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Teal Drones Acquired by Red Cat to Scale Enterprise

There is big news regarding Teal Drones, a company known for having a founder of 16 years old. Recently, they stated that they are acquired by Red Cat Holdings, an organization providing drone products, technologies, and services. Red Cat, based in Puerto Rico, got Teal in an all-stock transaction and will add these drones to its current portfolio.

What to expect from the Teal Drones acquiree?

Teal Drones

Previously, Red Cat had four working subsidiaries, including Fat Shark, which is best known for making FPV goggles for drone racing. Although, it also makes other products like the innovative FPV drone racing kit. Apart from the acquiree of Teal Drones, the portfolio has a drone lifestyle and racing brand Rotor Riot.

Overall, there is great coverage of all the updates in the drone world, such as drone racing, lifestyle, inspections, etc. And now with the addition of Teal Drones, there is a military component to Red Cat as well. By adding Teal to the family of the Red Cat, it ensures expansion of the drone group into the federal government spaces.

Teal’s Golden Eagle drone platform and its current setup to the Department of Defense alongside the Red Cart’s market potential and credentials should ensure success as the drone industry grows. Even though Teal was founded back in 2015, it has got great potential to blossom in the drone industry. Now with such link-ups with Red Cat, it will only do its brand power of good. 

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, Teal Drones are associated with other drone platforms, such as Autonodyne, Tomahawk Robotics, Dronelink. Furthermore, Teal expects the stranglehold of Red Cat to grow further.

George Matus, CEO of Teal, stated about this situation. “With the expertise of Red Cat at our disposal, Teal now has all the credentials to rebuild the American drone industrial base across all sectors. We are completely satisfied with the joining of Red Cat as Golden Eagle scales production, and there are further applications to be released soon”. 

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