RC Drift Cars

RC Drift Cars

Radio-controlled or RC drift cars are gaining massive popularity among consumers with every passing moment. RC drift are a separate line of RC hobby cars are popular because of their aesthetics as well the intricacies involved in their construction and maneuvering.

Drifting is a real art when it comes to impressive controlling. Electric RC drift cars opens up new arenas of real-world fantasy for the RC car enthusiasts and help them hone their controlling and driving skills. It also helps them enhance their reflexes and become better drivers. These cars are capable of being driven on asphalt, carpet, concrete or virtually any other smooth surface.

In RC car racing, it is essential that you pay heed to the clock ticking. But when it comes to RC car drifting, there are certain aspects such as the angle of trajectory, the path of a turning maneuver, its speed, driving style and spectator reactions.

RC drift cars are a whole lot fun, entertainment and offer a nice opportunity for friends and dear ones to get together and spend some quality time with each other. It is always a breathtaking experience to see a RC drift car turning the corners with impeccable precision and mind-blowing accuracy.

If you are looking for the best affordable RC drift car, then you have come to the right place. We have compiled handy information to consider and choose the appropriate RC car. We also plan to list down and review our top picks so stay tuned for comprehensive posts about the leading RC drift cars out there.



The recommended age range is always something to check out when you buy clothes, toys or kids’ gear. The age rule is simple, and you have to select any toy against the age of your child so that they can get the best of the best out of their toy, and it’s especially true when it comes to RC Cars as controlling the car is the challenge in the beginning.

RC Car Design

All sorts of RC vehicles are available, and RC cars are built out of sports cars in terms of shape, buggies, buses, and more. If your child has a collection or any particular preference, it can
be essential for you to model the type of vehicle. Fortunately, there are numerous options in all categories, so it is not hard to find a specific type of vehicle if you prefer.


All RC vehicles require a power source, and for that they need batteries. Many models have a car body powered by a rechargeable battery included, but often require additional cells that are sometimes not included for controller operation. It can be very frustrating to open a toy and realise that you don’t have the necessary batteries, mainly a remote control toy that will not be work without them. This is very important to have all things are available in the packet, so in case you are on a picnic and while opening a new rc box and missing few things makes you very frustrating and your child sad.


Remember size matters when it comes to choosing RC Car for your child. When your kid is younger, a bigger RC car can enable you to focus on the basics and comfort with a remote control toy that adapts to your motor skills. Older children who are more experienced may like and prefer zippy models for tricks and drifting. It is never a bad thing to look at the sizes of the product you purchase.


These cars are available in many colours, and if your child has a favourite, you can probably find an RC car to match them. Also, some vehicles look very useful and some standout – you know best what your child would enjoy. Some vehicles come in a variety of colours, which can also be an enticing factor. If the colour is crucial for you, search the rainbow of possibilities.


Many models have exclusive accessories to make them more appealing options, such as extra new tires. At a minimum, a package will include a car and remote control – often a USB cord needs to be recharged, however, when it is not, it is typically compatible with regular micro USB cords. Others provide all the batteries you need to run, while some need to be supplied. Importantly what is included means knowing that you have to bring anything special to the table to make play easier?

We know that there are so many options one gets to have while purchasing RC cars and so can be quite puzzling and almost overpowering at times. There is a huge majority of people who tend to get freaked out by all the plethora of information that is available out there pertaining to RC drift cars.

Fret not because we have come to your rescue. We will try to leave out undesired details and focus on the more practical stuff. You will be cognizant of the fact that there are tons of models to choose from so do not forget to go through our reviews on the best products out there. Now, let us have a look at the things that we need to consider before buying best RC drift cars.


This is perhaps the first thing that needs to be taken into consideration. You can look around in the hobby shops in your neighborhood to find out the model and manufacturer that best suits you. This will help you get a vague idea of price ranges prevalent in the market.

Always remember to look out for bundled products such as rechargeable batteries, spare parts and other auxiliary items as these packaged products tend to affect the overall cost and are typically cheaper.

