Top 5 Commercial Uses of Drones

Drones are being used for a variety of purposes the world over. Their uses can be as diverse as being used in the real estate industry to the agriculture sector and their uses for military and other law enforcement agencies. We bring to you the top 5 commercial uses of drones owing to their unique characteristics of being monitored from a distance of several miles away and remotely controlled.

1 – Is Delivery one of the best commercial uses of drones?

Commercial uses of drones can include restaurants, businesses, retailers, and even online stores to deliver the ordered products to relevant customers. The drone makes use of GPS technology and the fact that they can be monitored and controlled remotely makes them super conducive for conducting delivery services. This can assist enterprises to save a lot of resources both human as well as financial ones. The type of drone used for a certain delivery service depends upon the type of product being delivered and the location to which it is being sent.

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2 – Oil, gas, and mineral exploration

In order to carry out geophysical surveys and explorations of certain areas, oil and gas and mining companies can make use of drones. Drones can be used to capture images of underground rock structures which in turn provide information about the location of minerals beneath the earth’s surface. The production process of oil and gas can also be surveyed using drones while the oil and gas carrying pipelines can be monitored from the above constantly. Drones are an affordable and reliable solution to those enterprises that are dependent on persistent vigilance and inspection in order to ensure seamless production and dissemination.

3 – Photography

Commercial uses of drones may include capturing aerial images of distant locations that cannot be accessed by humans. Professional photographers, architects, geologists, archaeologists, etc. are employing drones for aerial photography and videography. Real estate agencies are also employing drones to shoot aerial videos of their property listings that provide an aerial and neighborhood tour to the customers.

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4 – How Agriculture is benefiting from the commercial use of drones?

Drones can be used by farmers to keep a constant eye on their crops and ensure that their lands are not threatened by undesired dangers. In addition to ensuring the safety and security of their lands, drones are also ensuring that the agriculture sector is able to save a large number of investments.

5 – Power transmission lines and pipeline inspections

The power transmission lines and pipelines carrying oil and gas can be monitored consistently as a commercial use of drones that provide a real time video feed to the concerned authorities. The personnel responsible for the maintenance of these lines and pipes monitor them closely using drones and can take appropriate action immediately in case of an abnormality in circumstances.

In addition to being unmanned, drones also require low-cost investments which in turn can help the responsible authorities increase the number of inspection flights and their frequency. There could be a huge reduction in the expenses in terms of human resources by employing drones for power transmission lines and pipeline inspections.

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