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If You Want To Have The Best Shot, You Must Purchase 4K Camera Drones For Your Filming

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If you are an enterprising person who likes to shoot her extreme movies with drones, buy the best one. Today you will discover the 12 drones that have a 4K camera to capture a great aerial shot. The footage you captured with each of the drones will impress your general public.

4K resolution has special features like image capture precision and high-speed sharpness. Almost all the drones in this category are very useful flight modes, such as circular. Some drones have a separate flight or obstacle warning system.

1. 4K Technology In Videos Seen In-Depth

The technology works with more than 8 thousand pixels working simultaneously to give an incredible view. The resolution on the screen that the drone has is 3,800 by 2,140 pixels per inch. In summary, if you have a 4K technology drone, it will be more useful than a camera with an HD resolution or a 1084p resolution.

2. 4K Speed Is Amazingly Captured

For you to fall in love with the resolution, you must know that speed captures it incredibly. The quad resolution system has good contrast in each of the drones that have this feature. You will be able to capture frames of 100 Hz or less, perceiving every minimum detail in the environment with the resolution in 4K.
For you to see the footage from your drone on the television, you must have a device that captures HD resolution or lower. With HD TV, you will not miss all those little details that your 4K technology drone perceived. With the handling of frames on your television, the video experience is good, from videos to photographs.

3. Reasons To Use Drones With 4K Technology

The reasons to use drones that have a 4K resolution are enough to see that perfect filming that you had. The technology increases the users’ perspective, gives them very vivid colors, and nothing in the environment goes unnoticed. You can zoom in on photos or video clips without affecting resolution or having a poor viewing experience.All the filmmakers’ use 4K, the resolution goes down according to the cinema screens or for you to see. With the entry of 4K to the market, other resolutions such as 360p, 480p, or even 720p become discontinued.Have videos with styles with the best drones on the market, get to know them now, and choose one.

Get To Know The Best 4K Camera Drones


DJI Mavic Air

It is a type of lightweight, portable drone that has the best resolution for simultaneous movies and images. The Mavic DJI Air maintains a flyby of approximately 20 minutes and has a video distance of more than 4 kilometers. It has a vertical range with a maximum of 10 kilometers and over the sea exceeds 5 kilometers for the expected time.
4K recording exceeds 30 frames and supports a maximum of 100 MB per second capturing the image. 4K resolution on the drones of 3840 by 2160 at 30 Cxsec for all types of flight mode. A special feature on the drone is that it can capture 25 photos for you and create a panoramic shot of the landscape.

 DJI Inspire 1

If you want a drone that captures you with the fisheye design, then the DJI Inspire 1 is the one. The flight apparatus offers 360-degree photos at a very impressive quality. The maximum 4K resolution is 4096 by 2160, controlling 25 frames in seconds, and in the video, the rate rises to 60 mpx.

DJI Phantom Pro 4

The drone phantom offers you more than you ask for with the best resolution to record your extreme videos. In flight mode, the device has a horizontal and vertical obstacle sensor 2 meters away. It is one of the few drones that offer you this advanced sensor technology.
The 4K technology has a screen resolution of 3840 by 2160 with a maximum of 60 FPS and 100 Mpx. You choose which type can save the video, whether MP4 or MPEG.

 Dji Mavic Pro

It is a drone with impeccable stability to film your stunts in the sky or other extreme sports. The drone has various tracking modes such as Profile, Fly Touch, Terrain, Tracking, Active, Projector, and Gesture. The 4K resolution has a range of 4096 by 2160 with 24 pixels and 3840 by 2160 with 30 pixels in the definition.

DJI Inspire 2

It is the modified version of the DJI Inspire 1 but with other qualities such as panoramic video mode and autonomous tracking. This drone supports following it for more than 80 kilometers per hour; it is very useful if you skateboard and want to record yourself. Flying time is 25 minutes maximum, and 4K resolution is very stable.
4K Ultra HD resolution supports more than 60 and 30 frames per second of shooting at 100 Mbps stability.

Zenmuse X7

The drone supports more than 20 frames for every second of filming and transmits a 4K resolution of 3840 by 2016 dpi. You can use the device in overflight for more than 20 minutes and reach a tracking speed of 30km / h. The drone is built with carbon fiber making it very resistant and light at the same time.

 Yuneec Typhoon H

A drone that takes 360 degrees with ultra HD 4K resolution, has a flyby time of more than 20 min. With the maximum resolution, it has a control of 30 fps, and with the traditional HD resolution, it reaches 120 fps in the image. It is a type of drone that, although it does not have the 4K resolution to the maximum if it has good stability in normal HD.

 Yuneec Typhoon Q500

This drone gives you very detailed panorama; it knows how to identify all the colors very well at a resolution of 12 mp. For the video mode, you will have in the Yunnec Q500 a 4K resolution with control in 25 FPS.

Yuneec Mantis Q

It is a drone that allows you to track at speeds above 70 kilometers; the device is super light. You will dominate the drone at a range no greater than 4 meters, 4K resolution supports more than 28FPS.

Walkera Voyager4

It is an excellent type of drone to zoom with more than 18 x in proximity; it has a bit rate of 30 kbps. The 4K resolution is 30-60 and 120 Fps with a quality of at least 1280 by 720. You can configure the drone with various tracking modes: hold, fly, return to base, takeoff and landing, destination point, and fly around.

Walkera Vitus

The Walkera Vitus has a 12 mp camera and 4K resolution that supports over 30Fps per shot. You can keep the drone in flyby for more than 20 minutes and reach a height of approximately 5 to 10 meters. It is one of the smallest and lightest 4K drones, weighs 1 pound and measures less than 30 cm.

Autel Evo

It is a drone that flies over 30min and reaches a speed of 7 kilometers per hour. You will record 4K videos with a frame quality for every second from 240 to a maximum of 1280 by 720. It has special features such as simultaneous photo shooting and panoramic photos.