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Drone Hardware Sales benefited from COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been troublesome for most industries. However, it looks like the drone hardware sales may have pulled out some benefits from this brutal pandemic. As per the 2021-2026 drone hardware sector report, the sales have seen a huge surge. The report was released by a research firm called DroneAnalyst. This research firm has been releasing numerous drone reports like this. However, this was the first drone report associated with hardware.

How much have the drone hardware sales benefited?

drone hardware sales

What is even more interesting is the timing in which this new drone hardware sales report has come to the surface, especially considering how much the industry has grown since the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. After the pandemic, hardware sales increased from every sector of the drone industry bar one. That exception was the creation of professionals. We know that for certain that fewer weddings would mean less importance given to the drone photography.

The best surge has come in the agricultural sector. The products in that sector saw a sale increase of 135%. Most of this drone hardware sales surge was in the Asian countries. According to the latest data from DroneDeploy, which is associated with numerous agriculture-labelled clients. said that they conducted a survey of 600 counties across the world. Out of those countries, there were 40 countries in which 88% of the respondents believed to have an increase or maintained drone operation speed in 2021.

In the report from DroneDeploy, it also says that they experienced a 33% increase in take-offs within the US-based agricultural clients from March till April.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the agricultural sector, there were many other experienced that saw an increase in drone hardware sales. Mainly, they were logistics as the social-distancing lifestyles have brought forward numerous opportunities for the improvement of drone delivery operations.

There is also an increase in sense and avoid hardware via the success of indoor industrial inspection companies. The most notable company name in this regard is Flyability.

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