What are Drones?

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs that have the ability to traverse the skies without an actual pilot aboard the aircraft.

What are Drones?

There is a high probability, since you have landed on this page, that you are a novice with regard to drones and are interested in knowing what really are drones? There are a huge amount of definitions of drones out there. As a matter of fact, people tend to create their own definitions. While some of these definitions might be true, there are a large number of those definitions that instead of making things easier for you, will leave you perplexed; still wondering what drones actually are? In this post, we are going to provide you in-depth information about this question and ensure that it remains as brief and crisp as possible.

Drones are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAVs that have the ability to traverse the skies without an actual pilot aboard the aircraft. Having said that, their pilot is based at the ground and controls or manoeuvres the device through remote access.

Furthermore, there are a number of terminologies that are similar in meaning to the above discussed jargon. One of such terms is UAS which is an acronym for Unmanned Aircraft System. Then, you must have heard about the terminology named Quadcopters. However, we will discuss about it later on in the article. One can always use synonymous terms for drones but it is not always safe to use them since most of them are related to industry usage or standard.

For instance, each term is generally used for different purposes by people who are linked to the industry one way or another. Typically, you can get to know about their histories and also about their daily routines just by the usage of terms.

Military personnel who utilize drones for military purposes generally use the term called UAS. The Unmanned Aircraft Systems or UAS are military specific drones used for tactical hegemony such as air space reconnaissance and are incorporated with a camera that is controlled via remote access. Moreover, the Unmanned Aircraft Systems are also integrated with missiles and other high grade weapons. So, if you ever listen to the term UAS from some person, you should figure it out simply that he or she belongs to the military or has some industrial association with drones.

Drones are generally described by the term UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Most common reply to the question whether what are drones is the term UAV. This might be a half true answer since this does not spell out the actual meaning. The term UAV is only descriptive enough for those people who are linked to the industry directly or indirectly. Those with little or no knowledge about the field will not get to understand the whole background behind the term UAVs.

Now, we move on to the term called as Quadcopters. As more and more people are entering into the hobby of flying drones, this terminology is becoming famous. These drones may be used for capturing aerial video footages or photographs during a wedding ceremony or may be interested in drone racing. So, most of the people who use drones to spend their leisure time well, generally, tend to use the term Quadcopter.

You should keep in mind that quadcopters come with four rotor blades. There are drones used for recreational purposes that are employed with more or even lesser rotor blades. They include:


  • Helirotor — 1 set of rotors
  • Dualrotor — 2 sets of rotors
  • Trirotor — 3 sets of rotors
  • Quadrotor — 4 sets of rotors
  • Pentirotor — 5 sets of rotors
  • Hexirotor — 6 sets of rotors
  • Octorotor — 8 sets of rotors

Finally, drones is a typical terms that encompasses a wide array of meanings. It’s meaning is heavily reliant on the industry in which it is being utilized. Having said that, whenever we talk of a UAV, it is generally understood to be a drone. This cannot get simpler than this! We hope you would have got the answer to your question: What are drones?

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