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How to fly a drone without phone?

Have you ever thought about an idea of flying a drone without phone? Well, as far as as the DJI Mavic drone is concerned, the answer is yes. What is the procedure behind all of this? We will provide all of that outline below.

Options to access a Mavic drone without phone?

There are a few choices that you can look into with regards to flying a drone without phone. Firstly, you can fly the drone with just the controller. Yes, you may lose a lot of functionalities as a result. However, this is one option. Secondly, you can fly drones via a tablet instead of a smartphone. Thirdly, you can fly with a DJI Smart Controller. If you have DJI Mavic Mini or Mavic Mini, you may not be able to use the third option.

If you use a controller instead of flying a drone without phone, it will allow you to have an improved control of your flight. You can adjust your camera for a better view. Most importantly, you can edit your post-flight. If you use the tablets for this matter, there are devices such as iPad which will allow you to access the functionality of the drones. However, a major drawback in this is that the app firmware is not optimized for these tablets.

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Another issue can be that the cable may not be long enough to connect to the drone. This is where cables such as the Micro USB OTG cable comes into consideration.  The DJI Smart Controller allows you to have an effective display of 5’5 screen which covers the live telecast in high quality. It performs basically the same functionalities as the DJI Go App.

Final Summary

With time passing by, the innovative technological advancements have brought out ways to fly the drones. Now, they have come out with a methodology of flying a DJI Mavic drone without phone. As much as it is important for your mobile device to have a functionality of just about everything associated with you, it is good if you don’t need to look after the drones that much.

What do you make of this drone methodology? Do you feel that the mobile phones should be necessity regarding the flying of drones? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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