Beginner Drone Versus Professional Drone

Let us discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a beginner drone.


    • A beginner drone is a great choice for newbies who are learning how to fly a drone. It is geared towards assisting the novices on how to control a UAV.
    • With your expectations limited to a certain degree, in due course of time, you will be able to have your machine zipping around in the sky like a pro.


  • Flying a drone indoors is a sublime experience. Also, there are some small-sized drones that can also be flown outdoors in zero to mild wind conditions.
  • Crashing and flying beginner drones let you get better at emergency handling, repair and maintenance, and safety. These are all crucial topics that come in handy while dealing with larger and more intricate devices.
  • If you are of the view that you get what you pay for, then you may be wrong in the case of drones. You can always a great flight experience with smaller and cheaper drones such as those developed by Yuneec and DJI for outdoor flights.
  • A beginner drone comes with inbuilt cameras that can be tested by pilots on their own for their efficiency. Gimbals and cameras are certainly great features but they are not all the important for the novices who are learning the art and science of flying a drone.
  • When it comes to developing formidable hand to eye coordination, beginner drones can be a handful.
  • They are light in weight and are created using long-lasting plastic materials. So, you do not have to be anxious about getting them damaged just after your first flight.
  • There are disparate control features loaded into drones that can help pilots maneuver them with ease.
  • Beginner drones tend to respond well to user instructions.
  • Ensure that you are aware of the limitations of your drones before you start flying them.


    • There are some models that need to be registered with the FAA.


  • During outdoor flights, smaller drones are often harder to maneuver because of wind.
  • In case of damage to parts or kits, spare parts might prove hard to locate for a beginner drone.
  • A small quadcopter is low-priced but does not offer the flying capabilities of high-end models.
  • Longer charging period and short flight timing.
  • These drones are small in size, therefore do not take any risk to see just how far and high they can go. Only go as far off as you can fly.

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Things to consider while purchasing your beginner drone

As a beginner, there are a plethora of factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying your first drone. It is just a single stage of choosing what is right for you. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind.


Ready to Fly Models

When buying your first drone, it is always prudent to opt for a ready to fly model. These kinds of drones just need to be powered on after getting them unboxed and set whizzing through the sky. Do not opt for the one that you have to build yourself from scratch since that could spell doom for the novices.

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The most important thing is to fly your drone at a considerably slow speed in a steady manner once you get it out of its original packaging without getting overwhelmed by how fast it can fly. You can presumably set your drone whizzing through the air once you unpack it but the batteries probably need a little charging at the outset.

Size and weight

The dimensions of a quadcopter are really important. Typically, they are up and about one foot by one-foot square. Such small-sized gizmos can barely be equal to the length of your palm.

Toy drones are lighter in weight in contrast to the higher-end models. They typically weigh less than 50 grams.

Stable and user friendly

If you have been restraining yourself from entering into the world of micro RC drones just because you thought that they were too hard to fly and costly then here is great news for you.

You should be looking out for a drone that offers you optimum flight time because you are not going to be able to keep it down even if you tried your hardest.

The smaller drones are quick and nimble and offer a stable flight experience. When it comes to folks who are toying with the drones for the first time in their lives, a quadcopter with easy handling is the best bet.

Beginner Drone: Personal Choice

Do not follow others blindly just because they are recommending it does not mean that it can be great for you too. We believe that the number of choices available at your disposal tends to add up to your preferences along with what you are expecting to get out from a drone.

The very first quadcopter that you purchase should be the one that you never have to regret ever. It should be a matter of pride for you, something that you are able to brag about with your friends in the years to come.

Just because you are a rookie, it does not mean that you cannot fly a high-end drone. If you are not marred by budgetary constraints, then go ahead and purchase the drone that suits you the most.


Purchasing expensive drones with sophisticated flight characteristics is phenomenal but do have enough skills to hover them in the air? As a novice, you are probably going to have them crashing into a wall or into the ground and it will render their state of the art features useless.

It is always an intelligent bet to purchase an easy to fly, low-cost model that costs around $50, $100, or even $200. You should go for these drones if you are learning to fly or are still skeptical whether this hobby has been tailor-made for you.

You can then subsequently hone your flying skills with this low-cost drone and once you are sure that you have become adept at maneuvering a quadcopter, then you can always make a move to the higher end models with GPS and HD cameras.

Spare parts

Keep in mind that this first drone is just going to be a practice tool for you as you are definitely going to ram it into the nearby walls, poles and end up damage one thing or the other. However, even if you encounter a crash, do not get worried since this part of the trade.

It is crucial that you have in store low-cost spare parts. When you get started as a rookie, it is advisable to lay aside an extra battery and propellers.

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If you have purchased a beginner drone from a renowned manufacturer such as Hubsan or Syma, then the spare parts will be easily accessible. This will ensure that you do not have to purchase a new one.

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The location at which you plan to undertake your first flight is of paramount importance. It does not matter whether your first flight fails in the first 60 seconds or you are able to master your flying skills with your quadcopter.

Outdoor locations are probably the best idea but when it comes to drones of smaller size and frame, the risk of them not being able to sustain strong winds is always there. So, an indoor room can also be a decent option for the newbies.

Flight time

Flight time is not much of a bigger deal in the modern era because spare batteries are getting economical with every passing day. Do not heighten your expectations with regard to the flight time of your first quadcopter as you will probably get only a flight spanning a few minutes. You should keep in mind that most of the low-cost drone models offer flight times ranging between 5 and 10 minutes.

The charging period is another important factor for newbies as they should not have to wait a long period before they get back on the pitch and have their beginner drones whizzing through the sky for only a matter of few minutes. You can either opt for spare batteries or go for the basic version.

These are just a few things that beginners need to consider while purchasing their first quadcopter.

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