RC Boats for Beginners

5 Best RC Boats for Beginners

If you are a new entrant to the world of radio controlled vehicles, you should definitely get your hands on RC boats for beginners. Remote controlled boats tend to provide lots of entertainment and fun.

It is not easy for a rookie to determine which one of the boats are better for the beginners. This post is geared towards making life easy for the novices so that they are able to figure out the RC boats for beginners best suited to their preferences and requirements. We will also endeavor to outline the downsides and advantages associated with each of the models and also share with you what we think are their most rewarding features. We will also take into account the ease of maintenance, cleaning, reliability and a host of other factors.

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Recoil 17” Self-Righting Deep V Brushless RC Boat

These RC boats for the beginners is also good for those who have some experience of driving RC boats. With the ability to attain optimum speeds of around 25 miles per hour, this unique boat comes loaded with a self-righting system as it enables the boat to get out of a jam in case you get into trouble using its intelligent features.

This RC boat is a brushless water cooled boat that is equipped with a 2.4GHz marine radio system. The aluminum rudder ensures smooth handling and steadiness even when the boat is at its top speed. The molded composite two blade propeller also makes sure that the boat is able to reach its top speeds with minimum possible fuss as it zips through water.

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It is 17 inches in length and 4 inches wide. Despite its sturdy appearance, the boat weighs only around 1.15 pounds which makes it a great nominee for portability. It comes in ready to go bundle and is an ideal choice for outdoor boating adventures.


  • Top speed of about 25 MPH
  • Equipped with a self-righting system
  • Light in weight
  • Handling


  • Length
  • Too powerful for novices to handle

Why is Traxxas Blast one of the best RC boats for beginners?

Traxxas are a household name when it comes to developing top quality RC vehicles. They have been developing top quality RC products over the years dedicated for the beginners as well as the professionals.

This is an electric race boat that incorporates tons of exquisite features that assist the rookie in learning the art of driving this vehicle and becoming an expert motorist without having to purchase a more advanced product. In addition, it is also possible to upgrade this device without having to spend a large amount of money.

This boat comes with a water cooling system that keeps the engine cool for longer period of operation. It comes with a 2.4GHz radio system that communicates seamlessly with an enveloped receiver box, Nautica waterproof electronic speed control and water proof high torque servo with ridiculous ease. Owing to the complete waterproof set of components, you can spend an entire day toying with this beast of a machine.

The RC boat comes with a Stinger 20 turn motor that ensures that the boat splices through water seamlessly and the 24 inch deep V hull design makes handling a piece of cake despite the fast speed.

Traxxas has incorporated a foam to furnish floatation without requiring the engine to be running to float. This is a great option for the rookies who would not have to be anxious about their RC boating sinking into water or risk injury from starting the motor unintentionally while their hands are at the wrong spot.

RC Boats for Beginners

Beginners can also add additional telemetry equipment to the Blast as they get better at running this tremendous machine. This means that if you own an iPhone or iPod touch, you can go onto adding telemetry ready components to get that addition information as you make your way through water at fast speeds. This is a low cost device that comes in ready to drive packaging and hence is a perfect choice for the beginners.


  • Water cooling system
  • Waterproof electronics
  • 20 turn motor
  • Fantastic styling
  • 4-6 cell battery operation
  • 24 inches in length
  • Back end modifications and superb customer support
  • Low cost
  • Boat stand
  • Can be used in swimming pools and large lakes


  • Not easy to transport due to its length

Atomik Barbwire 17 inch RTR Brushless Electric Self-Righting Deep-V Hull RC Boat

This RC boat is another unique model that is a splendid blend of top of the line features inherent in both low cost and high end RC boats for beginners. This is a brushless motor boat that resembles the more expensive counterparts in terms of styling, performance and features.

Signal- RC Boats for Beginners

This RC boat is another unique model that is a splendid blend of top of the line features inherent in both low cost and high end RC boats for beginners. This is a brushless motor boat that resembles the more expensive counterparts in terms of styling, performance and features.


  • Light in weight
  • Self-righting technology
  • Top speed of 25 MPH
  • Water cooled brushless motor
  • Easy maneuverability


  • Bland styling

Udric 2.4GHz High Speed Remote Control Electric Boat

UDI001 is an entry level RC boat that is equipped with a USB rechargeable battery that can be charged without having to buy a dedicated charger. Its top speed is around 15 mph and comes with a self-righting system that lets the boat get out of tangle on its own. It incorporates a water cooled single propeller motor that furnishes fast speed at a realistic price. With under 13 inches in length and weighing at 11.2 pounds, it is one of the smallest and lightest boats in our list.

The RC boat is loaded with a low battery alarm that is sounded once you have to bring the boat in from the water. So, your boat won’t get stranded in case the battery runs out of juice. The price factor is another attractive feature for the beginners who would not want to spend too much on their first gadget.

One of the downsides of this RC boat is that the boat and the controller have to be synchronized manually. Therefore, we do not deem it to be in ready to drive condition owing to the pairing requirement which may take no more than a few minutes. [Currently this product is out of stock]


    • USB charger


    • Small size


  • Light in weight
  • Low battery warning
  • Self-righting system


  • Bland styling
  • Almost ready to go (pairing required between controller and boat)

Ginzick 4 Channel RC Speed Zoom RC Boats for Beginners

This remote controlled boat is an ideal choice for rookies who want to test the waters to see if the RC boating is their cup of tea or not. This is a low cost contraption designed especially for the rookies. It is loaded with only a handful of control options namely forward, backward, left, right and speed variation. The restricted number of control options make it an idea choice for the novices who can get better at driving the boat and get acquainted with the controls.

RC Boats for Beginners

It is safe to drive this boat in pools, small ponds, lakes or small rivers. It is 9 inches in length and 4 inches wide and packs a power punch despite its low cost. It includes a LiPo battery and a charger, boat stand for storage and a 9V battery. It boasts a charging time of one hour and provides a lifespan of 22 minutes for the battery. It comes in ready to go packaging and is a must0have option for the beginners.


  • Basic controls for rookies
  • Realistically priced
  • Length
  • Ready to Run


  • Weight
  • Long charging time
  • Low quality build
  • Designed for beginners only

Final verdict

We have shared with you the basics about these best RC boats for beginners, their advantages and drawbacks. You need to consider a number of factors such as power, your expectation to use a certain model, prior experience, backend features, modification options, customer support etc. before you buy any one of these models. RC boats are a lot of fun and a great way to step into the world of RC vehicles. Happy driving!

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