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Drone License Test: No Practical Component

There is some sort of relief for the people undergoing the drone license test. As per the recent FAA Part 107’s instructions, there is no more the requirement of a practical component to secure the Remote Pilot Certificate. It will only be a written exam. Not too bad of a news for the creative people.

FAA’s remarks on the drone license test

According to the FAA, having practical tests of the drones will create a mental burden for the applicants. Therefore, it is important to create a comfort zone for them so that it creates a good impression for the future applicants as well.

The FAA feels that by having online courses for drone training, it will enable the remote pilots to save money. As per the recent trend, the drone license test costs up to $150. Therefore, it makes sense to them that a practical test will cost 10 times more than this to the administer. Therefore, they have to be smart in their decisions, which can allow them to save the maximum money.

Besides the saving of money, the FAA have also highlighted that they are conducting a written drone license test because there is an unavailability of many small drones such as ease of landing, lack of people on board. This minimizes the need for a practical test. Furthermore, there are drone operational restrictions such as the flying restrictions of a waiver. Therefore, the FAA examiners find it risky to conduct the practical test.


The FAA has strictly stated the drone license test applicants must be cautious regarding self-study. They should educate and trust themselves to make the right decisions when it comes to flying drones. If they are having any problem, they can hire an instructor through which they can have a frequent one-on-one to gain confidence for their respective drone tests.

Performance-based approach is the best. The more the applicants prefer it, the better their decision-making is when it comes to flying drones.

Let’s see what the future holds for the applicants. We can only wish them the best of luck,

Final Verdict

The decision to take the drone license test in written form has divided opinion on social media platforms. Some believe that it is a missed opportunity by the FAA to elevate the skills of the drone enthusiasts. Whereas, others feel that they are better staying in their comfort zone, which is to pass the written exam and be successful.

What is your opinion on this matter? Do you feel that skill such as drones must always be taken in practical? Feel free to hit us in the comment section below.

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