10 Unusual Uses for Drones


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You must have heard or even come across the way drones are being brought into use in the films, cinematography, by the photographers and even journalists in an effort to bring the latest video footages and photographs of events taking place in potentially hostile surroundings. However, not many of you would know that drones are being used for a number of purposes other than above mentioned common ones. Drones are being used for a lot of purposes and these purposes are increasing day by day.

As a matter of fact, the estimates revealed by the Association for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles International (AUVSI), the incorporation of drones in different sectors of the US economy will result in the provision of around 0.1 million jobs in the country and this will result in the addition of about $82 billion in the financial pool by the year 2025. And this financial growth is not going to remain limited to Hollywood only! Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing uses of drones these days.

This article features:
– Top 10 Unusual Uses of Drones
– Methods under which we can make, grow and increase our revenue through drone usage.

 Amazon Prime Air

Amazon’s Prime Air Service has been in the pipeline for a number of years and is planning to initiate a home delivery service by using drones. So, if you order a pair of Nike joggers, you will get a drone hovering outside your house to deliver your order at your doorstep within a few minutes. The drones that are being employed in this service are integrated with state-of-the-art sensory equipment that enables them to navigate across hindrances, place the ordered product without causing any harm to it next to a customer’s home or some other location, and return back to the pilot.

These drones are preferred to be used in the outskirts and suburbs. Numerous kinds of drones can be utilized to deliver ordered products in accordance with a number of varying  factors. One of such drones boasts a design that is equal in size to no less than 20 DJI Phantoms and appears like a Boeing 777, however, it takes off similar to a quadcopter by lifting itself into the air vertically. Most progress in terms of Prime Service has been made in the United Kingdom recently in July, 2016, where Amazon have decided to commence a test run as soon as possible.amazon-prime-air


Japan has been a country which has been making use of drones since the last three decades in the agriculture sector. Drones have been used to spray insecticides on the crops in addition to tons of other tasks. Almost 33 percent of all the rice that are being consumed in the whole of Japanese households undergo treatment carried out with the help of drones. With the aid of drones, a farmer’s manual labour of ten days is significantly reduced as the work done with these drones gets completed in just a couple of days.

Yamaha Motors, the producers of Japanese motorbikes, were the company in Japan to develop drones. This idea has been adapted by a number of companies in different parts of the world with great success. Vine-Rangers, a company which produces wines and is stationed in California, have been using drones equipped with infrared cameras to enhance the process of making wine. The company makes use of drones alongside a top-of-the-line software to test the plants for any diseases and study stress, yield, quality, respiration of the leaf, and much more.agro-drone


Aerial Construction Drones

Many believe that in the coming days, drones will work in tandem with human beings while laying the foundations of buildings and performing numerous other tasks. Several experiments are being conducted by scientists to test the efficacy of these devices. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is involved in project called as The Aerial Construction Project which is aimed to explore and figure out approaches and strategies for robot-centric aerial construction.

The team of scientists and researchers has been able to construct a 24-feet long rope bridge between a couple of buildings using common quadcopters designed specifically for the said task. The bridge was able to bear the weight of an individual who walked over the rope between the two buildings. In another previous project carried out by the same university, a live event was held in which at least four quadcopters constructed a 20-feet tall tower using 1,500 bricks made of foam.

There’s another construction company kespry in the United States of America that owns a brigade of drones with highly advanced software that help in monitoring progress, carryout surveys, produce maps, generate 3D models with plenty of data points, determine volume, calculate accurate elevation data and contour lines, strategize road construction products etc. All these tasks are accomplished using self-reliant flights.aerial-construction-drones

Ambulance Drone

Developed at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, the Ambulance drone has been designed to reduce the number of casualties that result from sudden health emergencies such as heart attacks. The drone has been designed to reach the target individual at the earliest in order to provide first-aid to the patient before the actual ambulance arrives. The drone is equipped with a video camera and two-way audio communication ability and also includes separate drawers with high quality first-aid kits.

Once the drone arrives near the patient, it can be used by the experts to guide those near the patient in delivering required first-aid treatment. Such an Ambulance Drone can easily be made part of the existing ambulance emergency response networks. However, because of financial constraints, the project has not been able to get the kind of success it deserves.ambulance-drone

Elios, the Industrial Inspection Drone

Equipped with sensors to avoid obstacles and hence any crashes, Elios is an amazing drone that has the ability to enter congested places such as inside building walls with cluttered piping and wiring to collect data that may be inaccessible in other cases. It has been created by Flyability and has acclaimed first prize in the UAE Drones for Good awards. Some of the wonderful features of this fabulous drone include incredibly high resolution, integrated lighting equipment for dark nooks and corners and some other highly efficient mind-boggling technologies.

