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How you can use your photography skills with drone?

You are a professional photographer and always love to take photos whether is just with friends, selfies, events, and or on a business trip? Now you can indulge your photography skills with a drone by starting the drone business. Aerial photography is an excellent way of expanding your existing work portfolio. The presentation can be followed by a drone shot that gives a broad view of the set scene. Moreover, aerial shots provide you with confidence not only in your skills plus also to enhance your business.

Photographers of real estate can now offer views on whole buildings, beautiful backyards, and unique architecture. Photographers of weddings will view magnificent venues. Athletes can document sports photographers from every new perspective. Photographers of the landscape will display nature from another aspect.


What is the First Step to Start the drone business – Register with FAA as a drone pilot:

You need to register with FAA as a drone operator when your drone weighs between 0.55 lb and 55 lb (the majority of photos on the market, such as DJI Mavic Air 2, DJI Inspire, Yuneec Typhoon, and DJI Mavic Pro fit into that range).

The process is straightforward. When you register, you obtain an application number that you add to the drone business as per your liking.

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To register visit the FAA website for registration of drones, create your account and pay a registration fee of $5 and there! Afterward, you will receive a unique number, which you must stick anywhere on the drone.

On a masking tape piece, I recommend you write it on your drone in a Sharpie pen. I would strongly recommend don’t write straight away on your drone in case, in the future you like to sell/donate/lend to your friend – maybe you need to take the registration number out.

Get a license for the drone business (Commercial)

If you’re flying drones for your company, you’re legal to request a drone pilot license. (That is not a recreational or hobby purpose).

You can see the officially called a Remote Pilot Certificate and pass a written test known as the Aeronautical Skill Test (often the Part 107 test).

Always Fly to Legal Places

Yes, these days restrictions are hard when it comes to flying a drone – that means you can’t just fly a drone in a wedding venue that is located next to the airport. If there’s an airport within five miles of you, odds are, you’re not in Class G airspace.

With the advancement in the drone industry – it’s also getting easier to fly legally which means there are too many apps available in the market which can help you make your life easier to fly – Also in real-time, you can check the FAA’s official Know Before You Fly website. Once on the website, just type the location where you intended to fly your toy, FAA will respond YES or NO.

Also, drone manufacturers such as DJI tell you straight away where you can fly and where you cant. Please be careful it’s not just FAA rules there are also some privacy rules from some institutions, schools, universities, libraries, hospitals.  Always recommend better check with them before flying your drone.

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Practice Makes You Perfect When it comes to Flying

Start with a cheap toy drone until you fly a multi-hundred dollar video drone. Any $30 drone is going to do that. The less expensive, the better. Check out our World’s smallest camera drones here.

But remember the cheaper the drone business, the harder it is to fly. Learn a drone that is difficult to fly and it will be a breeze to fly the “real” drone. Once you have upgraded to a more expensive drone-like anything from DJI-you will be able to use features such as GPS locks, auto-start, follow me, and many other features.

Get the right tools for the drone

Photographers get the best drones at around $400 from the low end to more than $3,000. All of the best photographers’ drones will be mounted into the panel with a camera and ready to fly out of the box.

Some general knowledge to check for

The price that suits your needs (you’ll know what you need if you’re a photographer already). Consider if the camera also supports filters.

A trap. A hell. Gimbals are important in maintaining a steady camera. Each time you move, the video will appear jello-like or blurry, and it will be extremely distracting. 20-30 minutes of battery life.  If a drone promises anything more than that, then be cautious about it: it is either a highly expensive business drone or just a scam. Don’t get battery life hung up too much. Buy only another battery!

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Hold the elevation. This keeps your drone at a fixed height and is essential for easier, easier flight control.

What more would you like to learn before you began your own aerial photography business or incorporate drones into your current photography company? Leave your message in the comment box below.

Good luck with the Drone Business that you are working on and Happy Flying.

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