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Can Drone Deliveries Revolutionize Malls?

The malls, as you know it, may be dead. However, they can be dead completely and we can see a revolution in this regard. It looks like Wing, a Google sister company, is trying to put it to a test. Wing is trying to execute drone deliveries from the rooftop of Grand Plaza Mall in Logan, Australia to their customers directly.


Overview of Wing’s Drone Deliveries

For a long time, the deliveries have been conducted from a centralized Wing-operated spot. The recent revolution has changed the course of it as the operating model has brought drones to the merchant’s location. From now onwards, the drone deliveries can be conducted at Regents Park, Heritage Park, Park Ridge, Browns Plains, Marsden, Crestmead, and Berrinba.

Below, we have shared the procedure of its working

  • Submit an order via Wing mobile app. You can download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Drone flies to the Grand Plaza rooftop.
  • Drone moves to your home
  • After reaching your home, drone descends around 7 meters from the ground, and then slowly releases the packages.
  • Drone returns to the Grand Plaza rooftop

The stores in which the orders are available include:

drone deliveries

What is next?

As of now, more than 2500 drone deliveries have been conducted from the Grand Plaza rooftop. The rooftop is associated with Australia retail property group Vicinity Centers. Overall, Wing has reached a milestone of completing more than 100,000 deliveries since the start of their company.

Google Plaza

Wing has successfully completed 50,000 deliveries for their community only in 2021. This means that a customer receives a drone delivery every 30 seconds. Wing has already said that there are plans to ensure that the operations evolve even further in the coming years.

Impact on Malls

It remains to be seen that what will be the overall impact of drone deliveries on malls. It may bring more advertisements and awareness within citizens. It may also allow customers to approach those stores that do not have all the accessories.

Wing customer

“With the increase in consumers’ desire for convenience and speed, on-demand drone delivery can help address the costly last-mile delivery challenge, reduce road congestion and emissions, and create new economic opportunities for businesses by utilizing their existing retail space as logistics hubs and fulfillment centers,” Jesse Suskin, Wing’s Head of Policy & Community Affairs for Australia

“The retail industry is changing, and Vicinity is employing a test and learn approach in areas critical to the role of Australian shopping centers in the future. We believe the partnership with Wing will be an important component of our overall distribution and fulfillment strategy and support our new growth strategy.” Vicinity’s Chief Innovation and Information Officer, Justin Mills

Grand Plaza Rooftop

Initially, Wing partnered with X, a research and development facility started in 2010 by Google. Its objective was to make promising projects as part of their company. It is ironic that a building house X is also a converted mall.

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