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Top 10 Cheapest Drones for Beginners Under $120

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These days drones are coming in all sizes, shapes – however when it comes to cheapest drones they vary in models based on features but one thing is common, now most of these drones have high definition cameras which make them ideal for beginners. These low-cost drones are perfect for children and adults alike to see how enjoyable a drone can be while flying. You will not have to spend hundreds of dollars on your first drone because you can now purchase high quality, inexpensive drones with a camera and some of the same features in more expensive versions.

The best thing is these cheap camera drones allow you to have a fun time flying while learning to fly, without having to worry about crashing and losing a big investment. Such budget friendly drones are usually priced between 50.00 and 300.00. Most of these drones have great camera for recording videos and an app through which you can watch video on your smartphone or tablet.


Cheap drone flying times are about 6-10 minutes average. All models in this list (RTF) are ready to fly, just load and install the batteries needed. These drones have different features ranging from headless mode to flipping, return home feature and others. While buying these drones be careful regarding the camera it varies from 720p to 1080p. Also surely you will not get best of the best camera shot with these drones like on expensive line such as DJI Mavi, DJI phantom etc… but for beginner and an in-experienced pilots at this price you are still getting lot of features though.

Features of Cheapest Drones

  • Altitude Hold – Set your drone to hover at your desired height by pressing a button. It simplifies the power of the drone and stabilises the camera for images and videos.
  • Headless mode – Once this feature is activated, the operator can fly the drone without worrying much about the direction of the drone.
  • Return Home – This button activates the quadcopter drone to return to the starting spot.
  • FPV – The first person perspective allows you to see in real time what the drone is looking at.
  • A main start / landing / return- Click a button and the drone is automatically started, landed or returned home.
  • Gravity sensor – Drone is controlled by smartphone movements.
  • Voice and Management Command- Use of the drone’s voice commands or hand gestures.

In order to save you time on your hunt, some of the best cheap drones on the market are mentioned below. This list contains some of the new models, inexpensive drones that are suitable for beginners as well as novices. These low-cost Drones are a decent choice for someone who wants to hobby flying drones and aerial photography at the entry rates. For boost flight time, you can also purchase an extra set of props and one or two additional batteries.

Are you looking for the cheapest drones? Let’s rewind time and imagine how human beings would have reacted to even the concept of drones, say a couple of decades ago. It would have been quite similar to the famous Sci-Fi flick of the 1980s called as Back to the Future. Remote control driven aircrafts have been introduced in the market since at least a decade ago. However, one needs to have the facility of a wide open space and well lit conditions if he is to enjoy an exhilarating flying experience. Even the most passionate of dronies can take years and years of relentless practice and hard work to get better at avoiding aircraft crashes. Having said that, the drones that are being offered for sale in the market can be flown even indoors. Moreover, if you are interested in flying these amazing machines in densely populated areas with sky-scraping buildings in the vicinity or in a countryside with idyllic views, drones will be at your disposal.

As the drones roar through the uncharted depths of skies, their sensitive and user-friendly controls furnish a flying experience that is sufficient to instill thrill and vigor even in the life of the most jaded of individuals. Despite all the technological marvel associated with drones, they are so simple to manoeuvre that even a kid can get a hang of how to fly them. There is no denying the fact that the top of the line drones can cost thousands of dollars and a middle class consumer would be distracted by their high prices. However, we have witnessed a massive revolution in technology in the recent years and now we can get access to state of the art technological wonders that would be cheaper than the cost of having dinner or even watching a movie.

Voomall XT001A Mini Headless Quadcopter

We all would agree with the fact that the cheapest drones are simple machines that are extremely user-friendly. However, one needs to learn the basics of flying a drone before embarking on greater adventures. If you crash your high cost drone into a nearby wall, there is every likelihood that it would not be left in a condition to be receive further repairs. Similarly, collision of a drone with a human being can result in injuries of serious nature.

The Voomall XT001A is a device that combines an affordable price suitable for the rookie dronies with an intuitive and safe flying experience in contrast to the rival products available on the market. A shell made of plastic encloses the four blades of this drone; thereby ensuring that even in case of an undesired collision with an obstacle, the drone would not get damaged because of the solid outer covering.

The radio controller that comes in the original packaging grants the pilot complete control over the direction and thrust of the main engines. Moreover, there are a few additional switches that lets the dronies change gears as and when required. The omni-directional flip that can be triggered with the help of a single key located on the radio controller is one of the most eye-catching features of this lovely drone. You can turn your device into an amazing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle conjuring unbelievable aerial acrobatics within no time at all.

