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Drone Safety Awareness Week 2021 is Incoming

The third National Drone Safety Awareness Week 2021 is taking place in mid-September. There will be both virtual and in-person events taking place, irrespective of your location. Federal Aviation Administration created this program to raise awareness about drones. The priority of this program is recreational drone pilots.

The week runs from 13th September till 19th September. Every day has a different theme. They are as follows:

    • Monday: safe flyers take the recreational unmanned aircraft safety test (TRUST)
    • Tuesday: registration and marking of the specific drone
    • Wednesday: associate yourself with the drone community
    • Thursday: going through new rules like Remote ID
    • Friday: public safety and public acceptance
    • Weekend: come! Fly with me

If you are willing to host an event, then the FAA will tell you to abide by all the health guidelines. Furthermore, you can share your events in multiple ways to let the world know about it. To share it online

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Drone Safety Awareness 2021 Events


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be pretty busy on social media. They will be posting updates via two social media accounts: @FAADroneZone and @UAST. Moreover, FAA will be displaying some of the best drone safety events i.e. photo showcase and Drone@home. Here is what you need to know about those events. 

Digital Photo Showcase

In the digital photo showcase brought by FAA, people send FAA photos made by the drone. FAA Drone Zone Twitter and Facebook accounts will feature them in the entire week. To have a chance of getting featured on social media with regards to this drone safety event, you must email photos to dronesafetyweek@faa.gov by 30th August. 

Photos must be in the form of .jpg, .jpeg or .png. The photo size must not be more than 5MB. FAA claims that they will select photos based on quality, composition, and content.


drone safety

There is also an activity page of this drone safety program called Drone@home. It will allow you to stay engaged with drones without needing to go outside. If you are trying to practice social distancing or staying away from public places, this activity can be ideal for you.

Many of the ideas on this activity page are kid-based, such as AIAA’s K-12 Everyday Drones Lesson Plans and learning about the Principle of Thrust by Making a Foamie Flyer.


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