Best RC plane for beginners: Picking the right RC plane

Have you been longing to get yourself acquainted with the art and science of flying a RC plane but have had difficulty which one of the many RC airplanes available in the market would be the best one for you as a beginner? This article is dedicated to discussing the best RC Airplanes for novices. Similar to our previous guides that have focused on how to buy drones and their related accessories, extensions and add-ons, this instructional guide is divided into two subsections mentioned below:

  • The criteria based upon which one should make a decision regarding a particular RC Plane such as its price, availability of spare parts, durability, performance, features, quality of the controller, signal strength and control range
  • A list of the top of the line RC planes for sale for beginners on the basis of our extensive experience and research. We have bifurcated this section into a couple of more sections: beginner RC airplanes under $100 and beginner RC planes for sale under $200


Selection Criteria for the best RC planes

Price and availability of parts

Those who are new into the world of drones and do not have much idea about how to fly RC planes, crashes and accidents will be inevitable at the outset. Therefore, this aspect has to be taken into account and probably constitutes the most crucial point of consideration when looking to buy RC airplanes. Hence, the airplane should have an affordable price. If you are skeptical and have doubts about this proposition, you sure can go ahead and get yourself a $500 RC airplane if your budget permits it. But don’t run around banging your head once you lose your hefty investment after the plane crashes afterwards.

We feel that the ideal RC airplanes for beginners fall in the price range of less than $100 (it could even be a glider and it won’t be that bad, trust us). If you have some money up your sleeves, then you can buy quite a few decent planes for yourself just around $200. They might cost you a bit at the beginning, but they are bound to last longer and serve you well as your drone career goes on and on.

Second criterion constitutes the availability of spare parts and the ease with which can find them. Since you will definitely be crashing your RC planes quite a number of times before you get a hang of flying, crashes will most likely result in damage to individual parts of the machine rather than the whole device (unless it is run over by a road roller or some other huge machine of that sorts).

The airplanes made of foam are much more simpler to repair since the spare parts can be bought easily. Similar is the case with the airplanes powered by Lithium Polymer batteries.

Durability and performance

Equivalent in importance with price and availability of replacement parts is the durability of RC planes for sale. An airplane that does not crash all too often, possesses the capacity to bear the brunt of accidents and suffer very little damage is certainly an ideal one. Most of the RC planes for sale under $100 and $200 are not that long lasting but we have strived hard to bring to you the most durable ones in our list.

Performance is another criterion that has great value in the decision to buy RC planes. When we talk about performance, we do not at all mean that the RC airplane is able to portray unbelievably good performance that blows the minds away of its pilots as well as onlookers! As a matter of fact, we want that a RC airplane should be able to perform the basic maneuvers such as rolls and flips seamlessly.

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We recommend the beginners to first get a hang of flying the RC airplanes for sale and then try to master the skill of performing incredible maneuvers. Only then, you should think of getting yourself an upgraded RC airplane. Otherwise, we are of the opinion that you, as a rookie, need a slow paced RC plane that could be controlled and manipulated easily by the pilot.


Let’s delve into the detail of secrets! RC airplanes come with a number of varying channel options. RC airplanes for sale with 4 channel models and 3 channel models are the most common. A 4 channel RC airplane offers four disparate controls namely thrust, rudder (revolution), Aileron (tilting from one side to another) and elevator (upwards and downwards movement).

RC airplanes for sale which boast three channels or less can prove to be quite challenging for the novices. Rotation or tilting from one side to another may be the channels not present in them. Generally, RC planes with three channels include the thrust, rudder and the elevator controls. It is advisable to get yourself acquainted with these controls first before you move on to a more complex four channel RC airplane that can perform more subtle maneuvers and stunts.

Quality of transmitter, range and signal strength

Is there any need to purchase a RC controller that costs in the range of $500 or even more? No, not at all! Most of the ready to fly RC airplanes for sale come with an accompanying controller of their own. However, it is very crucial that these are of good quality and provide extended control range and high quality signals.

The biggest burden for the novice pilots is their lack of experience and skills in terms of flying RC airplanes. If you have a controller that shows poor performance and has a limited control range, it will further make your process of learning more difficult than it really is. In our list mentioned below, we have endeavored to enlist the RC airplanes for sale that come with exceptionally good controllers.

RTF RC Planes

The ideal and the most comfortable way of getting to enjoy the freedom of skies is to get a ready to takeoff RC Airplane simply by going to the local hobby shop in your neighborhood or even visiting an online store and purchase RC planes for sale available there. The ready to takeoff RC Airplanes can be sent whizzing into the air by just getting them out of their original packaging, charging the batteries up and connecting the transmitter to the receiver built into the RC planes for sale.

You may get your hands on the BNF or ARF variations of RC airplanes which are generally low cost devices. However, when you buy the BNF variant, you have to buy an additional transmitter that is supported by the inbuilt receiver of the RC planes for sale. If you already possess a transmitter that is supported by the receiver integrated into the RC airplane that you are interested in buying, then the BNF version is probably the way to go. If you are looking to purchase the ARF model, the drone enthusiasts have to buy servos, motors, batteries and other accessories as well.

