Epic Star Wars Drones Get a Breath of Life

Every film fan wishes to see the different gadgets used in his/her favorite movie flick brought to life in their homes. The Star Wars drones collection is an impressive innovation which can be either added as decoration pieces to your drawing room or you can decide to do a bit of tweaking with them. This is the advantage that you get by having collector items in your armory.

And if we discard all the complexities involved, the gist of the matter is that bringing your big screen favorites to life is the dream of virtually everyone out there. And why is that so?

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It’s simply because the thought of watching all your fantasies right in front of you and being a realistic part of them is absolutely phenomenal. Another great advantage that you get by recreating your favorite moments from a certain movie is that you can always twist the storyline as per your desire when you think that the scriptwriter has just gone off-plot and done something really stupid. Moreover, you can always add more spiciness to scenes as you are their sole architect. With the remarkable social media interactive platforms around, you can always share your impressive creations with your loved and dear ones and brag about your innovation; telling them how much better you were able to pull off those incredible moments as compared to those idiot Hollywood writers. And this is precisely the case when it comes to the blockbuster film franchise Star Wars.

Yes, we all do a few stupid things in life and Hollywood writers are no exceptions, let’s face it!

Here’s an important question of note for all Star Wars fans out there: Are those drones depicted in the Star Wars flick worth keeping your possession as something valuable?

The answer to this question depends on a couple of things: How passionate you are about Star Wars? Why do you really want to buy Star Wars drones? Do you wish to keep the device packed up and displayed in your sitting room or are dying to get the drone out of its original packaging and set it whizzing through the air to have some real fun with your childhood yearnings?

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If you are simply interested in keeping the drones all wrapped up in their original packaging and keep them as decoration pieces in your drawing room, then your answer to above question will be a straightforward YES! To have all the Star Wars Drones in your possession is precious beyond imagination.

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However, if you are planning to get each of the amazing drones inspired by the epic Star Wars franchise out of their packaging to have some flying experience, then let’s help you out by dissecting all the benefits and disadvantages that one can get from them.

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

This one is the most popular device out of all the Star Wars drones available on the market. Fans love it and it turns out to be the most frequently bought machine that has been able to capture the users’ imagination.


It depends upon your expectations with respect to performance whether you end up being satisfied with your purchase or not. Most of the dronies are quite satisfied with the machine, however, those who end up being disappointed is probably because of the advertisement video that elevated their expectations to a higher level. At the end of the day, you can have splendid time with this device while being satisfied with its overall offerings. Having said that, we would highly recommend you to purchase this machine only after going through the video reviews of this drone available online.

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It is suggested that you go through the raw footage of this machine rather than viewing the promotional videos which were evidently created to market it among the target audience.

This machine costs around $100 which is not a small amount. So, we would recommend you to keep your expectations at a reasonable level before deciding to purchase it.

Star Wars 94254 R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid

Among the Star Wars drones available for sale in the market, this one is the most expensive one that has received plenty of plaudits from fans and critics alike. Having said that, its sale is not that high. Probably the cost of $600 is the reason most people avoid buying this machine.


However, you can always purchase a second-hand machine for around $300 which is actually half the original price and is not that low either. So, you should better make up your mind before buying either of the two types of devices.

In addition to price, what are the other considerations that you should make before buying this device? The voice command feature is not that efficient. The voice command technology that is being used across the entire industry is badly in need of an enhanced software. So, this had to be the issue with this machine as well. We did not find too much of deficiencies in this machine but this was an important aspect that we felt should be in your mind before you purchase this product. So, if you have been going through some wretched time hoping against hope for Siri to understand what you are saying in reality, then you definitely should not get this machine out of the packaging and keep it for decorative purposes only.

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