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11 Frequently Asked Questions About Drones


About Drones, what do you know?

If we talk about drones, they are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and are one of the most technologically advanced gadgets out there. Consisting of lightweight composite materials, these devices allow for super-quick and agile maneuverability and reliable flight duration. Consumer drones are generally controlled via a transmitter while the more advanced drones can be pre-programmed that lets the drones take up autonomous flights, following a pre-destined path with the help of GPS and other navigation systems.

About Drones, what is its application?

Consumer drones are used for recreational purposes more often than not. In addition, drones are also used for commercial purposes such as cinematography, photography, inspection, surveys, reconnaissance, search and rescue and many other tasks. The primary reason behind the immense popularity of drones is that they are able to access locations that are beyond the access of human beings without resorting to more expensive devices such as helicopters other than drones.

Where should a drone be flown?

Consumer drones are only allowed to be flown at a maximum elevation of 400 feet. In addition, drone owners have to fly drones at least 5 Km away from airports. Pilots have to abide by the rules and regulations formulated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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Which drone has the longest range?

The control range of drones may vary depending on the obstacle in the path, weather conditions and speed. However, in case of standard weather conditions and a flight without any obstacles, DJI Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional offers a control range of a whopping 3 miles. The control range can further be improved by upgrading certain components.

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What happens when a drone gets out of sight or range?

If a drone gets out of the range of the radio controller, the Return to Home mode is activated automatically and the drone gets back to its original position of takeoff.

What happens when the battery runs out of juice mid-flight?

In such a situation, a drone will either come crashing down into the ground or Return to Home depending on the features it has. Generally, an inbuilt system issues alerts to the pilot regarding the battery getting low on power. Nevertheless, the pilots should keep a close eye at the battery levels during the flight.

About Drones, can all they carry a GoPro action camera?

Here, we talk about drones that can carry a GoPro action camera that are powerful enough and also come with a mount or gimbal that support the GoPro camera. A mount can be bought separately but it is advisable to purchase a drone with a mount since it will save you a few bucks.

What is drone racing?

Drone racing is a new rage in the town. It is an underground sport in which the participants fly their drones on pre-designated routes as fast as they can and the first to cross the finish line is the winner. These drones are equipped with FPV systems that enable the camera to transmit a live video feed to the pilot that can be viewed on a LCD monitor, controller display or Virtual Reality headset.

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What is aerial photography about drones?

Aerial photography is the capturing of videos and images from the air without any ground based infrastructure. Such photographs can be captured using drones, fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters. They are being predominantly used these days to capture aerial photographs.

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How much payload can a drone carry?

A number of factors about drones determine the amount of weight or payload that can be carried by a drone. These include the design of the drone, propellers, battery, electronic speed controllers and plenty of other variables. It is prudent to have a look at the weight specification of each drone before purchasing it.

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What is FPV?

FPV is the acronym for First Person View. This technology enables the drone’s integrated camera to broadcast a real time video feed of whatever is being seen by the drone to the pilot and can be viewed on a display screen, radio controller or VR headgear.

This mode lets the pilot get a better orientation of the drone in addition to smooth flying and getting better angles for aerial shots and videos.

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