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In our last article, we gave reviews about Parrot AR Drone. In this article, we will talk about UDI U818A-1 quadcopter.

In this article, you will learn:
– Brief Introduction to UDI U818A-1 quadcopter.
– Camera Functionality of UDI U818A-1 quadcopter.
– Brief Flight Details
– UDI U818A-1 Pricing

Our reviews are geared towards providing the best possible suggestions, recommendations and assessment of disparate type of drones available in the market. Our special emphasis, however, is always on beginner drones such as the UDI U818A-1 quadcopter. If you want to get to know this drone better, then continue reading through this extensive review which will focus on myriad features and specifications of this amazing copter along with discussing its strengths and shortcomings. Without much ado, let’s get rolling y’all!

Let’s Get Started With UDI U818A-1 Discovery


With UDI U818A-1, you don’t have to do a lot of preparation as it comes completely set up in the original packaging. All you need to do is to charge the batteries for at least a couple of hours before it is ready to fly. A UDI U818A-1, with fully charged batteries, is capable of giving a flight time of around 9 minutes which is considerably short as compared to the beginner quadcopters of this category. So, we suggest you to get an additional pair of batteries at the time of purchase so that you are not left stranded during the middle of bright shiny day perfect for an overwhelming flying experience.

This quadcopter is extremely easy to fly and is pretty much resistant to crashes; which makes it an ideal choice for the novices. You can make it perform multitudes of aerial acrobatics, stratagems and maneuvers such as inversion with the help of additional buttons mounted onto the remote control. But before you jump onto trying these features out, we highly recommend you to get to know the ins and outs of your drone lest you might end up damaging your device.

The U818A includes a camera while the recently launched models by UDI sport a High Definition (HD) one. Mind you, the camera is not the most advanced ones out there in the market, but it certainly is capable of storing lots of video footages and images on the 1 Gigabyte (GB) SD card. The LCD on-screen display provided on the remote control allows the pilot to view the drone’s flight in First Person View (FPV) in addition to a remote battery life meter, camera settings, throttle settings and the menu. You can easily detach and replace the parts on U818A as and when required.

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What’s Exciting about U818A-1!


Flight Performance:

Regarded as an ideal quadcopter for the amateur pilots, UDI U818A-1 provides a heck of flying experience as it is very easy to fly and remains unbelievably steady even in gusty wind conditions of up to 10 mph. The ability to perform aerial stunts such as 360° inversion flip can be attributed to the lightweight of the device which sets it apart from the drones of its own pedigree. However, to carry out the bamboozling stunts and maneuvers with this fabulous piece of technology, you need to get your drone to greater heights.

Moreover, to keep your drone safe from any sort of damage, it is advisable to get better accustomed to flying it before latching onto trying the more tricky aerial stuff. What makes its flying a whole lot easier, is that you can fly it both indoors as well as outdoors. So, you can practice long and hard before actually going for a lot cooler stuff.


The UDI U818A-1, as has been discussed earlier, is a smart device for the rookie dronies just feeling their way into flying. As a beginner, you obviously will not like to invest a lot into something you do not have any idea about. So, this drone is perfect for you as far as price is concerned. It is available in the market in the double figure price range and incorporates some of the most exciting features found in top of the line drones.

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In contrast to a number of reasonably priced drones available in the market, UDI U818A-1 is crash resistant as long as the impact is not destructive beyond a certain degree. This is an important feature in relation to the novices who are new to flying.


As is quite often the case with low priced drones, their controllers are small in size and appear to be tiny toy like structures. However, this is not the case with UDI U818A-1. Its remote control possesses a reasonable size that can fit aptly in an adult hand while an on-screen display offering First Person View (FPV) is also integrated into the handheld controller.

U818A-1 controller


Here’s what you can get for your U818A:

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What’s not so cool about U818A-1!

Flight Time:

The flight duration of merely 9 minutes is quite unimpressive to be honest as most of the other models in the market are offering flight times in excess of 15 minutes. Considering the charging time required for the batteries is two hours, this comes out to be a huge turn off. So, we highly recommend you to get an extra pair or two of batteries to avoid being distraught once the drone runs out of gas.


The absence of the GPS feature is something where U818A-1 has been really found wanting. It does not possess the ability to making its way back to the home base or even circle over a particular place without assistance. Hence, it is essential to keep it under control. Otherwise, the drone is expected to lose direction and vanish from your sight.

Motor Issues:

Quite a few issues have been reported where there have been instances of motors malfunctioning. We have not been able to figure out who’s the main culprit behind it! Whether it’s a manufacturing fault on part of UDI or it’s just a fluke. Anyways, there have been reports that the motors on or more propellers stopped working or were burnt due to reasons unknown hitherto!

Here’s the Upshot!

What we infer from all the lengthy discussion above is that U818A-1 is a great choice for you if you are new to the business of flying drones and do not want to spend a fortune on something that is relatively new to you. However, when it comes to impact resistance and stability, this drone does offer the combination of these two virtues which are an essential feature to look for when purchasing a drone.If you are having to struggle with the duration of flight, which disappointingly is far too short, then by keeping a pair or two of extra batteries can be really handy to lengthen your flight time.

Finally, we recommend this amazing amateur quadcopter for the newbies with a limited skillset. However, if you are a pro with advanced skills and have been accustomed to using drones with more complex and intricate features, then you might have to look to somewhere else. If you still have some doubts about what might be the right drone for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember we are the King of Drones!

Here’s the infographic where you can find our brief summary:

UDI U818A-1 quadcopter.

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