7 Top RC Car Brands

The massive radio controlled vehicle industry is flooded with plenty of manufacturers. This is a really good sign for the consumers since the manufacturers are engaged in a perennial quest to produce innovative products that are equipped with cutting edge technology. Moreover, the manufacturers are always squabbling to win the largest market share which is only possible if they are able to win the consumers’ hearts by offering a diverse range of radio controlled vehicles that loaded with mind-blowing features and specifications, top of the line customer support and a wide array of add-ons to upgrade their products. Here in this post, we intend to bring to you a list of the top 7 RC car brands in the market that are vying to occupy the top spot.

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Traxxas: RC Car Brands

Traxxas is the biggest and most popular radio controlled car manufacturer in the world. They offer a broad array of RC vehicles including boats, cars, trucks, buggies and drones. It is the RC cars domain where Traxxas are deemed as the unrivalled kings as they equipped their products with state of the art technology while ensuring stability, reliability and user-friendliness simultaneously. Traxxas has brought some really innovative products ever since they burst onto the scene.


Innovating has been the greatest driver behing Traxxas’ success and they have always endeavored to push the limits. They have come up with some of the fastest RC vehicles in different categories. They have only produced a limited range of Nitro RC car brands but their collection of electric RC cars is huge.

Traxxas XO-1 is their most popular RC car which is regarded as a super RC car owing to its phenomenal top speed, handling and usability. It can attain an optimum speed of 100mph. Moreover, Traxxas has always strived to build RC cars that are not only fast and furious but also the ones that are easy to maneuver. Traxxas generally develops products that are suited for experienced drivers.





  • Design cars mostly for the veteran drivers
  • Prices are steep

Axial Racing

Axial Racing are entrenched market leaders in a couple of domains of the RC cars industry. They not only develop top of the line RC cars, but they also are well-known for being the leading distributors of accessory or modification parts. Axial Racing are renowned for offering fabulous customer support regarding their add-ons that help the RC car junkies modify their vehicles in accordance with their preferences and requirements.


Axial Racing have been on a never-ending quest to resolve two of the main issues concerned with the RC vehicles industry: unavailability of accessories for upgrade or modification and lack of modification options in RC vehicles. Before Axial Racing jumped into the competition to change things around, there were limited options when it came to accessories along with customer support of decent quality. Moreover, there were limited options in RC cars to get them modified. However, Axial Racing came up with cars that had interchangeable hardware and claimed that the users could accomplish hitherto unimaginable feats with their RC cars just by ensuring the proper pairing of parts.


  • RC cars that can be modified
  • Reliability
  • Customer support and accessories


  • Limited range or products in contrast to competitors

Team Losi

Team Losi boast one of the wider array of products in the RC cars industry. They have produced products for beginners, intermediate users and also the experienced veterans. Moreover, they own some of the fastest RC cars in the world and their prices are a testament to their quality. Tremendous products, top quality accessories and stunning customer support are some of the main features that set them apart from the crowd. Moreover, they regularly come up with insightful articles, posts, guides and tutorials on their website.


Team Losi never intended to develop RC cars with cutting edge technology only. They always endeavored to make sure that their worthy clients were familiar with what they were purchasing. Losi have built a comprehensive website that is proliferated with tons of information about their products. Customers can delve into the details and get to know about the products that they are interested in. Losi’s competitors should also take a cue from their book and look to develop websites portraying information about their products.

The 8IGHT 4.0 Race Kit: 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy is one of their leading models which is a fourth generation legacy of their supreme previous models.


  • Top quality customer support
  • Top quality products for racing events


  • Relatively new to the RC cars industry

HPI Racing

HPI Racing are renowned for producing some of the best racing cars around. HPI have always been hell bent on manufacturing racing engineered vehicles and this very fact sets them apart. They have equipped the racing RC cars with stunning technology that has been able to gain plenty of traction among consumers from all across the globe.


Aiming to attract beginners as well as the veterans, HPI Racing have always led the way in developing RC racing cars that are the best when it comes to speed and the most reliable and easy to handle when it comes to usage. HPI Racing have a vast array of Nitro Off-road cars as well as gasoline powered on-road cars.


  • Reliability of products
  • Pioneers in developing top quality racing RC cars
  • Vast array of Nitro off-road and on-road cars


  • Some of their products need a few enhancements in order to compete in the market

Team Associated with RC car brands

Renowned for producing championship RC cars, Team Associated have made a niche for themselves in the RC car brands industry as they manufacture racing engineered cars equipped with tons of exciting features that let you compete against your opponents with confidence and pomp. Their cars have grabbed number championship titles over the years. Moreover, they have dedicated resources in their company to providing their clients with tremendous back-end customer support and help them tailor their cars in accordance with their individual needs and requirements.


When it comes to price and type, they have developed products to cater all of the price ranges as well as the different proclivities of the racing car drivers. RC10B6 Team Kit is one of their most popular racing kit that offers plenty of leverage to the driver to configure the car for varying terrains and customize as and when required without having to spend at an arm and a leg. The car has already bagged a championship and if you are a new entrant into the world of RC car racing, then this is one of the best cars that you could have while enjoying pretty advanced features.




    at realistic prices

  • Championship cars that have made a mark on the RC cars industry


  • Not easy to decipher the level of expertise required for their products

Redcat Racing

Boasting a wide array of RC car brands, Redcat Racing have developed 1/24, 1/18, 1/16, 1/10, 1/8 and other larger sized model cars with a lot of emphasis on producing user-friendly devices. In contrast to its competitors who more often than not target certain audience, Redcat Racing have come up with products designed to suit all kinds of experience levels from beginner to the veterans.

redcat racing logo

The Lightning EPX Drift, a 1/10 scale model, is one of their most popular cars that is capable of driving stunningly sideways as well as backwards and forwards. It promises to provide plenty of entertainment to the drivers all over the world.


  • Wide array of RC cars
  • Caters drivers of all level of expertise
  • Affordable prices


  • Cars are not equipped with innovative or advanced features

Maisto: RC Car Brands

With their versatile licensed RC cars, Maisto is one of the leading RC car brands manufacturers around that have developed devices ranging from trucks to motorbikes in all the awe and splendor. They are slightly different from the counterparts as their ambition is to come up with precise depictions of larger real world cars through their licensed scale model cars.


2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 is one of the best cars around that reeks of attention to detail. It boasts the same spring suspension, wheels and virtually everything that the real life equivalent of this car possesses. It is an ideal choice for all the collectors out there. You must add it to your repertoire folks!


  • Licensed and accurate depictions of real world cars
  • Suitable for novices and kids
  • Affordable cars


  • Suitable for collectors
  • Cars are not equipped with innovative or advanced features
  • Products are more like decoration pieces

Final Verdict

It becomes really hard to discern which of the RC car brands is the best considering that the market is proliferated with so many of them. We have brought to you some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with the leading RC car brands out there. In addition, we have also discussed their flagship devices. We hope that this knowledge about the company’s strengths and weaknesses will go a long way when you set out in the market to buy a RC car of your dreams.


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