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Find Out Which Drones Have High-Quality Obstacle Sensors

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If you want to have an excellent drone, you should aim to have sensors to protect you from obstacles in the environment. Aerial aircraft have evolved from detecting obstacles in front to having a sensor across the length of the drone. If you buy a drone with a foolproof obstacle stopping system, you won’t have to worry about it.
Most of the drones you will see in the list have more than five sensors for all objects. The obstacle detection range varies by each drone but generally exceeds 100m distance.

Know How Important Is The Obstacle Sensor In Your Drone

The detection system for obstacles in the drone overflight is important to prevent its rapid deterioration. If you buy a very expensive drone for sure, you will want to protect it against everything, and with these sensors, you will accomplish the task without realizing it. When you are recording a video, you ignore the panorama, which would be a catastrophe for the drone if it did not have the sensors.

No matter how much flying experience you have with the drone, you immediately need one with obstacle sensors. Obstacle sensors for the drone have an efficient mechanism that prevents future blows that the device can give. You must relax when you are recording your movie or taking a spectacular panorama shot with this great system.

See The Different Types Of Sensors On The Drone.

The types of sensors against obstacles that you will find in the drones are:
De Probe sensor: covers a maximum range of 340 meters at each end works using wind speed and emits sound waves to locate itself on the ground.

• Infrared Sensor

Find obstacles with a small ray of infrared light at least 10 meters away from the base point.
Idar Lidar sensor: it is one of the most effective because it emits more than 1 million objects in less than 1 second, they are perfect for work.

• Flight sensor

they take as reference the flight depth and the distance you have from the drone. It has a small hidden light that fasts by almost 15 meters at each end.

• Sensor with a stereo vision

Set a triangular reference point 1-2 meters from each end of the drone.

• Oc Monocular Sensor

The drone system creates a 3D image that gives it depth to prevent having a collision with a fixed obstacle.
You can find the sensors alone or work together on the drone of your choice with this feature.


Find Out Which Are The 12 Drones With The Best Performance To Avoid Obstacles

DJI Skydio 2

The sensor system used by monocular vision drones captures images to avoid hitting them in the future. The detection that the drone uses is against people, trees, buildings, cars, etc. The camera of the drone is 45mb for the sensor, and a common one is 12mp.

 Kespry version 2.0

Using the best drone object detection sensor, LIDAR emphasizes this drone to prevent accidents. The drone is trained to detect objects in 6 different areas. The entire sensor covers 360 degrees of the device, and therefore its security is total.

 DJI Mavic Pro 2

The drone DJI Mavic Pro 2 uses a very useful flight sensor that creates a three-dimensional image. The detection range is 18 meters and offers additional detection with infrared light for 19 meters more security. The obstacle system will not work at night or in snow.

 DJI Mavic Air

The regular DJI Mavic Air has an infrared sensor that detects more than 200 meters of shallow depth and 100 meters on the sides. You will have a 12mp camera in the drone that will help the sensor by creating a 3D to prevent hitting the trees. Mavic DJI works with a flight sensor with a range of 17 meters in 180 degrees.

 DJI Mavic Pro

The sensors used by this drone are flight and infrared that are divided into 180 degrees each. Both sensors work in daylight and sense objects more than 15m away. It is a very simple drone for you to use and with a friendly obstacle detector for mountainous areas.

 DJI Phantom Pro 4

It is characterized by having two types of sensors: stereo and infrared, each of the sensors covers 6 points of the drone. Obstacle detection is for the front and sides; it is a linear sensor that works with up to 30km of speed. It is a very useful drone for you if you think about flying in small areas like the forest.

 Walkera Vitus

The Walkera Vitus has three cameras to detect the obstacles around it; it works with infrared and flight sensors. The drone takes over 50 photographs to locate itself in time and space in the area where it is flying. The drone can detect obstacles for you in more than 5 meters from the front sensors, right and left.

 Walkera Voyager 5

It is a drone that has five ways in which you can feel obstacles: optical sensor, infrared, flight sensor, altitude, and with photographs. It is a very good sensor for you to fly over in very closed areas like your house’s interior. The sensor works 5 meters away and covers the field at 30 degrees for each camera.

 Yuneec Typhoon H

The Yuneec Typhoon H is one of the few drones on the list that works with a probe sensor and an infrared one. The combination in the detection of obstacles is strange but very effective because it perceives it in almost 100 meters. You must purchase this drone if you want to make movies or record without much problem throughout the day.

 DJI Matrice 200

Get the DJI Matrice 2 if you want three types of obstacle sensors: flight sensor, probe sensor, and stereo. With the combination of 3 medium-long band sensors, you can move the drone very close to the obstacle. The sensor cameras are in the lower area and three on the sides for you to do maneuvers at ease.

 DJI Inspire 2

The DJI inspire 2 has the infrared, ultrasound, and stereo sensors on its side to detect all obstacles 30 meters away. You will keep your drone protected even if it is more than 50 kilometers per hour. The drone is very useful for you to fly it in closed areas like your house or something more open like a forest full of trees.

 Autel Evo

The Autel Evo drone works with a simple but effective flight sensor to create 3D images of the panorama. This drone has a 30mp camera for the sensors, and for the use that you will give it, only 12mp is available. It is a detection system that does not withstand high temperatures, rain, darkness, or anything that prevents you from doing 3D analysis.
The drone Autel Evo has three obstacle detection cameras on the top and front. The flight time exceeds 30 minutes for you to have the best aerial shots and videos.

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