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Our last article in series was the review for Husban X4, we now present you the review for Syma X1.

In this article, you will learn:
– Brief Introduction to Syma X1.
– Camera Functionality of Syma X1.
– Syma X1. Features
– Downside of Syma X1.
– Conclusion


Syma X1 Review

Syma X1
Are you looking to buy your first drone and are still clueless despite having gone through millions of reviews and video tutorials? Stay calm because we are about to introduce you to the Syma X1 series which is greatly popular among the novice dronies. The Syma X1 is another beginner drone that is reasonably priced and emerges as a viable choice when it comes to buying toy drones. Syma are entrenched market leaders in drone production and their products are immensely reliable, durable and boast high quality.

Being a drone designed specifically for the rookies, Syma X1 does not include any of the advanced features that are common to the drone developed for the pros. Yet if you are looking to have some fun while learning how to fly a drone, then it naturally comes up as a great option. It will provide you with a fine flying experience that you are going to cherish for a long long time to come. If you want to know whether Syma X1 is really the right drone for you, then read through our review and know for yourself.

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The Syma X1 has been released by the manufactures in three exquisite models namely the

  1. Spacecraft
  2. UFO
  3. Bumblebee

Syma X1
They are all available in the range of about $40 to $50(close to Syma X11). Here’s what we think of Syma X1 in detail.

What Makes Syma X1 So Adorable

Two Modes of Syma X1 Flight:

The Syma X1 quadcopter is a 4-channel toy drone which implies that you can control up/down, forward/backward, sliding side-to-side and turning left/right. The drone comes with two disparate modes of flight. The primary mode includes integrated gyroscopic stabilizers that are designed to ensure that all channels of flight except up/down remain steady. Simple and easy! You won’t get anything less complex than this! The speed with which it flies is rather slow and despite the fact that you can accelerate it a fair bit, you won’t lose control over the device.

If you are flying it for the first time, we would suggest you to keep it closer to the ground and you won’t be getting into any sort of trouble. We vouch for that! You can trigger the second mode called the “H” mode by tapping the left bumper and this will also be indicated on your LCD screen. Remember that the “H” mode is slightly complex and should only be tried once you get a hang of the device. While this mode may require some expertise, it will definitely render you a superb flying experience.

This mode allows you perform a back flip by pressing the right bumper and moving the joystick on your transmitter in any direction. Most of the dronies who fall in the intermediate to pros categories, prefer a 4-channel drone. So, for the beginners, this experience will certainly go a long way in establishing their flying credentials and will leave them in good stead when they look to take a step forward and purchase a more advanced quadcopter.

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All about Kids Drones


The 3.7 volt battery is quite small and compact in size and can be recharged with a common USB cable. It’s not difficult to insert it as it smoothly slides into its slot. To recharge this battery, you just have to connect it to your laptop or any other device with a USB port. The stereos in modern day cars also come with USB ports so recharging this battery is as simple as it can get. However, you can fly better and with more speed. This guy tells you how!

YouTube video



The Syma X1 drone comes with a magnificent transmitter with joysticks that make controlling the machine really simple. You can view the directions in which the pressure is being applied on the joysticks along with the battery life on the LCD screen provided on the controller.



With a price bracket of $40-$50, the Syma X1 series is quite reasonable and you can get any of the three designs within this range. For a toy drone boasting such tremendous flying capabilities, that’s a pretty decent bargain, we suppose. And with a couple of additional batteries (read Battery Charge below), you can get a Ready to Fly out of the box drone, you still won’t have to spend a lot. No competition whatsoever! This is the best beginner drone available in the market without any shred of doubt.

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Syma X1


As already discussed, the Syma X1 series has three modes: Spacecraft, UFO and Bumblebee. You can view the image of the Spacecraft design above. The shells are made of synthetic plastic and can be damaged, so you better be careful with them.


Battery Upgrades

If you would go all fancy with a bit of expensive battery, then Lectron Pro 3.7 volt – 600mAh or Tiger 600mAh Upgraded Battery is out there in the market. Both of these batteries will last longer but they would cost you around $10 per battery.

syma-x1-drone-battery-updgradedrone battery 

The Upshot of Syma X1

The Syma X1 series with its three designs is a fabulous choice for the rookies planning to get their first drone or even for the pros who like to have some fun with smaller drones. The two modes of flight transform this drone into a formidable piece of equipment. It certainly is not recommended for those interested in aerial photography and advanced FPV cameras.

This piece has been written to help you out in your drone hunt. Better do plenty of research so that once you pay for your new drone you are well aware of what you are paying for and what benefits you’ll get with your purchase. It is a great drone to spend some practice sessions with because of its two flight modes. We highly recommend this drone to the novices because of its features and its price.

Our review was intended to make the right choice when buying your beloved drone. If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact us.

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