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Important Reasons To Use Drones in 2021

If you take the point of view of a random drone user, he will say that people use drones for photography. However, this is not the case in the drone industry. According to their statistics, there is only a small section associated with drone photography. In 2021, it is reported that photography was the third biggest use case regarding drones. So what is the biggest use case in the drone market today?

Surveys on Sectors That Use Drones

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According to Drone Industry Barometer 2021 from Drone Industry Insights, the biggest reason for the utilization of drones is the inspection. That barometer constituted of 678 survey responses across 64 different countries. The responses were from companies that had employed 10 to 15 members in their respective departments, as well as the large companies that had 500 people. Regardless of the dimensions, all of the companies had the same opinion regarding the way people use drones.

Adopt Drones


Inspections is there for both business-driven projects as well as the drone service providers. The drone service providers can also work as a third-party for those companies who prefer outsourcing tasks. Not only is inspection the standout factor in which the people use drones, but also it is a rapidly increasing use case.

In 2020, the use-case of inspections was recorded to be 18%. In the past 12 months, that figure has seen a dramatic increase to 49%. If we talk about drone service providers, the statistic is at 35%.


Even though it is true that drones save a lot of time, it is not the sole reason why companies use drones. The biggest reason why companies integrate drones into their working plans is to improve the quality of work.

“Multiple usage speaks a lot for the work that drones carry out and their capacity to deliver better results than other alternatives” statement from DII

The fourth biggest reason was to adopt the drones. This was the first time that “saving time” wasn’t the first reason to utilize drones, according to DII. If you are operating drones as part of your business, make sure to let us know about its usage.

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