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Learn about drone technology and check which are the best breed

With drone technology, you will take the best shots from the air without much trouble, but you must know the best. Currently, there are only two types of technology in these devices, and they are of the “follow me” type with a tracking tracker. Many companies are behind these drones giving you a very efficient device in the air to achieve magnificent photos.

Drones that have “follow me” technology have been on the market since 2016 as a breakthrough for the world. These drones have a GPS tracker and some options to have very smart flights such as Track Active or circular flight. The benefits that drones give you are incredible, mainly for taking selfie photos from a great height.

Get to know the drones that have superiority to take pictures, have a good balance and other characteristics that make it stand out:

GPS Tracking Drone Technology On Drones

Tracking Technology has an amazing drone for you to take aerial photos or even videos. There are two types of drones: the GPS tracking one and the one using a TrackActive intelligence DJI.

GPS Tracking On Drones

The way to use these drones is through a smartphone, computer, or tablet in hand or a GSC. The drone system is programmed to follow you who have the GSC or the mobile with the monitoring application installed.When the drone loses the reception of your location, they will stay in place, circling until you look for it. There are only three types of drones with this technology: the Skydio dos, the Holy of Stone HS270, and Ofelia HS270. The height reached by each drone is varied, and the GPS location rapid must not exceed 50 meters away.


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DJI Mavic 2 PRO Drone Quadcopter with Fly More Kit Combo Bundle
DJI Mavic 2 PRO Drone Quadcopter with Fly More Kit Combo Bundle
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The Top 12 Tracking Drones Are

 Skydio 2

Skydio 2 is a formidable product of drone technology. This type of drone is very good and offers the best photographs in 4K quality and with speed to capture 60fps. The drone offers you an intelligent system of Circular, Dronie, and highly interactive selfie modes for you to enjoy during the day. Skydio weighs 775g, very light to fly over for a few minutes with 58 km of speed at more than 15,000 feet in height. There are two ways to fly the skydio2 with the control inherited from the brand or through an app. The Beacon is an alternative to fly over by drones, but it is one of the few used.

 Mavic Pro Quadcopter

The drone operates with the highest technology with 4K resolution on its camera and a shooting range of 4 miles. This aircraft will allow you to fly over the satellite and various controls in flight that makes it special. The only negative aspect of the drone is that you must know where it is or lose it due to the high range.It has a tracking system that is divided into four parts: such as Profile, Tapfly, Spotlight, Trace, and field tracking. You can use the drone to shoot movies because of the high quality of the camera and high frame rate.

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DJI Mavic Air 2

It is very useful for you to follow it wherever you are, this drone is ideal for you if you want to take incredible photos. The Mavic DJI Air 2 works in 3 ways: Sport, Normal, and Tripod; these tracking modes are very good. The drone flight speed works on six types: Asteroid, Helix, Circle, Rocket, Boomerang, and drone, cover all focus perspectives.
Among the useful features, you will find in the drone are that it flies for more than 34 minutes. The Mavic DJC Air 2 reaches a maximum speed of 38 kilometers per hour in its “asteroid” flight speed


The drone technology tracking system is TrackActive, with which you can have stability for photos and videos. The camera is 4k and supports fps at over 50 frames per second. Other Phantom4 flight modes include a tripod, tap flu, waypoints, active (focus, profile, and circle), gestures, and steep terrain.
The Phantom4, in addition to being an excellent drone for taking photos, you can also use it to make 3D maps. You can download the Phantom software photogrammetry app to enjoy 3D mode and other unique features.

Voyager 4

It is very useful for terrain with many obstacles due to its prevention of accidents across the drone. Voyager4 has four flight modes: Hold, Circular, Targets, and Specific Destination Flight. The video camera is 4k, and for photographs, it has 11 megapixels, its use is with an independent GPS.

Voyager 5

The drone has sensors to prevent vertical and horizontal obstacles you encounter in flight. You must purchase this drone because it flies over 5 meters for approximately 15 minutes. The vertical and horizontal obstacle sensors, it has a range of 3 meters each.

Walkera Drone

This drone is very useful if you like speed and want a device that will film you skiing, skating, or doing other extreme sports. The monitoring of the Walkera is a great aspect of drone technology and supports more than 5m in height. Other features of the device include a thermal vision camera, night vision, and a 30x zoom lens.


Typhoon H

The H typhoon’s camera has a resolution of 12mpx and a video higher than 4K with a speed of 70 fps. The way it flies is through Cam, Travel, Look at me, Orbita, and key points of interest. If you run at 50 miles per hour, the drone will be able to capture it perfectly; it is a very useful device for extreme sports.

Yuneec Breeze

It is a type of drone that will follow you everywhere as long as you have your mobile device with the GPS on. It speeds up to 50 miles per second and offers two forms of tracking: traditional and “catch up to me.” The drone is very stable and has a characteristic that if you are out of range, the device will descend safely.

Hexo +

The + Hexo is the drone that will follow you wherever you go and even leave you alone to do other incredible shots. You can control the following flight options: glide for you or away from you, 360 degrees, tracking, and lateral. The camera resolution is 4k with 10mp for photos and flies over for at least 10 minutes.

Hover Camera

It is a drone that is useful if you are a beginner, has a 10-minute flyby, and works over the phone. The video quality is 4K, and the resolution of your camera is 10mp, the drone design is light. It is a device that will help you to explore the new tracking drones in this generation.

Autel Evo

The drone flies for more than half an hour can exceed a speed of 7 km per hour and captures images at 720. The camera is 12mp, has a micro SD storage mode, and has friendly flight options. You can create a 3D image of the terrain; this is very useful for reconsidering the area you want to explore.

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