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5 Best Portable and Foldable Drone

The same sun shines over all the people on the earth and the same sky covers our heads. That is exactly the reason why drones and foldable drone is becoming so popular among consumers from all over the world regardless of their color, creed, background, and region. Drones provide a phenomenal opportunity to drone lovers to spend some quality time with their beloved gizmo while scouring the sky at lightning speeds. Since everyone gets so amused with flying a drone these days, so it has become a very popular gift to be given to kids and adults alike.

The modern-day foldable drone has made life easier for you as they let you stuff them in your backpacks during your travel or even place them with comfort in your cupboard or showcase. You must be wondering that the compact-sized drones must have come with some kind of compromise in the shape of lower quality build or poor quality camera since a small-sized gizmo could not come with rich features. However, the reality is that these foldable and portable drones are one of the most sophisticated devices around and are equipped with high software and hardware features that will make your jaws drop with bewilderment.

For those who love to travel to different parts of the world and capture the stunning landscape, action sports, and even their family getaways, then a portable and foldable drone is exactly what you should be looking for. You can easily stuff them into your backpack while ensuring that you do not have much luggage to hinder your hitchhike.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s get to the business end of the post and share with you the five best portable and foldable drone available on the market.


DJI Mavic Pro

Foldable Drone

The Mavic Pro is a contraption developed by the mighty DJI and has been able to garner massive attention from consumers. The drones conjured by DJI are some of the best in the market and this one is not far behind in terms of its features and specifications.

The DJI Mavic Pro is loaded with sophisticated Advanced Ocusync transmission technology that allows the gizmo to broadcast data up to 7Km while offering a phenomenal flight timing of 27 minutes.

It can attain an optimum speed of 64Km/h and can perform stunning aerial stunts while withstanding hostile weather conditions.

It is equipped with different modes of flight such as ActiveTrack, Tapfly, etc. and its 4K UHD camera ensures that you are able to capture amazing aerial imagery.

In addition, the DJI Mavic Pro is incorporated with high-end obstacle avoidance technology with high redundancy sensors to enhance your overall flight experience and safety.

Top-quality GPS tracking and GLONASS sensors enable the pilots to fly this prolific device indoors as well as outdoors without worrying about it getting lost.

Here is a great bundle offer that includes the excellent DJI Mavic Pro with tons of useful accessories such as 64GB memory card, carrying bag, spare batteries, and much more.

Foldable Drone

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of this great machine:


  • Decent flight timing of 25 minutes or so
  • The maximum speed of 64Km/h
  • Great customer support


  • The video camera’s picture quality leaves you wanting more
  • Slightly highly priced
  • The standard bundle should include a 64GB memory card rather than a 16GB one and two to three spare batteries rather than just one spare battery.


AirDog is an action sports foldable drone that enables the users to capture some scintillating aerial images and videos while performing action sports stunts.

It is loaded with tons of dedicated modes of flight relevant to different action sports so that the right images are captured at the right time and in the best quality possible. It comes with a waterproof controller that can be put on by the user to maneuver the gadget on the go.

The state of the art collision detection system prevents the machine from getting crashed while the gizmo can attain an optimum speed of 44mph and has the ability to sustain wind resistance of 28 knots.

The bundle includes the drone, an AirLeash, propellers, smart battery, and a charger. Here is a detailed review of this marvelous drone.


  • Reliable build
  • Small in size and boasts a collapsible design


  • It is not loaded with an inbuilt camera so you will need to mount a GoPro action camera to it
  • Slightly highly priced
  • Poor customer service

GoPro Karma

Foldable Drone

This is the first foldable drone to have been developed by GoPro so they have put in their earnest efforts to ensure that this machine is able to strike the right chord with the consumers.

It is a lightweight gadget that boasts a reliable build. The GoPro passenger apps let your friends and family stay connected with your drone flight plans and even enables them to maneuver it using their handheld mobile devices.

The original packaging includes the Karma grip that allows you to capture stunning ground-based videos and images even when not flying the device. The standard bundle includes the drone itself, 6 propellers, a battery, and a charger, travel bag, mounting ring, controller, and a stabilizer that lets the pilot capture smooth and jerk-free images.

The drone also provides support for the GoPro Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Sessions, and Hero 4 but they will have to be bought separately. Here is the link for some offers with great discounts.

The drone sports a 5100mAh LiPo battery that offers a flight timing of about 20 minutes. The drone weighs about 1.5Kg with the batteries inserted and can attain an optimum speed of 35mph while sustaining winds of up to 22mph.

Flexify Foldable Drone

The Flexify Foldable Drone is probably not the most popular drone out there but it certainly is one of the best around. It has received some really great reviews from customers from all over the world.

It is a user-friendly device that can be maneuvered either with a dedicated controller or via your handheld mobile device. It is equipped with a myriad of flight modes such as waypoints, autonomous landing, takeoff, and return to home feature.

It can carry a maximum payload of 1Kg while offering an optimum flight timing of 22 minutes. The original packaging includes a flat-mount but you will have to purchase a separate GoPro camera from here to capture stunning images and videos.


  • Reliable build
  • Portable and collapsible
  • Affordable


  • A GoPro action camera needs to be bought separately
  • The flight time is a bit low
  • Not compatible with iPhone
  • Displays poor wind resistance
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ZeroTech Dobby Mini Selfie Pocket Drone

Foldable Drone

If you have been looking for a compact-sized drone with lots of features then the ZeroTech Dobby Mini Selfie Pocket Foldable Drone is the right choice. It is a lightweight drone that can be stuffed with ease in your pocket and boasts some impressive features.

Here are some of the incredible features of this foldable drone:

  • It is a small-sized drone that can be stuffed into one’s pocket with ease and also collapsed into a nano drone. The 13MP camera allows the users to capture amazing photographs and the incredible dual satellite position system enables seamless navigation
  • The users can also maneuver the ZeroTech Dobby Mini Selfie Pocket Drone via their smartphone employing the swipe functions and motion controller for navigation and viewing images in real-time
  • The camera offers impressive features such as facial recognition, tracking target for video and image shoot, 10-second auto-follow for short video shooting, etc. and allows for integrated and cross-platform social media sharing
  • Since the drone weighs 199g so it does not require any FAA registration. It boasts dimensions of 135mm x 67mm x 36.8mm when propellers are closed and 135mm x 145mm x 36.8mm when propellers are open

Foldable Drone

Taking the size of the drone and the battery into account, the flight duration of 9 minutes seems reasonable. For an unhindered flight experience beyond 9 minutes, it is advisable to purchase spare batteries.

On the whole, it is a versatile drone that is trendy and rich with exquisite features. Moreover, it is portable and boasts a foldable design to make your life a lot easier as a drone pilot.


It can be seen in the above list that the GoPro Karm and the DJI Mavic Pro are almost similarly priced. This is probably the best foldable drone available in the price range and you should get them without thinking about anything else.

If you adore DJI but are marred by budgetary constraints, then you can purchase the DJI Mavic Air that costs lesser than the Pro version and boasts a flight timing of 21 minutes, a triple-axis gimbal for its 4K UHD 32MP camera, gesture control, improved 3D object sensing and tons of other exquisite features.

If you have some money up your sleeves and want to record your action sports moments, then the AirDog action sports foldable drone is the ultimate choice.

If you are really cash-strapped, then the Flexify Foldable drone seems a reasonable choice considering its sold build and autonomous flight features.

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