7 Cool Drones that can be Controlled with a Smartphone

Most of the conventional radio controlled devices can be controlled with the help of specially engineered controlling devices. But the modern technology has ensured that drone aficionados get access to such smart gizmos in the shape of quadcopter style drones that can be manoeuvred with the help of handheld mobile devices powered by Android or iOS operating systems.

The drones stacked at the higher end of the quality spectrum tend to be controlled with dedicated controllers still. But those toy drones that are so readily available on the market can be controlled by using a smartphone app alongside a WiFi connection or a Bluetooth connection.

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DJI Spark

This magnificent contraption lets the users forget their smartphones and manoeuvre it with the help of their naked hands. The very new DJI Spark was designed to ensure that it is as user friendly as possible so that in a situation where a smartphone cannot be relied upon and a controller cannot be transported from one place to another and you want to save some battery lifespan, then you could employ your hand gestures to controller the machine. From the beginning till the end, you can fly this efficient device, capture some stunning aerial images and land it right back in the palm of your hand.

This drone is so compact in size that if you own a large sized smartphone, you will come to the conclusion that it is even smaller in size than your mobile device. As a matter of fact, the fuselage is small, but there are the propeller arms and the retractable propellers that need to be taken into consideration. But still, DJI Spark is the most portable selfie drone to have hit the shelves.

You can get the drone alone for just $499 but for the Fly More bundle, you will require $699.

Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot are the entrenched market leaders in the drone industry and they always endeavor to try out innovative ideas that render supreme experience to the drone community. This implies that either they are looking to add new dimensions to their hardware or open up new vistas in the way their software performs. As far as their drones are concerned, most of them can be controlled with the help of smartphones. For more control over the device, obviously you will need to get your hands on a dedicated controller, but if you are looking to get access to some basic functionalities, then you just need to try out their smartphone app.

The Bebop 2 is one of their latest product which packs a power punch in terms of the features it boasts and is loaded with autonomous flight features along with a top quality camera that lets you capture scintillating aerial photographs.

The FreeFlight 3 smartphone app lets you use your smartphone as the drone controller as well as the FPV display unit. You can use the basic functionalities free of cost but to get access to more advanced flying modes, you will have to spend a few bucks and purchase different options via in-app-payments.

The drone alone can be bought from $399 while the complete package including the FPV goggles, dedicated controller and other accessories can be purchased under$499.

Special Considerations – Phone, Remote and VR

There are only a limited number of drones out there that let you control your device using only a smartphone as the controlling device. You can always add more value to your flying experience by throwing your smartphone or tablet into the mix, though. DJI are the leaders in this regard, since most of their devices are controlled with the help of remote controllers but you can use your smartphone as your FPV video screen

DJI Mavic Pro does exactly all this. You can view the live video streaming transmitted from the camera fitted into your machine on your smartphone. You can also control the camera from the phone and also trigger on the advanced flying modes right from your smartphone app.

Keeping these facts in mind, there are numerous drones out there than can be partially controlled with the help of smartphones

If you are digging out the Virtual Reality stuff and looking into your smartphone for the FPV display, you should also check out the DJI goggles. This new and phenomenal VR headgear is capable of being connected with seamless with DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Spark and boasts a HDMI port so that you can also use it as a viewing device for your other media in addition to drones only.

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DJI Mavic Pro

We were a bit hesitant while adding this device here in this list. As is the case with other DJI machines, this one also lets the users make use of the blend of smartphone and the controller. You can take control of your device using your smartphone only with the WiFi mode switched on. Though, you will be hampered by limited range and capabilities in this mode. With the control method eliminated, you can virtually anything with this prolific drone. The Mavic Pro is very compact in size, boasts a retractable design and lets you capture Ultra High Definition video footage at 4K resolution with a device that is equipped with autonomous features.

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The base package is up for grabs for $999 and the Fly More Bundle can be bought under$1499 at Amazon.

There were some of the best drones can be controlled with the help of a smartphone or a tablet. There are number of toy drones that can be controlled only with a smartphone. We would suggest you to keep your handheld mobile device charged since it will let you carry out great things with your beloved drones.

Do let us know in the comments section which is you favorite drone to fly with your Android powered handheld mobile device.


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