12 Drones for Kids in 2017 – Top Drones with Cameras for Kids

Children of all ages and backgrounds take a fancy to flying toys. If you compare their level of interest, zeal and zest, one can certainly compare these features of kid to that of an adult and there won’t be any short supply at all. That is precisely the reason we are reviewing the best drones for 6 years old. Hey, aren’t we all kids at heart till we die? Manufacturers have been introducing lots of drones on the market with cameras for kids.

In the past, I have bought myriad flying gizmos for my dear and loved ones and they have always managed to bring a smile on their face. This has been my tradition especially when the festival season is around the corner. It is true that when it comes to drones for 6 years old, child safety is of paramount significance. On the basis of our reviews and those carried out by other experts, we bring to you a list of drones that we strongly feel will be able to gain traction among kids. None of the drones that have made it to this coveted list are too expensive and are highly recommended by drone experts.

Drones for 6 Years Old

Children are always learning new things, tricks and traits. Of course, there are many of those out there who will agree with me that children are able to manage a handheld mobile device or a PlayStation or an Xbox way better than even an adult. So, if they learn to fly drone a lot earlier than you actually manage to pull off, do not be astounded at all. This may just be the spark that ignites the fire of a never-ending drone-centered madness! Anyways, let’s not waste any more time share with you the 12 best drones for 6 years old kids and above

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Reviewing the Best Drones for Kids

Well, here is a list of the best drones for kids. This list comprises drones designed specifically for the youngest and then we will move gradually to the teenagers and beyond them. These drones are definitely safe for kids. You can certainly buy them for festive occasions for your children with the assurance that these gizmos, if used properly, will not be the cause of any harm.

1 – Cartoon RC Race Car for Toddlers

Ages 2+, best price that we’ve found on Amazon is $14.50

This cartoon car includes a small sized remote control in its original packaging and operates on the infrared technology. It boasts a pretty high speed and can be tilted in the forward, backward, left or right direction as and when required. The radio controller is extremely user friendly and offers a configuration that is exceptionally easy for the kids to manage. Moreover, this device is quite a safe one for children. Your toddler won’t be exposed to any small parts to eat or sharp edges or electronic components. If you have been looking to get your toddler a simple machine that would speed away in the room with the pressing of a single button by your toddler, then this one is pretty much it!

Best Drones for Children Ages 6 and 6+

2 – Haktoys 2014 HAK377 Dragonfly Bee Mini RTF Helicopter

Ages 6, best price that we were able to find on Amazon was $45. This is a great cheap drone for kids!

Haktoys are known the world over for producing a variety of flying toys for kids. This one is just one of their many great products. This device is actually a counter-rotating helicopter that boasts an incredibly stable flight.

3 – Hot Wheels Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car

Ages 7+, best price that we were able to find on Amazon was $59.99.

Children are madly in love with Hot Wheels and it has been receiving incredibly good reviews from users. That is why it has been able to make it to our list of the best drones for kids. Can it get better than a car and a plane merged into one thing? This gadget should only be played with outdoors. This toy was able to grab the award for the Most Wanted Toy in the 2014 TimeToPlayMag.com awards. It is long-lasting, very light in weight and is available in a plethora of colors. It can achieve a height of 200 feet while flying. It is being shipped in frustration-free packaging which reduces the overall amount of packing materials used.

4 – Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone for Kids

Ages 8+, best price that we were able to find on Amazon was $59.99. There has been a significant increase in price in contrast to the last year.

This is not a toy that flies! But children like to play with Nerf toys! Hey, this one’s a drone; why wouldn’t they love this one! Unfortunately following drone is discontinued by the manufacturer.

5 – Air Hogs Vectron Children’s Drone

Ages 8-13, best price that we were able to find on Amazon was $72.95.

This gadget is certainly a unique one! It is kept and launched into the air as you place the palm of your hand underneath this toy during flight! It is certainly a great innovation and has been grabbing acclaims by children all over the world. Its outer covering consists of foam and hence it is quite a safe toy for kids. You can get it in numerous colors!

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6 – Avitron RC Flying Bird

Ages 10+, best price that we were able to find on Amazon was $108.99 (certainly a bit costly).

This one is an ornithopter that flies by flapping its wings! You may call it a robotic bird! I’ve myself flown a few of them and believe me I had some fun flying them! Since these gizmos do not contain any rotating propellers, hence, they definitely are one of the safest toys out there.

