Best Guide For The Drone Buyers

Our last article in series was a review on DJI Inspire 1, but going out from the pattern, we are today presenting a brief guide for the drone buyers.

Searching For A Good Drone?

Then you are at the right place. To buy a drone is a confusing task especially for a novice. So this buyer’s guide is best to help you out. After going through expert level suggestions you will be clear what to buy. Hope this buyer’s guide fulfill your need.

What Is A Drone?
Drone literally means a low continuous humming sound. Drones are known by many different names such as multi-rotors, quad-copters but formally they are called as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

For all kind of users, first ask few questions before diving in.

  1. Why you are in need to buy a drone?
  2. What knowledge you previously have regarding drones?
  3. What is your budget?

If you knew nothing, then have a look at different drone reviews on our website. After that you can get back to buyer’s guide and can have better purchase decision.

A drone comes in many different kinds and vast ranges, so one should have a clear understanding about them. As it is not necessary, the most expensive drone is the best that suits you. So we are here to make you at ease and reduce your stress regarding drone purchase. You should buy something that lasts long and fulfill your requirements as a pilot.

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As technology is advancing day by day so as the products. So here is a tip:

“You should buy a product that is up to date. It saves you from constant purchase of new models.”

If you are a novice, start with any cheap product. Once you are master in it then move ahead to something more advanced. It will save you from a great loss. As getting hands on an expensive drone if it crashes badly or in a long flight you might lose it then you will be left bare handed.


Reasons For Buying A Drone

There can be many reasons such as:

  • You are in need of a toy drone.
  • You are a photographer and want to experience drone filming or for large media coverage needs   superb video drone.
  • You are a drone hobbyist and want to try latest products to hands on.
  • So keeping your need focused beforehand, you can get exactly what you want. This will helps to find a good drone.


Buying Traits

In start there was not much awareness regarding drones so people ended up in buying helicopters or airplanes that were much expensive in all regards. So when drones were introduced they caught market up especially quad-copters. They are more stable and reliable.

Drones are available in different shapes, sizes and prices. Drones have propellers with motors on all arms. Such as in quad-copters there are four propellers with motors. Two parallel propellers spin clockwise and rest two anti-clockwise. In comparison to helicopters or airplanes they are far easier in repairing. Drones also contain gyroscopes and accelerometers to calculate drone’s pitch and positioning. There are many multi-rotors like hexa-copters with six arms or octo-copters with eight arms. These new advanced multi-rotors can carry heavier loads.

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All about Kids Drones

Drones comes in many different price ranges as per there features. Drones with advanced technologies are more expensive. The main price is how smart a drone is. It’s brain. Rest how much capable its cameras are and stability equipments.

Drones are classified at three levels as per there functionalities. Such as:

  1. Small Drones.

  2. Medium sized drones.

  3. Large drones.

Small drones:

Also known as beginners or entry level drones. They are mostly used as toys. Ranging from 20$-500$. They are best to use indoors and for a novice it is the best choice. Few drones in this category contain cameras but they are of low quality. Here are some examples:

mini drones


There’s another one you can see:

2mp mini drones

Medium sized drones

Also known as intermediate level drones. They contain built-in cameras. More stable and are bigger in size than small drones. Medium sized drones are suitable for outdoors. Ranging from 300$-1000$. Few drones in this category also contain external cameras. They are more affordable as compared to large drones.

Large drones:

Also known as advanced level drones. They contain advanced features as compared to medium sized drones. More stable with best photography and filming capabilities. Large drones are heavier in size and can carry heavy considerable load like external video cameras. Ranging from 1000$ – above. One such example is of Parrot Bebop.

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drone under $1000

Drone Accessories


Many drones contain built-in FPV (first person view) cameras that are already compatible with iOS and Android mobile apps. It helps user to control device from the pilot or driver view point. Cameras and there holders comes in many different qualities.  If you want RTF (ready-to-fly) drones then built-in camera drones are good option. Rest buying drone without cameras are much cheaper and you can have external camera of your choice. For 360 degree view and long distance capturing you can use gimbals.

fpv camera



Drones are differentiated on bases of their flight duration. If you want your camera to capture for long in air then you must have a drone that is capable of it. Drone batteries are small and less weighted for ideal flight control. Mostly batteries last for 10 to 20 minutes. So choose drone as per your need. You can purchase extra rechargeable batteries to spend more time in the air.

So this was our small brief guide for the drone buyers, but why don’t you hit our blog page to find out more interesting reads?

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