RC Drift Cars motor type

A faster car is not necessarily the best one. When it comes to RC drift cars, the faster they are, the harder it is to maneuver them. A higher torque with slower speed tends to make it easier to drift the cars so an out-of-the-box motor is what you should be looking out for.

Typically, RC motors have a number included in their names such as 7.5T, 13.5T or 27T. This is the number of turns. The higher number of turns means higher torque and longer battery life; resulting in reduced speed and easier control. On the contrary, lesser number of turns means lesser torque, faster speeds and difficult control.

Brushed motors

Most of the Ready to Run vehicles are available with brushed motors so they are not that hard to find. These are default motors and are suitable for novices who are newcomers into this hobby.

Having said that, the mechanical nature of brushed motors necessitates their frequent repair, cleaning and maintenance to prolong their life and enhance their condition.

Brushless motors

Magnets are employed for rotation by these motors and they do not include mechanical components which means that they need minimum maintenance. They deliver consistent power but we would recommend you to make a jump to a LiPo battery to reap rich dividends.

Brushless motors are slightly more expensive than brushed motors. Their compatibility with ESC that is being used also needs to be considered so it is judicious to employ them only when you know enough about them.

Drift tires

Even outside the RC racing hobby, we are familiar with the fact that tires play a vital role when it comes to car drifting. Drift cars are typically based on the user performance and the kind of surface on which the drifting is to be accomplished. Here are a few drift tires that we recommend.

Most of the models come with the HPI T-Drift tires which are all-rounders and quite reliable. GoolRC Drift Car Tires are another option which provide smooth and unparalleled control on asphalt surfaces where RC drift cars are mostly run.

The surface tends to have adverse effects on the tires. So, you can go for softer tires on smooth surfaces and hard compound tires on rugged terrains. Keep in mind that while using higher compound tires, you will get excessive free spin so try and configure your unit with lower RPMs for better drift.

Battery types

You can choose between LiPo and the NiMH battery types. There are other options out there as well but these are the most common and efficient ones.

4WD or 2WD Drift Chassis

Majority of the RC drift cars that have hit the shelves are 4WD beasts and generally tend to differ only when it comes to the placement of the engine. The 4WD RC drift cars are being sold for both the beginners as well as seasoned professionals and allow the drivers an enviable opportunity to learn the fundamentals of drifting and help them move smoothly onto the RWD. Having said that, if you are new to the world of drifting, then a 4WD RC drift car might not be the vehicle of your choice.

RWD is a new rage that is flourishing among RC car enthusiasts and puts up greater demands of the driver when it comes to skill and chassis configurations and maneuvering. 2WD models are designed specifically for rookies and they require in-depth knowledge on part of the drivers if they are interested in trying them out.

MST FXX-D VIP is one of the most popular RC drift cars around but it requires sufficient time to get set up and in the choice of the appropriate tires and weight balancing. So, when you are choosing the 2WD RC drift cars, you have to keep in mind that even smaller things can make or break your car’s performance and your ultimate experience. So, it all boils down to your personal choice whether you want a 2WD or a 4WD.

A peek into the history of RC Drift Hobby

RC drift cars started off in 1991 when Japanese manufacturer Tamiya came up with its first chassis TA-01. The earlier enthusiasts bought basic racing cars and then modified them into drifting vehicles in the beginning. Generally, they included rear differential lock and harder tires. With the passage of time and as RC drift cars became popular among the masses, the manufacturers started producing separate spare parts and other models designed specifically for drifting.

Drifting has since then made its niche in the United States, Asia, Australia and Europe. It is always fascinating to see incredible maneuvers being performed by shrewd drivers with their impeccable RC drift cars and capture the imagination of millions of spectators from around the world. RC drift cars are available in scale models ranging from 1 to 10 and provide a great platform to the skillful drivers to showcase their skill and control over the gizmos.

The most popular outer shells are the clones of real Japanese cars. However, replicas of European and American cars are also making vibes among aficionados. Body shells of rear wheel drive cars are being used to create RC drift cars resemble the real cars.

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