However, what really makes it perform astonishingly complex tasks with so much ease is its flexible outer-shell that helps it to bounce off of objects much more like a tennis ball and hence avoid any collision or crashes. Having said that, Elios is essentially a commonplace flying drone. Flyability have been developing Elios for the last five years and aim to reduce inspection costs, increase the safety of human workers involved and decrease the shutdown time.

Flyability aim to enhance the capacity of Elios to an extent that it is able to analyze and inspect boilers, recovery steam producers, reservoirs on the earth’s surface, pressure vessels, ship holds, tunnels and plenty of other complex mechanical and industrial systems.industrial-inspection-drone

Window Cleaning Drone

This drone has been developed by a German company called as Windows Cleaning Drones and was a semi-finalist at the UAE Drones for Good awards in 2015. The company endeavor to carry out the washing of glass facades of skyscrapers as well as their glass roofs at considerable heights. In addition to this Dutch company, there are several other players in the market who have also embarked on this journey to use drones for washing purposes. The Sullivan 5000, a UK based organization, is one of such enterprises.windows-cleaning-drone

Internet Access Drones

Tech giants, Google and Facebook have been investing heavily for the last few years in the development of drone technologies in a bid to ensure that internet is accessible to people resident in far flung areas of the world. Though, these efforts require massive influx of financial resources, Facebook is making an effort to produce drones that our powered by the solar energy and are able to fly as long as ten miles above the earth’s surface to provide internet access to areas underneath. Google, however, is looking forward to a technology slightly different than drones which actually is a balloon technology and is specifically called Project Loon.internet-access-drones

Wildlife Conservation Drones

This is a wonderful example of a tremendous blend of creativity and technology. Wildlife conservationists have been able to devise an interesting approach to seduce the California condor (a species of vulture) to its natural habitat. This species of vulture, interestingly, has been moving in an opposite direction to its habitat in an attempt to follow dead cows to feed on. To get rid of this issue, some of the wildlife conservationists came forward with a futuristic idea of placing the trail of dead cows in a direction towards the natural habitat of the California condor in order to lure it back. The dead cows, however, are placed at a large distance from each other.

So in order to intimate the condor of the presence of cow carcasses is to lure birds to circle above the dead bodies in the air. The birds were attracted towards the carrion by making the drones fly over them in circles. As soon as the birds start to gather over the dead bodies in large numbers, it gains the attraction of condors and they begin to head over to the carcasses. The same procedure is repeated at every point along the trail.wildlife-access-drones

Drones for Real Estate

According to a press release by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) on August 29, 2016, realtors all across the country will be able to utilize drones for aerial photography of real estates. People have been employing drones to capture photographs and video footages of properties in the United States and they are also being used in other countries including Australia for this purpose.

Alongside the press release by National Association of Realtors, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has also been issued entailing the rules and regulations for aerial photography of properties using UAVs. This technique can go a long way in boosting the marketing plans of large real estate properties. As a matter of fact, real estate agents are likely to invest millions and billions of dollars to sophisticated video productions using drones.drones-for-real-estate

Walt Disney Light Show Drones

There’s no match to the Disney theme park light shows anywhere in the world. Disney have been trying to further improve the quality of these light shows and for this purpose, they filed a patent back in February, 2016, for a projection technology that is powered by drones. The bottomline is that the drones will shower beams of imagery onto a dedicated infrastructure to project them. The assembly may also include a wide-angle reflector. So, the time is coming when we’ll be treated to a lovely huge sized Donald Duck emitted by drones.

Film and Video

The drone technology has progressed by leaps and bounds and we definitely are going to enter an era where this technology is going to go well beyond the realms of imagination. Don’t you think that the drones are going to play a more critical role in the film and cinematography industry with so much development? This is certainly going to happen. The drone technology is going to disrupt the film industry massively since the video capture techniques and their quality have also improved over the past decade or so. There might come a time when a drone will film an entire scene without being controlled by any outer force using all the preinstalled instructions for camera zooms, pans and tilts. May be we are getting closer to an era when B&H will be selling more drones than camera tripod stands, sliders, dollies, cranes and other camera equipment. Perhaps the camera rig will be replaced by a drone, who knows!wedding-video-drones


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