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Gas Powered RC Cars

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RC car aficionados take a fancy to drive, maintaining, and building gas powered RC cars. When you are about to purchase gas powered radio controlled devices, you should keep in mind that they are not essentially toy-grade devices equivalent to electric RC cars. As a matter of fact, these devices require time, energy, and money from you. The massive collection of cars, add-ons, and models allows RC car junkies to choose the car that suits them the most.

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Real-life feel

Gas powered RC cars are actually miniature versions of real-world cars. The radio-controlled gizmos provide you with an opportunity to get a feel of real-life cars. It does not matter whether you are an adult or a kid who is looking to adopt it as a serious hobby.

It will promise to offer plenty of excitement and exhilaration. The cars are maneuvered and controlled with the help of a radio controller also known as the transmitter. The petrol RC cars are equipped with engines that are similar in design and operation to real-life cars.

So, you have to ensure that you keep them well-tuned and maintain them regularly to get the most out of them. Carburetors are responsible for ensuring that the fuel and oil remain mixed as desired while 2-stroke nitro engines furnish power to the device. Nitro fuel is used in gasoline-powered RC cars and it is the same fuel that is used in real-life drag cars. So, we should be expecting immense power from the compact-sized petrol RC cars.

Online and brick and mortar hobby stores

You can purchase petrol RC cars and electric RC cars from different online and brick and mortar hobby stores. eBay and Amazon are the two leading spots online that can get you top quality RC cars. They offer a diverse range of RC cars along with their accessories.

It can be rather dicey to opt for an online retailer while purchasing an RC car. You can, however, find plenty of options regarding RC cars and their accessories on different Amazon stores. If you are a newbie, it will be better that you choose a ready to run the gadget.

You simply have to take the car out of the box, fill in the fuel tank with the requisite fuel, and off you go zipping around in your backyard or neighborhood. You can also build your own vehicle from scratch. You simply have to choose a few components and assemble them together to build a fully customized device. Redcat Racing and Traxxas are two of the leading brands that have developed exceptional petrol and gas-powered RC cars over the years.

Types of Gas Powered RC cars

You can drive your gas powered RC cars on the highway, zip them through heavy traffic and even violate traffic lights without the risk of being given a ticket. Radio-controlled cars present a great opportunity for RC car junkies to realize their dreams without endangering the life and safety of others.

Before you decide to buy an RC car, you should consider whether you want to buy an electric RC car or a gas-powered one. If you are interested in dealing with machines and tinkering with them, RC cars are the way to go. Most of the RC car junkies prefer ready to run units but with the passage of time, they begin to realize that they need to get their cars customized in accordance with their preferences and requirements.

Off-road and on-road vehicles

A mixture of gasoline and oil is used to power RC car. You can also purchase a nitro car that is a kind of a hybrid between gas RC cars. The majority of the gas powered RC cars come with an automatic transmission system and they simply need gas to operate.

You can purchase both the toy-grade devices as well as the larger hobby-grade RC cars. Both the sizes will be further classified into off-road vehicles that are all-terrain vehicles and on-road cars that are actually designed for smooth surfaces. Gas powered RC cars are basically meant for seasoned professionals who want to enjoy the realism associated with these exceptional vehicles. You need lots of open, wide space for these fast-paced vehicles in order to enjoy the speeds they offer.

Benefits of gas powered RC cars

You get to reap lots of advantages by purchasing expensive gas powered RC cars. Firstly, you do not have to purchase expensive batteries or get them recharged every now and then. You simply have to top-up the fuel in the fuel tank and off you go.

Secondly, in contrast to electric and nitro models, they tend to offer more power. Thirdly, the gas powered RC cars are durable and do not require frequent engine tuning. There is a number of styles of RC cars available on the market. You can choose from a variety of options ranging from vintage cars to racing RC cars.

Low-cost Gas powered RC cars

While RC cars can be rather expensive, but you can turn it into an affordable hobby by purchasing a car that is affordable rather than the one that you really want. Moreover, the RC cars tend to produce lots of engine noise which is definitely going to catch the attention of plenty of onlookers and people in your surroundings.

These vehicles also produce lots of fumes so it is wise to use them in highly ventilated environments. Furthermore, these cars are reliable in contrast to their electric RC car counterparts. These RC cars are loaded with powerful engines, precision electronic controllers, four-wheel-drive systems, ball bearings, etc.

Street racing Gas powered RC cars

Street racing is one genre of RC car racing that has been able to gain massive traction among RC car junkies. It promises the same pedigree of thrill as the racing video games but since you are essentially driving a real life car, so that thrill is compounded.

In addition, you will not be worrying about the traffic rule violations since these are not real cars. Electric RC cars can be very low priced but they do not match the thrill and excitement that is promised with the fast-paced gas powered RC cars.

The sound of the real car engine, topping-up the gas tank, driving at high speeds, and competing with the best of the best can be simply overwhelming. This can be a great family activity as well. You can get your friends and kids together and race against each other while spending some quality time together.


It does not matter whether you are a seasoned RC car veteran or a newbie who is entering the world of RC cars, gas powered RC cars promise lots of fun and entertainment. Carry out some research before buying the car that is in accordance with your requirements and preferences.

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