If you are interested in carryout some nighttime adventures, the LED lighting integrated in the Voomall XT001A will provide a nice flying experience even when it is pitch dark. This superb drone can be purchased for just $35.99 and is a wonderful machine for drone enthusiasts to get started with their hobby.

Voomall JJRC H22

Those of you who want to exercise more control and authority over their beloved cheapest drones would certainly fall in love with Voomall JJRC H22. In contrast to the drone model discussed above, this device integrates motors that generate a wee bit more power. This implies that the pilots can fly their device at a slightly faster pace and can also perform the amazing omnidirectional flips with the assistance of a 4-channel controller. The six-axis gyroscope ensures that the drone remains steady during its flight while keeping the top side up and reducing any probability of turbulence.

Remember that this model does not come with the full-body outer covering. Having said that, it is equipped with bumpers on both sides of the powerful blades that ensure that damage is minimized in case of any undesired crashes. You will be surprised to know that you can get this drone for just $88 and would certainly prove to be a great investment for the novice drone enthusiasts.

Super Mini RC Helicopter Drone Indoor Quadcopter

If you are looking for a remote controlled aircraft for indoor flights, then this one is tailor made for you. This tiny drone boasts a very compact design with a cubic inch dimensions and certainly packs a power punch. The blades are also very small sized which ensure that you are able to exercise great amount of control over your device. This, we all know, is a necessity in indoor flight excursions. Moreover, this machine features the headless flight mode; thereby providing more control over flight to the pilot.

The radio transmitter that comes loaded in the original packaging lets the pilot manually modify throttle, direction and even enables the drone to balance itself with the help of controls for forward and side to side motion. It may boast a small size but don’t worry, you won’t lose it anywhere. You can slip it easily into its radio controller once you are done with your flying adventures.

WebRC Xdrone HD

If you believe that you have become better at controlling cheapest drones, then you better go for the one that has been designed for intermediate users. The XDrone HD is a great option for you then! It supports both indoor as well as outdoor flights and provides a control range of a whopping 150 feet. Hence, you can fly it in your line of sight as far as your eye can see. Hey, hold on! Won’t this high control range be useless if you are not able to capture some stunning aerial shots? Just to fulfill your desire, the manufacturers have integrated a 720p HD video camera that captures some sensational aerial video footages and photographs.

The whole package also includes a 1GB MicroSD memory card that help you record your flying adventures to be viewed later on your smartphone or desktop computer. Your friends will surely be impressed with your prowess. Isn’t it?

The UAV comes loaded with a six-axis gyroscope ensuring stable flight while the inbuilt programming allows the pilots to carry out some mind-boggling back flips, front flips, barrel rolls and double back flips with just a single key. It is being retailed in the market for just $125 and is certainly made for those who are looking for some serious adventure.

 PowerLead Pqad D015 WiFi Camera Drone

The dronies who are looking to explore their surroundings, need a drone that is equipped with state of the art communication technology allowing long range communication.

The 5.8GHz Spread Spectrum technology has been designed to minimize interference due to wireless phones, power lines, radio towers and other sources of radio waves. This device features a 720p HD video camera that lets you take some fine quality video footages and images. It can be bought for $89 from the market.

*Currently this drone is unavailable by the manufacturer.

UDI 1818A HD Quadcopter Drone

This is an extremely power device that is a pretty decent choice for beginner dronies. The powerful blades boasted by the UDI 1818A are protected with the help of a plastic shell, thus preventing them from undergoing any damage due to crashes. It may have been engineered for the novices but the flight experience that it renders is spectacular to say the least!

The six axis gyroscope ensures that the flight is as steady as possible while the machine is able to maintain its position persistently thanks to the 3D locking mechanism. The device comes with an enhanced battery life span while the 4GB memory card lets you record your videos and images captured in High Definition with the help of the integrated camera. Read in depth review of UDI 1818A  here.

Voomall MJX X300C

Do you fancy watching a live video feed being captured by the camera integrated in your drone right onto your smartphone with having to spend a lot of money? We bring to you the fabulous Voomall MJX X300C made exactly for this purpose. You just need to plug in your Android or iOS powered smartphone into your radio controller and you will be able to view the 720p High Definition live video streaming directly from the eye of the drone as if you were sitting in the cockpit yourself.

The First Person View (FPV) feature means that you will be able to fly your device outside your line of sight without any worry of losing your hard-earned machine. Even if you do end up losing track of your drone, the inbuilt Return to Base feature ensures that the drone gets back to the location of its takeoff by hitting a single key. This is perhaps the cheapest drone at $65 that offers First Person Viewability. Don’t forget to read our recent article on FPV Drones and FPV Goggles.

