Drones with Wheels

Top Drones with Wheels

There won’t be many amongst you who will not be familiar with the notion that drones with wheels are being manufactured in a broad range of shapes, sizes, forms and features. We want to accentuate the significance of the size of drones at this point in time.

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Top Drones with Wheels
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Some drones come in sizes so small that you can comfortably put them in your pocket; some of them will be just too bulky to carry from one place to another; you will get your hands on some drones for not more than $10 while the other will cost you way more than what a gaming console could cost you; there are some drones that come loaded with tons of attractive and powerful features while there are also those which have, well, what we call WHEELS! Any guesses about why would drones be manufactured with wheels? No? Not even a single one?

As a matter of fact, there could be a couple of main reasons that have a part to play in drones being manufactured with wheels. But if we delve into the details of why would drones be fitted with wheels, we won’t be left with enough time to discuss what’s really are actual aim for this article. We wish to discuss the best drones out there which have wheels. Let’s take a look at the top 8 drones with wheels. We have enlisted them keeping in mind their relative prices. So, let’s not waste any of our precious time and get straight back to work!


Top Race Micro Drone TR-MQ3- Drones with Wheels

This tiny drone can be easily placed on the palm of your hand and can perform myriad stunning maneuvers such as rolls, flips etc. Well, it can virtually do everything! It may even bring you a glass of beer if you ask politely! (pun intended) TR-MQ3 can bring lots and lots of fun to you and even your family. This little guy has a durable body that is quite sturdy while the added LED lights let you keep track of it even during the nighttime gala!

On top of all this, this fabulous device also comes in with multiple speed modes, an integrated gyroscope, guards to protect the propellers from damage during crashes and accidents, extra blades and a charging wire. Once you get your hands on this cool device, you will get to know why it is being touted as the most popular drone in the market with wheels. Let’s get to the specifications part now! The drone offers a remote control range of about 25 meters which is quite low while its battery lasts not more than 6 minutes. However, when one considers that the battery takes just 9 minutes to get charged fully, the 6 minutes of flight duration seems to be a pretty enticing proposition. Check out Top Race Micro Drone TR-MQ3 by clicking here.

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SYMA X9 Fly Car- Drones with Wheels

One of the largest and most innovative of manufacturers of drones in the world is Syma. They have recently released this cool X9 Fly Car and added yet another inventive feather to their already highly decorated hat. Syma knows pretty well how to toy with technology and this skill is evident in the X9 Fly Car. The X9, as far as the looks are concerned, looks almost exactly like a car with wheels running on motors. However, there are propellers on top of these wheels, which enable to perform its functions of a drone.

Similar to the Taotuo’s version, X9 is a 2 in 1 variant which can simultaneously be driven like a car and flown like a drone. It’s stand features include single key roll, three dimensional lock, scheduled flight as well as ability to turn inside out at 360 degrees. So, not a lot special in this department and pretty much the standard stuff. The device gives a flight time duration of about 5 minutes and if you only drive it around, the battery can last up to 7 minutes. The control range is around 50 meters and might result in inordinate behavior by the device if exceeded.

[aebox title=”Original Syma X9 Fly Car 2.4G 4CH Remote Control RC Quadcopter Helicopter Drone Land / Sky 2 Function in 1 UFO VS x5c x5sw” price=”US $47.00″ url=”http://s.click.aliexpress.com/deep_link.htm?dl_target_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.aliexpress.com%2Fitem%2FOriginal-Syma-X9-Fly-Car-2-4G-4CH-Remote-Control-RC-Quadcopter-Helicopter-Drone-Land-Sky%2F32758622242.html&aff_short_key=ZFmURfq” image=”https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1EbQjNVXXXXbBaXXXq6xXFXXXg/Original-font-b-Syma-b-font-font-b-X9-b-font-font-b-Fly-b-font.jpg” size=”medium” align=”left” layout=”img-left-text-right” target=”0″ nofollow=”0″]

Xuanlei 4 in 1

This is yet another mini drone that is being offered with propeller guards that protect them from significant damage as a result of a crash or accident and also includes a couple of sets of wheels (pretty much similar to the Cheerwing below). One of the sets of wheels is large while the other one is of smaller size. The drone also includes a 0.3 megapixel camera which is not of that great quality frankly speaking.

It also contains a six axis gyroscope that gives the device additional steadiness when airborne. LED lights are another attractive feature of this machine that shine like a morning star during the night time. Shimmering white lights! This thing can give you a flight/drive time of around 7 minutes, depending on the set of wheels that you are using. Its control range is approximately 50 meters which is quite low but considering the fact that it boasts all those additional features, this one is a pretty cool drone overall.

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Cheerwing U841

Before we commence our discussion on this drone, here’s a fun fact: this drone instead of being a 2 in 1 or even a 3 in 1 machine, is rather a 4 in 1 little beast that can be set whizzing through the air, climb, run and even drive like a champion who knows nothing about defeat. This drone comes with a number of additional paraphernalia in the shape of wheels and enhance the experience manifold which is rendered by this amazing device. You get a total of six wheels including four small wheels for climbing and running and two relatively larger ones for driving around like crazy.

