazing experience of being in the drone’s cockpit in real time situation. Released back in November, this astonishing gadget produces a high resolution 1080p live video streaming from the drone’s camera. It makes you feel as if you are sitting right there in your drone!

The interior of the Goggles are lined by dual 1080p panels providing an 85 degrees field of view. You can synchronize two pairs of goggles with your astounding Mavic Pro. With dual panels, your fun is simply enhanced a million times. You can get a first person, frontal view of what is happening in your surroundings and this is all absolutely majestic.

We are confident that these Mavic Goggles are going to be the greatest hits ever in the drones accessories domain. (This product is coming soon in the markeat and will look like this)


Gimbal Cover

With a cool gizmo as this one, you can protect your gimbal from any crashes, dust and even water while your drone rummages through the insurmountable depths of skies. You certainly can fly your Mavic Pro even without installing one of these gadgets. But with a gimbal cover protecting your expensive gimbal, you are likely to remain satisfied that even if you do run through some sort of unfortunate accident, you have a decent contingency plan in place.

The gimbal cover also provides a certain degree of protection to your camera as well. Hence, this definitely is a worth adding gadget in your list of accessories that you ought to look out this year.

Hobbyist dronies need to ensure that they have spare drone parts and accessories in store to help them out in extending their exciting flying experiences. This gimbal cover can surely assist you in case of any sinister circumstances and is worth an investment.

Mavic Car Charger

As you are travelling to your next location for shooting videos, capturing still photographs and looking to have some fun, you definitely need a Mavic Car Charger to be included in your favorite DJI Mavic Pro accessories. This car charger functions in the same way as any other charger would; i.e., through the car’s cigarette lighter port. It also offers the low voltage protection which ensures that the car battery never runs out of juice and has sufficient energy in place to power up the vehicle.

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It takes about 54 minutes to get charged up completely. It is a great choice to be added in your auxiliary items for your Mavic Pro. You might have your friend or fellow dronie invite you to a certain location in urgency. So, while you are on your way, planning to have an awesome flying experience, you can very well charge your Mavic Pro up in your car.

Mavic Filter Professional

This holiday season definitely deserves to be celebrated with this sensational Mavic Fliter Professional 6-pack included in your list of DJI Mavic Pro accessories. It has been designed specifically keeping in mind the DJI Mavic Pro and will surely enhance your image capturing spree a fair bit.

Glare can be greatly reduced with the help of CP and PL filters. These filters also increase the color saturation to a great degree. You can reduce the shutter speed with the help of ND filters. These configurations assist you in getting high quality and fine images and videos. Moreover, this amazing batch of filters comes with lifetime warranty. Besides, the HD glass filters are also popular because of their crisp and crystal clear photographs and video footages.

You can use these filters to enhance polarization in overcast conditions. As a matter of fact, this bundle of filters can help you shoot videos and capture photographs prolifically in almost all kinds of lighting conditions. It certainly is one of the most versatile and handy DJI Mavic Pro accessories to be purchased in this holiday season.

Mavic Pro Battery Charging Hub

You should surely not be looking to ignore this splendid DJI Mavic Pro accessory. The battery charging hub can charge up to four intelligent flight batteries whenever you are in a mood to take some rest from flying your fantastic device.

The charger determines the battery with the highest charge level and then starts charging the batteries from that point onwards. Once you get a feel of the flying experience rendered by the DJI Mavic Pro, you certainly will become frustrated with charging one battery at a time. So, in order to prevent yourself from getting flustered, you definitely ought to buy the DJI Mavic Pro battery charging hub. It will surely make your life a lot easier.

Mavic Pro Propellers

The DJI Mavic Pro comes with tons of features that enable it to map out directions automatically, land safely and remain steady during flight. However, you are likely to come across instances when your device collides against an unlikely or unobserved obstacle and you end up losing a propeller or two.

The propellers are low priced components and will definitely attract the dronies to have some extra ones in their arsenal in case they come up against gusty winds, crashes or during their training period.

This is an add-on that can be quite easily ignored. But it is a valuable product to be given as gift to your loved ones and even for yourself if you are really into your superb DJI Mavic Pro.

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All in One

As you get to enjoying your magnificent DJI Mavic Pro, you will surely be needing additional memory cards so that you are able to save your memorable moments of flying adventures. You will also be needing an intelligent flight battery, a micro USB cable or a remote controlled micro USB cable.

Hence, you can very well get your hands on a remarkable combination that can transform your skies into an unbelievable gamut of accessories. It’s time to convert your flying itineraries into moments that can never be forgotten ever.

You will always be in need of the entire kit to make sure that you are able to latch onto each and every memory to be cherished in the coming future.

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