If you charge its battery for 12 minutes, you are going to get a flight time of about 8 minutes. A number of such products have been developed by manufacturers. While many have been able to strike the right chord with the consumers, there are those which have resulted in disappointment. The robotic bird, though, gets plenty of positive feedback. Moreover, you can get its wings replaced from the market as well.

7 – Syma X1 4 Channel 2.4G RC Quadcopter

Ages 14+, best price that we were able to find on Amazon was $32.02.

This one is being offered by manufacturers in three variations: Bumble Bee, Spacecraft and UFO. These quadcopters have established a niche of their own, boast splendid performance and are remarkably affordable. They have received marvelous reviews on Amazon. You can fly it indoors as well outdoors. Definitely, a great first quadcopter to be had!

8 – Hubsan X4

Ages 14+, best price that we were able to find on Amazon was $85.00.

The X4 by Hubsan have been getting phenomenal reviews by dronies and the newer models are certainly no exceptions in this regard. This drone is our recommendation to those who are looking to buy their first drone to start off with their hobby. It offers a superb flying experience while the latest model to have hit the shelves contains LEDs for nighttime excursions.

9 – Hubsan X4 (H107C) Best Drone With Camera For Kids

This is a model that is similar to its predecessor except for the newly integrated video camera!

Ages 14+, best price that we were able to find on Amazon was $29.99.

If you are looking to capture some aerial photographs and videos, then you are in need of a mini SD card to save your data as and when required. The Hubsan branded quadcopters with integrated cameras have struck the right chord among kids and you won’t regret even once if you purchase this beast. My first ever drone was a Hubsan and I’m still in love with it!

10 – Blade Nano QX with SAFE

Ages 14+, best price that we were able to find on Amazon was $49.99.

I’ve been in possession of a number of products by Blade and this one is my personal recommendation for you all out there! Blade masterfully designs all of its products. They certainly are not the low cost replicas developed by the Chinese companies. As a matter of fact, they have a class of their own! The Nano QX performs the same way as any of the products developed by Blade should! This machine boasts the exclusive SAFE technology alongside a number of modes of flight which will go a long way in helping you learn how to fly a drone!

11 – Estes Proto X Nano

Ages 14+, best price that we were able to find on Amazon was $32.95.

This one is the world’s tiniest quadcopter and I have one of these as well. They boast seamless flight experience as I myself have had great fun while working around with them. You will have to practice hard before you can master its flight. We suggest you buy one of these for your kids. It can be bought in a number of different colors.

12 – Syma X5C Camera Drone

Ages 14+, best price that we were able to find on Amazon was $59.95.

As far as the looks are concerned, this quadcopter boasts a design similar to a product developed by another manufacturer. However, it is priced at the lower end of the spectrum and is relatively smaller in size as well. It has been receiving plaudits from drone lovers from all over the world. It is being regarded as reliable, durable and longlasting.

Drone Child Safety

It is very important to decide which drone is the safest for kids and which one will be able to gain maximum traction among them. These machines consist of components that can hurt their little fingers, eyes and other sensitive parts of the body. These devices could contain sharp edges or other electronic components that are small in size and could lead to choking hazards.

It is your prime responsibility that the drone that you are going to gift to your kids is appropriate for them with regard to age and their mental development. You also have to make sure that you do present drones as gifts to kids of younger age that have been designed for kids of older age. It is a well known fact that the more closely you supervise your kids, the more safe they are likely to be from all the hazards or risks that could threaten their health as well as lives.

When it comes to toys, you as a parent or a guardian can be the only one to determine which ones would be suitable for them. You are well aware of the fact that drones must be flown in legally designated spots. Hence, you should always keep yourselves abreast with the latest developments in rules and regulations regarding drones. No matter whatever drone you purchase for yourself, ensure that it is safe for the kids and other folks around you.

All of the devices that have been enlisted above should be selected judiciously by you. The main purpose of our list is to help you out in seeing what is actually out there and provide you with some useful safety guidelines. You should take all the requisite precautionary measures when you go out to buy a drone for your 6 years old. The ages that we have mentioned above against each device are only there for the purpose of your guidance. The toys mentioned in the list are only a small number of those that are actually available in the market. I’m sure that we must have missed quite a lot of great toys that are also available. If you have had some great experiences with other toy drones or have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to share it with us through your comments in the comments section below.

Keep one thing in mind: if you are able to help your kids develop love and yearning for drones at a very young age, a day will come when they will start their own drones business one day. Perhaps they will also deal in DJI’s Phantom series drones and you will get to fly them whenever you want!

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