DJI Inspire 1 – Drone Review

We are sure you must have enjoyed reading our review on DJI Phantom 3, so this time we are going to talk about DJI Inspire 1.

In this article, you will learn:
– Brief Introduction to DJI Inspire 1
– Camera Functionality of DJI Inspire 1
– DJI Inspire 1 Features
– Brief Flight Details
– DJI Inspire 1 Pricing

We’ve just had a hands-on experience of the DJI Inspire 1 drone and with its multiple rotors we found it to be extremely powerful and fabulous. This monster is being touted as the most advanced video drone out there to hit the shelves. Just recently, the Phantom 2 Vision + was considered the most marvelous technological wonder out there before its position was taken by its big brother the DJI Phantom 3. Now, we believe that the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 are going neck to neck. Our review of DJI Inspire 1 will help you out in figuring out which one of these two beasts could be the most viable option for you. So, what are you waiting for? Just keep reading y’all!

As far as the size goes, Inspire 1 is a lot larger in size than the Phantom 3. Just to let you know how large it is, here’s a fun fact: it weighs twice more than the Phantom 3. A drone of this much mass and magnitude would definitely require an enormous amount of power. The Inspire 1 is able to force its propellers to attain speeds as high as 50 miles per hour which is 15 miles per hour faster than the Phantom series with a top speed of merely 35 miles per hour. Freaking awesome, ain’t it! The incredibly high speeds have transformed this drone to enter into an unimaginable era of drone video making. With these super high speeds, now you can get the real pleasure of following a speed boat or a truck while recording some scintillating video footage. Here’s the caution though! This beast is meant for the pros only. If you even try to fly it without getting a hang of it, you are more than likely to throw your $2100-$4500 down the drain with an utterly useless piece of scrap left behind.

Just underneath the drone, there is a dedicated set of sensors and an optical camera directed downwards that assist the drone in seeing what’s happening on the ground. The sensors have been designed to ensure stability during flight on the XY plane when the GPS has been triggered on but we have come across quite a few issues during their testing. The drone wasn’t able to maintain its course even while hovering and when we tried to re-calibrate it, the problem wasn’t resolved. However, the upside of this mighty drone is that light to mild winds are not able to affect its flight owing to its bulky size.

Here’s a small Formation Take Off Video for your treat!

At the time of taking off, the camera comes to a lower position as the arms with the attached landing paraphernalia are elevated. The Phantom models produced video footages in which the propellers frustratingly got in the way. However, this issue has been totally exterminated in Inspire 1 by the elevation of the arms. The ultrasonic pair of sensors just below the drone’s belly provide measurements that the Inspire 1 uses to decide when it’s time to lower the landing paraphernalia. The provision of measurement by the sensors and the consequent raising of the landing gear takes about three seconds and takes place just approximately three feet above the ground level, so it’s advisable not to land the drone at a fast pace or the camera can get damaged as it becomes vulnerable once the arms have been raised.

For the Phantom series aficionados a familiar feature is the streaming of the video footage at a high resolution of 720p from the Inspire 1 drone to the Lightbridge transmitter which can function up to an amazing distance of 1.25 miles. Hence, the drone is a great choice for those looking to survey a large area or unearth hilly terrain. The transmitter can be connected to an iOS or Android device with the help of a USB cable. Despite being equipped with the gear to operate the transmitter and the drone, some devices will not be able to handle the high resolution video streaming at a quality that your video deserves. The Lightbridge system is believed to function at its best on handheld tablets and top-of-the-line smartphone devices.  

Similar to the other drone models released by the mighty DJI, the Inspire 1 is a complete drone that can be set whizzing into the air straightaway after unboxing it. And it’s little wonder that such a beast is manufactured by the multi-billion dollar aviation enterprise who are the pioneers in building top-notch drones for consumers ranging from rookies to experienced pilots. You’ll be amazed to learn that even 50 Cent have got one of these incredible technological wonders and probably they wouldn’t have come across our review, we’re dead sure that they would hate to disagree how awesome this thing actually is.


What’s so cool about DJI Inspire 1

dji inspire 1 features

What might put you off about DJI Inspire 1

#1 Portability:

It is not easy to detach the various components of Inspire 1 as opposed to the other models of DJI drones available in the market. It has to be transported the way it arrived in the original packing. For a drone featuring a wide wingspan such as Inspire 1, it can be a bit of a hassle to move the drone from one place to another in a single piece. Moreover, if you do not happen to be a qualified mechanical engineer, then we fear that you lack the expertise to do any sorts of repair work with such a complex piece of machinery.

#2 Ground Sensor Performance:

During its flight over certain kinds of surfaces, the Inspire 1 was unable to keep itself stable. The surface of the ground ought to be essentially flat for a steady flight and it is recommended to avoid anything that shines or surfaces that can reflect light.

#3 Lightbridge Lag:

The quality of the video streaming actually depends on the device that you are using and you can’t know that without testing it. Some of the observers have noticed that the video streaming is a lot more smooth over smaller tablets, smartphones and other handheld devices as opposed to the larger display screens across which the video streaming might lag.

DJI Inspire 1 Pricing And Upgrades


DJI Inspire 1 is already in high prices, but with a few upgrades you can make the most of it. Usually, the prices start from $2000 approx.

The other one we have from the same category is: Original DJI Inspire 1 Quadrocopter with 4K HD Camera Deformed Transforming RC Drone

dji inspire 1


And just in case, you are looking for a drone with a Gimbal support, you might want to go for the DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 Rc Quadcopter Drone with Camera 4K and 3-Axis Gimbal UAV APP Support Quadcopter vs DJI Phantom 3 Free Ship

dji inspire 1

Some other upgrades include:

  1. Camera Lens Filter DJI Inspire 1 X5 Camera Filter For FPV Quadcopter
  2. ND8 / ND16 dimming filter (Zen X3) Compatible DJI Inspire 1
  3. Travelling shoulder bag Hardshell

Final Word

The DJI Inspire 1 is a humongous drone that has been developed especially for advanced aerial photography and video. The Inspire 1 is able to confront gusty conditions due to its weight in spite of its uniquely high speeds and take sharp turns with unparalleled ease. Falling in the price range of $3100-$4500, ensure that you are well aware of what you are getting into. If you have just started the flying business, then you won’t be able to stay in the air for long which has been specifically designed for the pros out there.

If you have any queries regarding the DJI Inspire 1 after going through our extensive review, do not hesitate to contact us, or visit our blog to find out more. 


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