Best Cameras for Drones and Quadcopters

One of the greatest advantages and source of fun for flying the magnificent drones and quadcopters is the images and videos that you get during flights. These aerial shots let you glimpse at idyllic scenarios that would not be possible to witness in a world void of drones. More often than not, manufacturers release devices integrated with cameras. But there are most of you out there who desire higher quality videos and photographs. There are also those who want their drones to be light in weight so that they do not lose any speed during flight and their adventures remain as turbulence-free as possible. For all of such folks, it is always a better proposition to purchase a drone without an inbuilt camera.

So, we have come up with this awesome list for those looking out for cameras for drone. You won’t have to go looking for drone cameras with this list in front of you. It will save you plenty of precious time that you can always spend by flying your beloved drones.

Camera for Drone Round Up

GoPro Hero Series

The GoPro Hero Series of drone cameras is the ultimate standard if you are looking for one in case of action cameras. In fact, these are the sort of cameras that you want to be mounted on top of your drones and get recorded some sensational video footages. This comparison chart can help you out a lot if you are intelligent enough. Since, it is a very tricky business to start comparing technical specifications of different technological gizmos. GoPros are generally mounted on top of the best drones in the world such as DJI Phantom 2. This enables the devices to provide you higher time of flights and lets you perform more complex and intricate aerial manoeuvres. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide on DJI Phantom 2 if you are looking to buy a high quality drone.

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If you are new to flying drones and are satisfied with capturing 1080p videos (this is the resolution that most of your external monitors and televisions support currently), I would suggest to opt for GoPro Hero camera for drones. It is a high risk business to spend more on a camera when you know that you are going to fly your device several feet above the ground in the air. Despite all the integrated security mechanisms, there’s always a  likely crash, accident or the fear of losing out on your device looming somewhere in the vicinity.

If you are a professional cinematographer and a cool dronie and also have some money up your sleeves, then I would recommend you to go for Hero4 drone camera. It is the best camera for drone out there and includes all the sensational features that you could wish for in any action camera for drones. It features 4K video recording at a frame rate of 30 frames per second which means that it is here to stay for at least the coming five years or so! Check out Best Drone for GoPro Hero Camera.

GoPro: Fireworks From A Drone from GoPro on Vimeo.

Mobius Action Camera

If you are in search for a camera for drones that is low cost and very light in weight in addition to being a perfect solution for dashboard cameras, this machine has been made for you! It weighs only 1.4 ounces and provides a battery life of whopping 84 minutes. It records videos at a resolution of 1080p and a frame rate of 30 frames per seconds. The pilots can also mount this gizmo on small sized drones. If you think of attaching GoPro cameras for drones to smaller quadcopters, they are likely to weigh them down significantly.

You can also view the video below to get an idea of the quality of video captured using this small sized drone camera.

Security Patrol Drone @ Building Site (QAV400/Mobius/FPV) from Mr Ben on Vimeo.

DBPower Action Camera

This drone camera evidently appears to be replica of GoPro action cameras and is really an attractive device to buy at such an enticing price. It boasts quite a few of the same features that come loaded into GoPro Hero4 camera for drones but at a far more realistic price. This is an amazing drone camera for folks who have just started out flying drones, want to use the same mounts as those used by GoPro cameras but are short on budget and cannot afford to lose out on their investment in case a crash damages their camera. If one takes into the account the user reviews at Amazon, this camera looks to be quite formidable. So, bear this in mind.

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The video below shows a comparison of the two cameras for drones and is a pretty handy one!

YouTube video

With this, we are done with our drone camera purchasing guide. What are you waiting for? Get out in the open and start flying your lovely quadcopters with Best Cameras for Drones and Quadcopters!

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