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Common Problems Presented By The DJI Mavic Mini Drone

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DJI Mavic Mini Drone

DJI Mavic Mini Drone is the new Mavic brand drone, which gives you a great experience when used. But since not everything can be perfect, some Mavic Mini, are left with factory defects such as:

• They have disconnections,
• Erratic flight problems,
• RTH does not work
Receive warnings and errors

These are small factory flaws, which have solutions from reconfigurations, just like with the Mavic Mini flight. The most common problem with this device is that it throws a “Not enough force / ESC” error or the “Maximum power load” error. ”
Other common problems include disconnecting from the remote control or the Fly app, flying, or the homecoming feature. When presenting these faults, the Mavic Mini does not work correctly, making the flight experience impossible and does not enable a good shot.The solutions to these problems are the reconfiguration of some programs of the Drone. Here, you will see some of the possible solutions, stop suffering from them, and enjoy the most pleasant experience with the Mavic Mini.

If the drone failures I am very recurring, the most sensible thing will be to return it to the store. Suppose it is still possible to ask for the exchange guarantee. In that case, the company that created the Mavic Mini drone has a return policy or money-back guarantee, which is the solution if the problem is serious.


Warning And Maximum Power Load, Possible Battery Failure

One of the biggest concerns of a DJI Mavic Mini drone user is getting a notification of “Not Enough Torce / ESC or Max Power Load Error Reached.” This bristles the skin of any drone user because he knows that what comes next will not be a good thing. Users have found out what specifically causes the problem and found their solution. This section presents possible solutions for this error found by customers of the company.

• The error message may be being generated in the Electronic Stability Controllers (ESC), indicating that the problem is with ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) and motors.

• There could also be a feeding problem, indicating that the Mavic Mini bacteria is defective.

The solution to this problem of “ESC Warning without sufficient force” has been solved, with some articles discussed earlier in this blog:

Maximum wind resistance flight: the maximum speed supported by the Mavic Mini drone concerning the wind is 17.9 mph (28.8 km / h). This is a moderate breeze, the increase in speed that is printed on the Drone also affects it, so climbing must be careful without looking for movements. Maximum roof service: the more height the Drone is given, the lighter the air will be, the more speed it will carry. This causes failure in the Drone’s motors and, therefore, in the propellers, making them resist a pushing force for which it was not designed.

Defective battery: it is the most common error, and with a simple battery replacement test, everything can be solved.
Calibrate IMU and compass: when calibrating and reconfiguring the compass, the error should disappear and control the Drone.

Software Updates Another Cause Of The Error

Your Mavic Mini may be experiencing failure due to a lack of updating your computer’s software or firmware. Here you will find possible solutions. Update the DJI Fly application: having the latest versions of DJI Fly may be the solution to the failure, this can present within it a component that helps it. The latest Mavic Mini firmware v01.100.0500 contains new features, which allow us to solve old bugs in old software.

Firmware downgrade/upgrade: Downgrading the Mavic Mini firmware using the DJI Assistant 2 app on your computer can be the solution. This indicates that the problem was originally with corrupted firmware. These update problems can lead to malfunctions in the Mavic Mini. Verifying this is not so complicated, it must be located where the Mavic Mini received strong GNSS signals, to know the origin of the malfunction. Registered start point unsuccessful: version v01.00.0400 made it possible to fix weak or low-light GPS faults. The starting point will be recorded when the Mavic Mini picks up a strong GPS signal, causing the Mavic Mini to return to a different starting point than you intended.

Battery power: Another of the GPS failures can be the battery’s exhaustion, which prevents it from fulfilling its function. The Drone can be drastically relented, which will decrease its resistance to the wind.
Flying to GEO clearance areas: Bypassing flight rules in a prohibited area will stop GPS optimally working. Thus to avoid canceling the automatic landing and causing possible legal problems, it is not recommended to skip these laws; please avoid it.

Calibrate the compass and the IMU: calibrate the Mavic Mini’s compass, and you will see that it can be the solution to the GPS problem; you must return to the site where you indicated. Sometimes an IMU change can also be the solution to the problem.

Connection Issues

These occur due to altitudes not allowed by the Drone, as they cause higher impact resistance with the wind.

The connection was lost with the remote control: when you turn on the Drone, Failsafe RTH Sesto is automatically activated depending on whether the point of origin was recorded. The Mavic Mini antenna is located on the quadcopter’s front legs, which damages them and can cause a loss of control. Mavic Mini lands immediately: Starting the RTH code will cause a sudden landing if the Drone is less than 20 meters high.

RTH Altitude

If the flight area is closed, determining an altitude other than 20 meters high may be the solution to the error. This is possible through the DJI Fly app that gives way to changing RTH height.

Damaged Ports That Cause Disconnections Mavic Mini

Time is the enemy of electronic devices, causing damage that can become irreparable. This can be verified by changing the Smartphone you are using to control the drone flight; if it is solved, we find the root of the problem.

Login To The DJI Fly Application

When installing the application, the Smartphone will ask you to log in if you already have an account or register on the platform. Failure to do so will limit the drone’s flight range and cause connection problems.

Micro SD Card Causing Mavic Mini Disconnection Problems

Micro SD cards suffer physical damage causing connection and configuration problems in the Drone. It may damage the video or photo shoot that may have been taken and stored on the micro SD card. When we remove the Micro SD Mavic Mini card and use it for something else, when we return it, there may be a small contact that causes its failure.

Mavic Mini Remote Controller Causes Connection Error

Verifying the cleanliness and the control connection ports is very important since if there are dirt particles in the middle, they can cause interference and therefore mishandling of drone control.