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No, not yet! Apple has still not ventured into the world of drones, folks! To our utter disappointment, Apple is yet to make any drones as I know of yet.

However, this is a beginner level camera drone developed by this new company. Here is a comprehensive video review of the gizmo.

YouTube video

It is a drone intended for rookies and comes with a 2MP 720p HD camera. The drone can be used for indoor as well as outdoor excursions.

This is an ideal device for novices since it comes equipped with propeller protection gear. If you are new to the world of drones, you are definitely going to end up crashing it for your very first flight and many subsequent flights as well.

However, if you bump into a wall with this drone, it will bounce back and will not get damaged.

Nevertheless, the original packaging comes with additional propellers for replacement purposes. The brushed motors are vulnerable to damage so it is judicious to have one in the backup reserves.

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The original packaging comes with the usual gear:

  • Radio controller
  • Battery
  • Quadcopter
  • Additional propellers
  • Screw driver

The flight time is around 7 to 8 minutes which is typical for batteries of this size. In addition, the drone comes with a 6 axis gyro that functions well. However, owing to the absence of the GPS, a pilot has to continuously adjust its position.

The brushed motors are small in size yet they make a lot of noise which is a bit of a setback. Considering the size and the price range, the video footage captured with this device is exquisite. I have come across more expensive drones that capture horrible video footage. The video is 720p HD in reality.

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The video is not stabilized but there is not much jello effect and so you can comfortably share your captured videos on your preferred social media platforms.

On the whole, it is a great drone for a rookie who wants to try out a camera drone.

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