Introduction of drones at best prices

Drone is not a new word to anyone any more. The world is full of drones and people are crazy for drones at best prices. Since, its been now a long time that the drones have attracted the industry, the companies are coming up with more and more efficient drone products which help the people a lot in their day to day lives whether be it the military operations or the aerial photography.

Some very common uses of drones at best prices include:

  1. Monitoring traffic accidents – Drones are a big help for the traffic police to monitor any traffic accidents. The unmanned aircrafts help you take a closer look at the situation easily.
  2. Search for missing people – Humans can’t fly but the drones can, so yes! Drones are flown to the far areas where drones can reach in lesser time unlike the police and the search is made digitally.
  3. Scanning building’s tall exterior according to CIO UK. CIO UK is the leading brand for chief information officers, and it announced recently that they are looking forward to digitalize their inspection for the tall buildings’ exterior through drone videos and photos.
  4. Automated drone delivery of parcels (DHL has been using it).
  5. Drones are efficiently used for aerial photography and filming, major channels like BBC and Al-Jazeera frequently use drones for filming.

So drones are almost becoming an essential part of lives, especially in the tech industry. Some reasons for why should you buy a drone include giving your photography business an edge, getting into a technology that has a big future, standing out on social media, capturing stunning images and much more! So to make the most out of your money, we are listing drones in your desired money range. See below for details.

This article features:
– Drones Under $50
– Drones Under $100
– Drones Under $200
– Drones Under $1000
– Drones Under $2000


Drones Under $50- Best Prices

JJRC H98 $35
Husban X4 107C $49
SYMA X5C $41


#1 JJRC H98 – $35

A great VGA camera drone at a price as low as $35! It is smaller than your palm with a 0.3 mega pixel came


#2 Husban X4 107C – $59

It is also a camera supported version, has a stable flight and continues to sell in a huge number!


#3 Syma X5HW – $57

It is not under $50 but slightly above than $50. It is a mini quadcopter 2016 entry to Syma’s army and has a VGA camera.


#4 Syma X5C – $41

Syma X5C is extremely affordable and definitely and a good addition in your toy collection.



Drones Under $100- Best Prices

WLToys v686 $98
JJRC H11D $99
MJX X800 $89

#1 WLtoys v686 – $98

V686 is a good option for aerial photography and comes with a 2MP HD Camera. Also includes 4G memory card for data storage.


#2 JJRC H11D – $99

A First Person View (FPV) drone that comes with 2.0 MP HD Camera. Also supports 360 degree rollover.


#3 Syma X5HC – $73

Syma X5HC is an all skill-level players fun! Comes with a headless mode. Performs 3D flips and rolls 360 degress.


#4 MJX X800 – $89

A professional FPV quadcopter with 3D rolling and speed switching




Drones Under $200- Best Prices

SYMA X8C $146
JJRC H6D $125
SYMA X8W $122
JJRC H8D $126


#1 Syma X8C – $146

Syma X8C is perfect for capturing aerial footage that is amazing.


#2 JJRC H6D – $125

What more can you get other than the JJRC H6D which comes with full 5.8GHz WiFi and a bundled monitor!


#3 Syma X8W – $122

Syma x8w is quite an affordable quadcopter coupled with real time video transmission.


#4 JJRC H8D-$126

JJRC H8D is a ready-to-fly quadcopter controlled by a standalone remote controller.



Drones under $500- Best Prices

Walkera F210 $465
Dobby $440
JXD 385 $428
Walkera Runner 250 $327

#1 Walkera F2 10 – $465

Walkera F210 is a small sized racing quadcopter that comes with a F3 flight controller and a durable 3K carbon fiber frame.


#2 ZeroTech, Dobby – $440

Dobby is a pocket sized foldable selfie drone and comes with a 4K Camera – Sony IMX214.



#3 JXD385 – $428

An amazing RTF drone with a steady flight.


#4 Walkera Runner 250 -$327

Walkera Runner 250 is the first racer quadcopter with GPS.



Drones under $1000- Best Prices

DJI Phantom 3 $980
Walkera QR X350 $912
Yuneec Q500M $899
Zero XIRO Explorer $769

#1 DJI Phantom 3 – $980

Phantom 3 has come in two versions: Professional & Standard. The Standard is an ideal quadcopter for beginners.




#2 Walkera QR X350 – $912

Walkera QR X350 provides better flight control and a smooth video footage.


#3 Yuneec Q500M – $899

Yuneec Q500M makes capturing video footage and is incredibly easy to fly. However, video quality can be disappointing.


#4 Zero XIRO Explorer – $769

Zero XIRO Explorer – Easy to fly drone for beginners and provides FPV transmission to your smartphone.


Drones under $2000- Best Prices

DJI Inspire 1 $1989
Walkera Tali H500 $1868
Walkera Voyager 3 $1728
DJI Phantom 4 $1696

#1 DJI Inspire 1 – $1989

Inspire 1 is a ready to fly quadcopter that captures breath taking 4K resolution video.

#2 Walkera Tali H500 – $1868

An awesome piece by Walkera, and is one of the most exciting camera drones.


#3 Walkera Voyager 3 – $1728

Voyager 3 is a dual-navigation quadcopter. Comes with a 4K Camera.


#4 DJI Phantom 4 – $1696

DJI Phantom 4 comes with the object avoidance and a stunning 4K video.

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