RC Drone with 2MP HD Camera

This amazing drone is another of the cheapest drones in our list and has been designed taking into account the requirements of novices as well as professional grade cinematographers. This device lets you choose the amount of control you want to exercise over your device simply by opting from a range of sensitivity modes. Once the sensitivity mode is set to low, the gyroscope takes charge of the flight and ensure that the drone remains steady while you gently fly the drone around.

As soon as you believe that you have become better at flying this fantastic device, you can always ramp up the sensitivity level and set your drone whizzing through the sky at enhanced speeds. The 720p HD camera alongside the 4GB memory card ensures that you are able to capture the memorable moments of your flying adventures forever. This device also offers an inbuilt compass and single key Return to Base function; thereby ensuring that you never lose track of your beloved drone.

Holy Stone HS110W FPV Drone

This tremendous drone is an amazing amalgamation of a number of top of the line features that can only be found in more advanced drones and is available at an amazingly affordable price. It comes with an integrated gravity sensor that ensures that the machine is able to maintain its height during the flight; thereby ensuring that the pilot does not always have to control the throttle all the time. What’s really exciting about this feature is that despite gusty winds and inclement weather conditions, the drone is able to hold its position during flight without making the pilot break a sweat.

You can also synchronize your 720p HD camera with your smartphone so that you are able to view the aerial live video stream right from the palm of your hand. Moreover, it allows you to save videos and photographs directly to your Android or iOS powered smartphones or handheld mobile devices so that you can access all your flying adventures on the go!

This amazing product can be bought for just $119 and when considering that it provides a mind0numbing blend of steady flight, First Person Viewability and long range, this appears to be the best deal in the market. It surely is one of the most popular devices out there and we would definitely recommend it to our loyal readers!

DBPower FPV WiFi Motion Sensing Quadcopter

If you are looking for the cheapest drones in the price bracket of less than $120, then the FPV WiFi Motion Sensing Quadcopter by DBPower certainly deserves a look. This fabulous drone offers a control range of whopping 260 feet in addition to WiFi communication and a high powered 2.4GHz radio controller.

If the typical control systems that come with most of the drones in the market are making life boring for you and you want to get your hands on an elaborate and enthralling flight experience, then this machine employs motion sensors in your smartphone to manage its motion. The drone makes use of the gyroscope and air pressure sensor to maintain its position during flight. The direction in which you tilt your smartphone will be followed by the flying drone in the sky. Simultaneously, the pilot gets a 720p live video feed directly from the drone’s eye to his/her smartphone in the palm of his/her hand. It is the same experience as if you are sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft.

The control systems may look pretty standard, however, the flying experience they provide is quite phenomenal. The controls are very sensitive while the drone is very easy to manoeuvre. When it comes to taking off and landing with drones, it presents its own complexities because of the varying air pressure as the drone rises up in the air or gets lowered towards the ground. This fabulous machine takes off automatically by pressing a single key and rises to an altitude of 1.5 meters.

When you set out to purchase one of the cheapest drones in the market, you are left to compromise on some of the most advanced features just to save up a few bucks. However, for just $65, you get a huge control range, high end flight sensors, myriad control systems and First Viewability all bundled in just one drone package.

This plethora of features that this drone comes with can help you cultivate your own distinct flying style. Hence, if you are looking to get a better device once you improve your flying skills, you would definitely know the areas where you need to invest in your next machine.

Bear in mind that these cheapest drones have not been included here just for the sake of those consumers who are low on cash. We would suggest the novice dronies to get their hands on any one of these devices to get a feel of flying a drone. Most of these devices are quite user friendly and will help you get a hang of drone flying while letting you improve your flying skills. In the long run, when you plan to buy an advanced drone, experience with these cheap drones will go a long way in ensuring that you know what features you must be looking for in your new device.
This will help you in saving money on machines that are not in accordance with your requirements and preferences. During your early flight adventures, probability of crashes will exist. It is always more judicious to learn how to fly a drone on a more cheaper drone that can be easily replaced rather than an expensive one. There is no denying the fact that the products that are almost equivalent in price of a used car will surely boast advanced features than the ones that have been listed above. Having said that, you will definitely be taken aback at the features that are present in even such low cost devices.

The Top 3 High-Tech Inexpensive Drones of  2020 (Cheapest Drones Review)

If you’re planning to purchase a travel buddy, an eye in the sky, your own mini aircraft, or, in other words, a drone, your journey for searching for the perfect one ends here. It’s because we have the latest best of the best cheapest flying camera list for you! So, whether you’re a beginner or a professional looking for a budget-friendly aerial imaging device, you’re in the right place.