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Its salient features include a six axis gyroscope to keep it steady, four channel transmitter, omnidirectional flips and much more. What really distinguishes it from the rest of the pack is its awesome ability to climb the walls. However, its downfall comes in the shape of a very low control range which is only about 30 meters after which the pilot or the drivers starts experiencing lag spikes. It offers a flight duration of about 7 minutes which, considering its price range, is pretty standard.

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Taotuo Flying Quadcopter Car

Yes folks! You’ve heard it right! You can get your hands on this amazing blend of a remote controlled drone and car for just about $50. To be honest, this one does not boast eye-catching looks that could blow someone’s mind away but the features that it offers compensate for its considerably ugly looks. Just take, for example, its wheels! The wheels are motorized as opposed to the other drones with wheels cum cars which wheels that support rolling only. So, basically in addition to flying in the air, it can be driven on the ground or on the road. Hence, it is a 2 in 1 proposition and a pretty impressive one at that!

The features that is sports are pretty cool such as the integrated return-to-base mode, omnidirectional inside out rolls, LED lights and the couple of remote controlled functionalities that have already been discussed above. Now, this is where it really gets interesting! It offers a control range of around 100 meters while its battery can last for up to 9 minutes before being discharged completely. For a drone of this size, this again is pretty damn impressive. With all these aspects in mind, one has to appreciate the work, effort and technology put in this fabulous drone and car combo by Taotuo. Hence, if you child is having trouble deciding whether to go for a drone or an RC car, this flying quadcopter car is probably the way to go! He’ll have the best of both the worlds!

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Contixo Kids Drone F1 Plus

As is pretty much evident from the nomenclature, this tiny little thing boasts a design that resembles the magnificent and super fast F1 vehicles. And its design is presumably one of the reasons, it has been able to gain great amount of traction with the kids. Fortunately, it’s not all looks and no features! This one is a power-packed machine that has been created out of a nice concoction of high quality plastic and alloy to give it unmatchable durability and reliability. This structure also makes this device resistant to shocks in case of any crashes or accidents.

THe Contixo F1 Plus drone includes a 2 megapixel high definition camera and a 4GB Micro SDHC memory card that lets you store videos and photographs. It offers plenty of exciting features such as omnidirectional rolls, three dimensional flips, hover mode and a single key return to base mode. On top of all these excellent specifications, F1 Plus support autonomous takeoff and landing capabilities that will certainly drive your kids mad.

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Prrot Minidrone Rolling Spider

If you have had some time since you entered the drone world, you must be familiar with the name Parrot. Parrot are the entrenched market leaders of the world of drones with wheels and there is no list of drones that does not include a product manufactured by them. Well, recently, they have conjured up yet another contraction by harnessing their unquenchable penchant for technology. This unique product is a wheely drone and gosh it can produce some scintillating aerobics.

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Let’s start surprising you with its incredible features. It supports an unbelievable top speed of 18 kilometers per hour which is enormous considering its small size. To put icing on the cake, it can perform 90 and 180 degree turns in addition to those ancient omnidirectional flips. You just have to press one key and it will get rolling into the action. The wheels can be attached or detached whenever required. Moreover, it sports an action camera that can be utilized to capture aerial or ground photographs or video footages.

Here’s a downside though! When it comes to the specifications part, it lets us down with its very low control range that allows the drone to only go as far as 20 meters from the transmitter. Remember that it operates via Bluetooth on handheld mobile devices. The flight duration it provides is about 8 minutes and if driven on the ground with wheels attached, the battery can last up to 6 minutes.

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Fanala JJRC H3

Finally, we have come to the final drone with wheels that has been able to make a spot in our much vaunted list. Fanala JJRC H3 is an amazing looking drone that offers a brilliant blend between high flying drones with wheels and fast moving RC cars. The outer body of the device makes it appear as if it were a car, but once you take a look at its rollers or wheels, you would come to know that they have installed with the intention to support the propeller guards that have been attached just next to the outer body.

The Fanala JJRC H3 boasts LED lights that can provide sufficient light beneath the device during night time excursions. What’s more, it provides a phenomenal control range of about 300 meters which, considering its price range, is nothing short of mind-boggling. On top of all these brilliant specifications, it offers a flight time duration of about 8 minutes which is simply exquisite. Just get ready to have a great time having fun with this wonderful wheely drone!

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Final Words on Drones with Wheels

Last but not the least, we have got through to the end of our list which wasn’t that exhaustive since it included only the leading drones with wheels. These drones certainly boast some interesting characteristics in addition to pretty conspicuous designs. However, since there are only a few drones with wheels and not many of the manufacturers have tried their luck with these things, we deemed it fitting to compile a list of 8 top drones with wheels. We are not really sure whether we will be able to add more drones to this list in the future or not. But we know a couple of things for sure.

These amazing drones provide great means to have some fun and their interesting features and design gain a lot of attention from the dronies. Fun and enjoyment is all what’s crucial in this age where we hardly get enough time even for ourselves.

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