As a matter of fact, if you are a total novice who does not know too much about RC planes for sale, the Ready to Fly RC plane is the best choice without any doubt.

There is another way to go, though! It may be quite a bit more complex and demands plenty of dedication and devotion but it is certainly more rewarding than anything else. This path is the building of your own RC airplanes. It not only results in the creation of RC airplanes for sale that way more easier to maintain and repair in case of uncalled for crashes and accidents, but will also add to your repertoire of skills related to RC airplanes.

RC planes for sale are a great fun to fly but believe our word: they are also great fun when one is looking to develop them. You can get access to a lot of video and textual tutorials to learn how to create your own RC plane. For example, you can follow the RC airplanes plans created by others while adding your innovations and features based on your requirements to create something that is meant totally for you.

Best RC Planes Under 100

Hobbyzone Champ RTF

While Hobbyzone Champ RTF may not be the most low cost RC plane in our Best RC Plane under $100 list, it certainly is the most popular and feature-rich RC airplane that has been able to make vibes among the beginner drone enthusiasts. The Hobbyzone Champ is a three channel device and consists of high wings. It is a very durable machine and boasts superb performance even in moderately gusty conditions. The spare parts can be easily bought and replaced in case of crashes.

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The Hobbyzone Champ RC planes for sale are very easy to fly even for beginners while their control range goes as high as 400 feet. The flight duration of these devices is about 6 to 7 minutes. It might not be able to display that brilliant a performance when it comes to performing mind-blowing aerial maneuvers and aerobatics because of its high wing configuration. However, it is a great tool to get going for the rookie dronies.

Give Specifications:

  • Centre of Gravity: It lies about 28 mm from leading edge of the main wing
  • Charger: USB 3.7V LiPo charge (included in original packaging)
  • Flying weight: 3.7 Oz (38 g)
  • Landing Gear: Fixed main with a tail wheel that can driven in the desired direction
  • Recommended Fuel: Electric
  • Size/Scale: Ultra Micro
  • Wingspan: 20.3 in (515 mm)

You can also view a demonstration video this RC airplane here:

YouTube video

Top Pick: WLToys F959 Sky-King

The F959 Sky-King is not the regular RC airplane that comes along in the market. It is a three channel glider RC plane which is perfect for beginners to learn any kind of flying they want! The two channel RC planes for sale are especially good ones for the rookies in their bid to learn flying, however, they do not include motors and are highly dependent on the atmospheric factors for their smooth flight.

The F959 RC plane is very easy to fly while the control range of its transmitter is just about 300 meters as we found out during our tests. This control range is pretty sufficient for the rookies though! The thing that is really cool about the Sky-King glider is that as soon as it starts flying in the air, its motors can be switched off and you can watch it glide in the open skies before its comes downwards to the ground. If you are aware of how to locate thermals, then that is a pretty good skill to have in your armory. You can get this RC airplane to fly in the sky for up to several hours. Even in gusty conditions, this RC plane for sale provides a pretty fulfilling flying experience.

The more practice you do, the more you’ll be able to keep this thing in the air. Slope soaring and dynamic soaring are a couple of techniques that you can try out with the Sky-King. We are in love with the glider RC planes for sure!

Given Specifications:

  • Range: 200 meter
  • Flight time: 12-14 minutes with motors switched on continuously
  • Flying weight: 95 g
  • Channels: 3
  • Battery: 7.4V 300 mAh LiPo
  • Size: Ultra micro
  • Compatible modules: yes, 720p HD camera

Here’s a video review of this lovely glider craft!

YouTube video

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WLToys F949

The WLtoys F959 Cessna 182 is the lowest priced RC plane in our list and despite their low price, their flight is as sophisticated as that of the other devices available in the list. The F949 Cessna 182 is a three channel machine that is made of foam, boasts a high wing configuration and is driven by no less than three motors. It is quite durable and reliable but when compared with the likes of Champ RC airplane, it lags behind in terms of performance.

The flight range is similar to the F959 RC plane for sale but it is quite reasonable for the novices. We are of the opinion that the WLtoys transmitters that are shipped along with the RC airplanes are pretty handy devices considering the price for which they are being sold!

Given Specifications:

    • Range: 300 feet


    • Flight time: 10 minutes


  • Flying weight: 58 g
  • Channels: 3
  • Battery: 3.7V 130 mAh LiPo
  • Size: Ultra micro
  • Compatible modules: No

YouTube video

Hobbyzone Duet RTF

Hobbyzone brings to you another great RC plane that we recommend highly and it is called Duet RTF. As far as the performance is concerned, it is quite similar to that of the WLToys F949 RC airplane. It offers a time of flight of about 8 to 12 minutes and provides a control range of approximately 320 metres. Moreover, the Duet RTF is pretty stable even in windy conditions.

