Drone FAQs

Drone FAQs

As drones become more and more advanced and sophisticated, the number of drone admirers and enthusiasts all across the globe is exponentially increasing as they become acquainted with their myriad purposes and uses. Moreover, there are many who fly drones for the mere fun of them. No matter what is your purpose of flying a drone, we are certain that you must have come across some problem with your drone or some question related to it. Therefore, we have created drone FAQs for your help.

So, in this post we have come up with some of the most frequently asked questions about drones to quench your thirst about them.

What are the best drone FAQs?

A drone is a small unmanned aircraft system that can fly to a location of your choice based on its control range and features such as video and image recording, package delivery, construction inspection etc.

There are different kinds of drones available based on their uses and features alongside the number of propellers they have such as quadcopters, tricopters, hexacopters etc.

In addition, a dedicated controller as well as a smartphone Android and iOS app can be used to maneuver them. In the simplest of terms, a drone may be referred to as flying robots.

Which drone boasts the longest flight duration?

As the modern technology gets more sophisticated with time, the flight timing is likely to increase. Currently, condor quadcopter boasts the longest flight duration of about an hour and a half. Here is a video to show you how it performs.

YouTube video

What happens when a drone gets out of our line of sight?

When a drone gets out of line of sight and some malfunctioning takes place, the drone returns to its original point of take off or where its radio controller is located by virtue of its inbuilt GPS. However, if the drone runs out of juice or the connection is lost between the controller and the drone during this process it will land at the same location.

Do all drones have to get registered with FAA before flight?

When it comes to registration requirements, they tend to vary from one country to another. However, the Federal Aviation Administration in the US has made it mandatory that all drones weighing between 0.55lbs and 55lbs need to be registered via the online portal.

Here are some drones that weigh less than 0.55lbs and do not require to be registered with FAA.

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Are there any drones that support GoPro action cameras?

There are tons of drones that support GoPro action cameras. Drones such as the DJI Phantom 2 and GoPro Karma offer support for GoPro action cameras.

Here are some of the most popular GoPro action camera drones.

We will also let you know when more sophisticated and higher-end drones hit the shelves with compatibility for GoPro action cameras.

Here are some of the best GoPro action cameras such as the GoPro Hero 5 for your drone.

Do you have to purchase additional accessories while purchasing a drone?

There are numerous accessories that you want to purchase such as light polarizing filters for enhanced video footage and photographs, spare batteries to ensure that your drone offers higher flight timing, propellers for additional safety, micro SD cards for storing photographs and videos and number of other auxiliary items to enhance one’s flight experience. However, you must go through the drone FAQs for more detail.

Here are some of the best drone accessories for drone enthusiasts.

Can drones be used for commercial purposes?

In order to use drones for commercial and entrepreneurial purposes, certain requirements need to be adhered to.

  • According to Rule 333, the dronie needs to get his or her drone registered with the FAA to fly in the US
  • The certificate of authorization needs to be obtained in one to three months
  • The pilot needs to acquire the complete FAA complaint registration
  • The pilot should have the FAA airman certificate of authenticity

What is meant by drone racing?

Drone racing is a competitive sport that is taking the world by storm. Professional and hobbyist pilots from all over the world get together and compete in tightly fought contests with customized drones across racing courses littered with different kinds of obstacles. Some even employ VR goggles for an immersive digital experience.

The entry fee is nominal and the winners are bestowed with cash prizes.

If you are into drone racing, then you can also organize a local racing event in your neighborhood with your friends and dear ones.

Visit this link to get to know more about racing drones and the best models available on the market.


We hope that you would have gone through all the drone FAQs. However, if there is some other question in your mind, do not hesitate to ask us in the comments section below.

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