Non-DJI Drones

Most Non-DJI Drones have a Trait in Common

There is one fundamental trait that most non-DJI drones have in common i.e. they use open-source tech. Drone brands associated with open-source tech contribute to 16% of the overall commercial drones in the drone market. Most importantly, they account for 60% of the drones not associated with DJI. Drone Analyst, a commercial drone research group covering open source drones, highlighted all these things in their latest report. 

Why are more than half of the Non-DJI drones open-source?

Non-DJI Drones

If 60% of the non-DJI drones are open source and contribute to 16% of the overall commercial drones in the market, there are few reasons behind it. We share those reasons below:

  1. Cost: It is very costly to build your flight controller algorithm. Newly promoted companies without DJI’s massive budget would like to use flight controllers with open-source software instead of relying on developers to reorganize the wheel.  
  2. Minimize cybersecurity risks and enforce standards: Open-source tech isn’t just beneficial to the small drone companies, Drone Analysts suggested that they also hold benefits for the larger companies. By enforcing standards, bigger drone companies can deploy multiple systems and work interchangeably. 
  3. Blue sUAS Group: The Blue sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System) Group is created by the Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Unit. It partners with American drone companies associated with non-DJI drones. Usually, one of DIU’s Blue sUAS solicitation necessities is the usage of open-source technologies.  

Future of open-source drones

Summing up, the perception of open-source drones is likely to grow. Even though DJI has the largest market share, it is losing momentum. Two years, the DJI market share declined for the first time. The decline in market share could be down to non-DJI drones associating themselves with open-source drone companies. 

After all, some professionals believe that although no company can compete with DJI, open-source drone companies could collaborate to weaken the stronghold of DJI over the competition. 

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