Headless Mode Drone

Is a Headless Mode Drone Worth It?

For the products struggling with spatial orientation, the headless mode drone can be an ideal drone to fly. But in most cases, we do not prescribe this mode to you. This mode is the kind of flight mode that is marketed by influential beginner drone pilots, where the drone will do what the controller says. 

Why we don’t recommend a headless mode drone?

Headless Mode Drone

There are a few reasons why we don’t recommend this mode to you. Firstly, if you want to do advanced drone piloting, such as FPV racing, then the headless mode drone is not for you. As FPV flying needs goggles or a glance at the camera to know what the drone camera sees, you must fly in a traditional method. If you have the dream of becoming a professional drone racer, this is not the mode for you.

Secondly, we have the safety aspect. In most cases, a headless mode drone doesn’t rely on magnetometers. If you are flying near metal lines, there is a high risk of a drone crashing. You must ask a professional NASCAR driver, and they will recommend you to drive in manual transmission. If you have learned from this mode, you will find it harder to fly your drone in a traditional mode.

And if you find it harder, these are not positive signs.

Where does this mode make sense?

You might be thinking that we have an agenda against this drone. No! We don’t hate the headless mode drone. There are a few cases where this drone can be beneficial. For example, you are flying your drone beyond your visual line of sight (LOS). You may require your drone to tilt either left or right. You can turn on the mode to avoid any confusion about the drone’s location. 

data-preserver-spaces=”true”>This mode can be helpful if you take this drone very far away with you. As you can pull back the drone via the controller’s right stick, the drone will easily fly back to you.

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