Top Pocket Copters Reviews

Pocket drones have been able to make their name in a short period of time. For passionate professional grade drone enthusiasts, pocket drones may not sound a lot of fun but when it comes to the hobbyist drones, they provide a decent flight experience. Pocket drones tend to be different from the leading drones equipped with state of the art features.

If you are looking out for a pocket drone that is in accordance with your requirements, then you have made it to the perfect spot. This article is dedicated towards reviewing the top 5 pocket drones that you should be able to get at an affordable price. Let’s get rolling then!

5 Best Pocket Copters Reviews

Pocket drones can be categorized into a number of types. Some pocket drones come with an inbuilt camera while others do not. However, there is a caveat that is essential for you to comprehend. Pocket drones are not necessarily designed to be fitted into pockets of your trousers. No, you can’t place them into such a small niche. These are very small sized drones and provide a great, exciting and fun-oriented flight experience indoors.

1 – Cheerwing Cheer Quadcopter

At the top of our list is the Cheerwing Cheer Quadcopter that is one of its kind. Cheerwing manufacture these amazing drones in three different colors. The drone comes packaged in a big box but it should not distract you away from its size. Just have a deep look at the box and you will observe that the machine is the green small one.

This quadcopter is a headless variation so you won’t have any difficulty in manoeuvring the device around. The headless feature is an interesting feature in these devices since the pilot does not have to worry about the orientation of the device’s flight.


  • 360 degrees eversion
  • Headless mode
  • Hand throw (throw the quadcopter into the air and the drone will fly)


  • Needs 4 AA size batteries (not included in the original packaging)

2 – TX Juice Pocket Drone

Ranked at the second spot in our list of the best pocket drones is the TX Juice Pocket Drone. This is primarily an indoors device but you can always take it outside to have some nice flying experience. This quadcopter comes with a case wherein you have to place the device to get it charged. The manufacturers claim that the TX Juice Pocket Drone can be taken for outdoor flights but we won’t suggest you to do so. Gusty conditions can take the device out of your control and you can quite easily end up losing your beloved device. All in all, this quadcopter will provide you with a fun-oriented flying experience.

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  • Good for both indoor and outdoor flights
  • Affordable price
  • Decent flight duration


  • Propellers can get damaged (it is fragile)

3 – Cheerson CX Mini

We have already reviewed the Cheerson CX Mini drone. This is top selling pocket drones that have ever hit the shelves to-date. The product have been receiving good reviews from thousands of satisfied customers. Considering the features that you get from this amazing quadcopter, this device is quite affordably priced. The pilot gets three level speed adjustment feature which lets him/her exercise brilliant control over the device. The quadcopter offers a flight duration of about 8 minutes which can always be increased by keeping in store additional set of batteries. We really rate this drone highly and is probably the best pocket drone out there;


  • Affordable price
  • Three level adjustable flight speed
  • Decent flight duration


  • Not longlasting

4 – FQ FQ777 Pocket Drone

This quality drone has been developed by the popular drone builders known as FQ. The device is available in four different colors and are definitely worth a go. The leading features include the headless mode and the single key return to base. The radio controller is pretty awesome and the propeller guards ensure that you propellers do not get damaged in case of any crashes. This is a crucial feature since the pocket drones generally tend to suffer lots of damage towards the propellers.


  • CF Mode
  • Great transmitter
  • Charging with batteries inserted in
  • USB cable


  • Controller is not user friendly

4 – Eachine H8 Mini Pocket Copter

Eachine H8 was probably the first pocket to have been introduced in the market. There were a few in that era but this was the machine by Eachine that formidably established the concept of pocket quadcopters. The headless mode and the one key return to base features are the ones that will keep you glued to this amazing device. Since this drone was among the forefathers of the pocket drones category, it may not include features as advanced as one would like them to be considering modern day standards. The LED lights help the pilots spot the fabulous machine during nighttime excursions. The pilots can have a go at outdoor flying adventures. The batteries are quite decent while the radio controller is cool too. Overall, it is a great buy!

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  • Battery protection
  • Brilliant LED lights
  • One key return to base
  • Decent flight duration


  • Spare propellers may not be readily available once your original ones get damaged

Our Pick

We have tested all of the aforementioned machines and would recommend you the one which is the most popular machine. This one boasts great features and will render you a memorable flying experience. Cheerson CX Mini is the pocket drone that we would suggest you to go for. This is the one that is reliable, durable and will definitely prove to be a great purchase for you.

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Have you used any of the above mentioned machines or plan to buy any of them in the future? Keep us posted with what you think about them!

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