Money for DJI

Get Money of Old Drones for DJI

Are you someone who loves to hang onto his or her old items, most of all drones? Well, it’s time you let go of your beloved machine because even if it is damaged or irreparable, it could end up helping you earn some money for DJI.

DJI has come up with a novel scheme called DJI Trade Up. It is a service that lets drone owners ship them their old and used equipment in return for a DJI Store credit.

In addition to drone equipment, other techie stuff such as Apple iPhones and Google Pixels can also be shipped to DJI Trade Up.

DJI has set up an estimator on their website according to which DJI is willing to trade up a credit of $490 for a 64GB iPhone X in relatively new condition while you can end up gaining around $38 for a DJI Phantom 1 in old and used condition.

Let’s have a look at how it works:


Get a quote.

You can visit this link to get to know if your gadget is acceptable under the DJI Trade Up service. You just need to key in the details of your device such as its model, degree of wear and tear it has undergone and other such specifications. If you are willing to sell the gizmo to DJI, you will get a mailing label to print.

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Ship your gadget

Get the mailing label printed and have it pasted onto the package containing your device for shipping.

Evaluation by DJI

Money for DJI will allow DJI to carry out an analysis of your shipped equipment. If the assessed value by DJI is not at par with the originally approximated value, the final value will be mailed to you by DJI. You can either accept the final value or ask DJI to send them your device back.

Get Money for DJI

On accepting the DJI’s offer, credit will be transferred in your DJI account within a couple of working days. This credit can be used by consumers to purchase DJI products from DJI’s Online Store.

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Do you think that the DJI Trade Up will be able to assist you in getting your hands on the marvelous Mavic 2 in exchange for your old drone? Or you are of the view that the money for DJI Phantom 3 is not worth the hassle of getting the mailing label printed and shipping the device through FedEx? Do not hesitate to let us know what you think about this new service launched by DJI.

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