The Top 3 High-Tech Cheapest Drones

Without further ado, here are the products you’ve been looking for.

The Potensic A30W FPV

First in our list is the Potensic A30W FPV Drone with a camera. It’s an auto hovering quadcopter that comes with a 500mAh battery. The Potensic A30W drone is user friendly for beginners and experts, and the whole family can enjoy piloting it.

Its battery is hassle-free and easy to remove. The 500mAh 3.7V battery enables you, your travel buddy, and your whole family to enjoy about 6-8 minutes of flight time. After recharging the drone with its free fast charger, you can have fun again maneuvering it to flight mode.

With its FPV HD camera, it is guaranteed to provide you with high-quality images and HD live videos. Without lags and delays, it’s assumed that you’ll have an awesome experience with your recording moments. With the Auto hovering feature, it is easy for you to tell the direction and it enables the drone to hold altitude.

When you’re away from the controller, it will remain steady at its current height safely. Another feature is the gravity induction mode. With this, you can use your iOS or Android smartphone to maneuver the drone. This mode allows you to control the drone in any direction, as you move your phone from left, to right, or forward or backward. It will move along to the direction you sway your phone. Depending on your maneuvering proficiency, you can choose from the three modes of speed: Low, Medium, or High.

At 2.4 GHz of frequency, you can fly the drone to a maximum height of 50 meters for 6 to 8 minutes. The Custom Flight Route mode enables you to fly the drone automatically to any location or direction, regardless of which direction your drone is facing.

Also, just draw your plan route of flight on the screen and the drone will pilot itself to the given route. With just a push of a button, the drone’s quadcopter will hover at a fixed altitude, ascend, or gently land on the ground. Buy from Amazon.

The d85 Drone

Next on the list is the d85 drone. This device is popular for beginner flighters since it’s affordable and user-friendly. Although it’s cheap, it offers a lot of amazing features. This makes it a wise investment for anyone.

First and foremost, unlike other drones, the d85 different flight modes, including Follow Me, Return Home, and Point of Interest.

Its sophisticated design makes this inexpensive drone stand out among many others. The drone has a GPS too! You’ll never lose it even when an unplanned landing occurs.

It’s also super-easy to use, with a 2800 mAh battery that will provide you with 20 minutes of flight time you can enjoy. Its short charging period and its balanced battery voltage make the charging process safe.

Weighing 525 grams, it’s lightweight and it could fly at a remote distance of 1,000 to 1,500 m maximum height. What’s more, don’t forget that it has a 130° camera lens and 2k HD recording modes suitable for any professional photographer or an adventurous individual.

Its brushless motor is quite powerful too, enough to make it travel at 500 km per hour. When you try this feature, it will surely blow your brain neurons with joy.

The Ryze Tello Drone

This is the last device on this list. The fun will never stop with the Ryze Tello drone. It’s designed for children and adults. It can help them learn the science of quadcopters and it will bring joy to the pilot.

Ryze Robotics, a tech startup established in 2017, designed and manufactures this drone. Its features and functions stand out among other cheap drones. It’s a competitive drone that allows users to experience the thrills of piloting a flying gadget easily and safely, but uncostly.

In addition to that, its user-friendliness enables you to experiment by performing basic mid-air acrobatics, with just one finger away on the controller screen. You can connect it to your phone as well. It can still be controlled at 70m away from you.

In terms of its camera, its 5mp sensor can capture vivid and HD images and its 720 resolution can record 360p to 720p videos.

The Ryze Tello is indeed a perfect body for scouting, having a maximum speed of 28.80 kph.

On top of all that, it’s easy to control because it’s lightweight at only 80g. It’s quite similar to the previous two.

Last but not the least, its 1100 mAh battery, which stores more power than the d85 and A30w, allows for the max flight time of 13 minutes.

Overall, the Tello drone is an excellent and affordable quadcopter because of its basic Vision Positioning system that safeguards the drone from crash and sudden landing. It also includes an automatic Take Off feature.

Final Words

All of the drones listed above sounds fun to use. Buying a drone is a perfect investment for you, especially if you’re an event planner, photographer, or just a tech-savvy gal or guy. Drones were once stuff of fantasy, but now, technology has made fiction a reality. The dragons of today, those that enable heroes to view the Earth up in the heavens, the eyes in the sky that allow people to capture breath-taking videos while enjoying the experience of seeing the world at a different view, are the drones.

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