5G drone delivery

5G Drone Delivery announcement

If we talk about 5G, it is one of the hottest marketing properties in 2021. It is faster than the current model being deployed by Verizon i.e. 4G. In 2021, the innovative technology enables specialists to conduct the 5G drone delivery setup.

Skyward is one of the technology-based companies that are in close contact with UPS and Verizon for the deployment of the 5G drone delivery setup. They are still in the earlier stages regarding the integration of 5G into the drone deliveries. The conversations started last year between these three parties when they were testing the performance of drones via 5G technology in different altitudes. However, the specialists feel that 5G will pave the way for large-scale drone deliveries.

5G ultra wideband enables the UPS to deploy multiple drone delivery systems. The procedure is concrete and comprehensive as it is conducted in a safe environment. The risks are observed carefully. A spokesperson of UPS stated that if they find success within this project, they will create a network of 5G drone delivery systems.

Importance of 5G drone delivery

5G enables the specialist to integrate less hardware on the drone. The hardware can comprise weight which may impact the delivery process. Furthermore, 5G can also save you money as there is no need for much hardware to deploy upon the drone.

The drones will be flying simultaneously via the experts’ analogy. They will be flown in a secure environment to minimize any risks surrounding the 5G drone delivery. The massive 5G bandwidth will allow the experts to conduct numerous drone operations simultaneously. You can stream an FPV drone race, generate an active map for inspection purposes, and capture the images from the drone camera. The portability ensures that you can conduct numerous functionalities without investing as much in it. Therefore, it is cost-efficient and advantageous.

FPV drone racing will attract viewership and increase the audience. The pilot can utilize the computer-vision to conduct the inspection process. In 2021, we can expect Skyward to contact the UPS about the connection of the 5G ultra wideband with the sky.

Is the COVID-19 pandemic good for drone delivery?

Since this partnership, the UPS has conducted around 4000 successful 5G drone delivery operations.  The UPS team thinks that the COVID-19 pandemic was a “blessing in disguise” for their work to enhance.  Out of those 4000 successful operations, they have also delivered important healthcare equipment for pandemic purposes in North Carolina, USA.

According to the drone statistics, more than half of the costs and time was preserved by 5G drone delivery systems as compared to the traditional landing systems. The most important benefit out of those is that it provides contactless delivery. When you live in a country that has risky seniors, contactless delivery becomes even more important when you are usually at home.

CES 2021 will ensure an efficient live stream which will enable you to keep in touch with all the latest happening surrounding the 5G drone deliveries. Make sure that you do not miss out on any updates.

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