The only downside of this amazing RC plane for sale is that the yaw control can be tweaked through the alteration of speeds of both the motors that are mounted on the wings. This makes the control process just a touch difficult when the thrust is reduced. The Duet RTF RC plane consists of a material that is far better than the one used for the WLToys F949.

Given Specifications:

  • Flight Time: 10 minutes
  • Charger: Charger inbuilt in the transmitter
  • Flying weight: 1.34 oz (38 g)
  • Motor Size: 7mm
  • Recommended Fuel: Electric
  • Recommended Battery: 3.7V 1S 150 mAh LiPo
  • Wingspan: 20.6 in (523 mm)
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You can watch the video review here:

YouTube video

Best RC Plane Under 200

The RC airplanes that have enlisted in the Best RC Plane under $100 list are mostly toy RC planes for sale. The RC planes that cost more than 100 bucks belong to the world of hobby grade devices.

Top Pick: Hobbyzone Sport Club S RTF

Touted as the most popular RC plane among the RC airplanes enthusiasts, the Sport Club S RTF is a RC plane for sale manufacture by Hobbyzone that boasts a First Person View ready structure that can be bought as an add-on. This one is our most favorite RC airplane and instead of containing the three channel system that was quite standard to the RC planes for sale under $100, it contains four channels which imply that the pilot can even perform barrel rolls with this cool gadget. The BNF version costs just around $100 while the ready to takeoff variant comes for $120-$140.

In contrast to the toy RC planes mentioned above, this amazing RC airplane includes a 1S Lithium Polymer battery that is included in the original packaging with the Ready to Fly model. The time of flight given by this RC plane for sale is about 8 minutes while the control range extends from 350 to 400 feet which is similar to the Hobbyzone Champ RTF.

Moreover, the Sport S RTF includes the SAFE mode, Gyros, and beginner mode which render the task of flying this superb plane very easy in spite of the fact that it is a four channel machine. The name is exactly in accordance with the shape, design and features of the RC airplane.

Given Specifications:

  • Material: Foam
  • Charge: Fast DC charger with USB port connectivity
  • Flying weight: 2 oz (57 g)
  • Landing Gear: Fixed main with wheels that can be steered manually
  • Recommended battery: 150 mAh 1S LiPo
  • Size: Ultra micro
  • Wingspan: 24.3 in (616 mm)

Here’s a video review for your reference:

YouTube video

Parkzone Night Vapor RTF

Boasting 3 channels, the Parkzone Night Vapor RTF is meant to be flown indoors and includes a design that is quite simple and is void of any embellishments or complexities. It is not that too great at outdoor flights but it has been included in this list since it is one of the easiest RC planes to fly, maintain and repair.

The Parkzone Night Vapor RTF contains a high intensity LED light that enables the pilot to fly this RC airplane during the night time. It is not an outstanding aerial aerobatics RC plane for sale but it can perform the basic rolls, loops and inverted flight stunts quite well if the pilot gets a hang of this device.

The battery that is bundled with it is only 70 mAh but it is very light in weight which enables the battery to provide a time of flight of up to 10 to 12 minutes. Being small in size, the battery gets charged up pretty quickly.

Given Specifications:

  • Approximate Assembly Time: No assembly required
  • Flying Weight: 0.6 oz (16.4 g)
  • Recommended Fuel: Electric
  • Size: Ultra micro
  • Wingspan: 14.8 in (376 mm)

Here’s a video review of the RC airplane to give you a better idea about the device.

YouTube video

Hobbyzone Super Club S RTF

This RC plane for sale is similar in characteristics to the Sport Club S, another product of Hobbyzone that has been discussed above, however, it contains three channels. It is the most expensive device on our list and contains all the features that make the flying of RC airplanes a lot easier for the rookies. SAFE mode is one of such features that is an important ingredient of this machine.

What really makes this RC plane superior in quality and performance to the Sport Club S RC airplane? Here’s a look at its features:

  • Enhanced flight duration (10-15 minutes as opposed to 6-8 minutes for Sport Club S)
  • Longer control range (800 feet vs 350-400 feet on the Sport Club S)
  • Better material used to build Super Club S

Given Specifications:

  • Charger: DC 3S LiPo balancing charger with AC power supply
  • Flying weight: 25.2 oz (714 g)
  • Retracts: No
  • Flaps: No
  • Wingspan: 47.7 in (1212 mm)

You can view the video demo of this device here:

YouTube video


Here’s a crux of what should be considered prior to buying a RC plane:

  • Price against durability and performance
  • Availability of replacement parts ( in case of crashes and accidents)
  • Features: 3 channel devices are sufficient for learning purposes

We suggest you to carry out extensive research and also watch video tutorials and reviews. This will give you a better perspective of what you are going to get with your investment. So, that’s basically it guy! We hope that our guide will help you buy the best RC plane that suits your needs and requirements as a novice. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments section. We will be very happy with your contribution and will certainly get back to you.
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