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Reconnaissance Drones for Sale

These drones for sale enable you to gather the aerial footage of commercial properties and private buildings in real time. Similar to helicopters used by the Police Department, our reconnaissance drones are able to cover those angles and areas that would in general be impossible for cameras and personnel at ground to keep track of. You can also pre-program your drone’s trajectory and ensure that you are able to keep an eye at your sensitive private installations through our safe and handy security solution.

FAQs About Drone for Sale:

How long will a Height-Tech drone fly?

The flight time depends on four factors:

  • Batteries
  • Wind Velocity
  • Flight task
  • Netload weight

What are the Best Brands of Drones?

There are so many brands available in the market from which DJI Models are dominating currently. Nowadays they are the best small drones to have and operate especially for their folding trick also.

Is DJI Inspire 1 one of the best Reconnaissance Drones?

DJI are the entrenched market leaders in producing top of the line drones for consumers all over the world. With DJI Inspire 1, you capture images and videos from impressive vantage points. The device uses a 4K video camera and a 12MP one for still photographs. Equipped with high end communications system, the DJI Inspire 1 comes with a radio controller that receives thousands of bits of data per second and converts them into riveting flying action. The drone boasts responsive controls and also takes into account environmental conditions in real time to ensure that the flight remains safe and steady. Moreover, with the DJI’s Electronic Speed Controllers, you are able to separately configure the rotation speeds and power input to each of the motors separately; thereby allowing customization options never imagined before.

DJI Phantom 2 Movie Pro

The DJI Phantom 2 is loaded with tons of top quality components that allow unimaginable performance and seamless usage. The quadcopter is fitted with the popular DJI Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal designed specifically for GoPro action camera that allows smooth video footages and still shots. DJI iOSD mini and stunning 400mW 5.8GHz video transmitter are expertly integrated inside the drone’s frame. Moreover, the Diversity receiver, 7 inch monitor and the 2400mAh battery ensures that the flier is able to view each and every bit of the real time video feed being transmitted by the drone’s camera. The supreme quality set of antennae such as CL, SPW and Helical consists of plastic material and ensures a control range as high as a whopping 1Km.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision

YouTube video

Easy to configure and fly, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision renders aerial cinematography an art that could be tried by even the beginners. It comes in read to fly setup and lets the pilot capture some stunningly stable aerial shots. The drone is equipped with an integrated flawless triple axis stabilization system that ensures that your videos and photographs remain shake-free and you get a thoroughly liberating experience.

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Ghost-L (Flight) Android Version

Touted as one of the leading reconnaissance drones on the market, the Ghost-L is compatible with Android and reaches any location pointed out on a map. It offers a flight duration of 18 to 23 minutes and an operating range of a massive 1Km. In case of an attenuated connection with the pilot, it returns back to its original place of takeoff automatically. The drone is loaded with a High Definition camera to allow for long-distance photography as well.

Walkera QR X350 Pro

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This is yet another reliable surveillance drone that features GPS, return to home, altitude holder and other exquisite features that are a must ask of any reconnaissance drones. It offers a control range of about 2 Km and it broadcasts a real time video streaming of whatever is being captured by the drone’s eye!

Main Drone Categories for Sale

High Tech Drone For Sale

For decade so many drones are going to be sold to people for doing different types of work as well as for peaceful activities. Everyone has various purposes to find drones and fulfill their objectives efficiently and productively. Some people wish to study animals and their living standards and migration, some objectives are to work for commercial developments, some want to explore the universe and make movies and photography to satisfy their needs and objects.

Here you will find some different types of amazing drones for sale but be sure that you must follow rules and regulations about drones that apply in your area or country zone, otherwise, you have to bear penalties from your countryside to disobey their rules.

Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV Drone:

Now let’s talk about Lehmann GoPro Personal UAV Drone. It has a consumer-oriented GoPro HD camera you can operate without detailed instructions and does not need ground control and fly on an already calculated pattern.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0:

The most popular and successful system included in the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 has. It is available in all shopping malls and various gadgets shops. It is a French-made drone that is controlled by an IOS device and Android system and it flies with the help of a quadcopter power system. You can use it indoors and outdoors in both places. The flight time of this drone is 12 minutes and you can buy it at a very reasonable price.

Penguin B UAV Drone:

It is just like a military-grade UAV drone and its machine works incredibly and very efficiently. It can fly about 54.5 hours amazingly. You need to operate this drone by an advanced computer-connected console which is identified by a roof-mounted car system. Its price starts from $16400 having a very effective and the most powerful system. The Penguin B UAV drone is especially available for non-military buyers.

Aibotix Aibot X6 UAV Drone:

It is the German-made multi-copter drone that works with Nikon and Canon DSLR that creates HD videos and excellent photography. It completely provides a very simple control system for commercial pilots and people who love to use such incredible drones and hobbyists. Its take-off and landing system is completely automated as well as guarantees collision protection and a crash safety system.

SenseFly Swinglet Cam UAV Drone:

This drone uses a flying-wing design but has no higher flight time and good resolution photos. It has a 16MP high-resolution camera. You can enjoy your videos and photos with great camera effects. There are so many retailers in Mexico, Canada, and South America who greatly work with such impressive drones.

Droidworx Skyjib Airframe:

You will find a high-resolution payload for creating impressive photographs and great quality cinemagraphs. You can enjoy documentaries, sports, entertainment, and much more with the help of the RED Epic camera.

Gathering X100 UAV Drone:

This drone is very expensive or you can say it is out of the range. It is suggested that It costs approximately $40 per unit but its overall performance is incredible because of its flying-wing system. Its flight time is up to 45 minutes and has a 10 imaging system. Another specialty of this drone is it can handle rough weather and most of the time it is used for the commercial mapping industry and provides excellent performance.

Best Surveillance Drones For Sale:

After discussing High Tech Drones now comes towards other types of drones that are Surveillance drones. Such drones are used by the military and the police. And because of drones’ popularity in the future, the production and manufacturing of surveillance will increase rapidly.

What are Surveillance Drones and Why they are getting so popular Drones for Sale in this Year?

The use of UAV unmanned aerial vehicles for making videos and creating images to accomplish a particular target is the surveillance drone. Such special targets may be for individuals, in the group or company, or even a pacific environment.

DJI Mavic Air 2:

DJI Mavic Air 2 was introduced in April 2020, with time this drone’s improvements over its predecessors are increasing rapidly, as a result, it has a flight time of 34 minutes, has HDR capabilities, and captures 48 MP photographs.

Some new features are introduced in this type of drone. Which are Scene Recognition and Hyperlight.

Scene Recognition:

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It optimizes and detects different types of images just as grass, trees, sunsets, snow, rain, rocks with help of scene recognition.


The main objective of hyperlight is to increase the effectiveness and quality of night shooting and also overcome the amount of graininess.


This drone is launched by the Chinese electronics manufacturer named XIAOMI TECH in 2019. The main features of this drone are a 4K camera, 3-axis gimbal, foldable design, (VPS) Vision Positioning System, 33 minutes flight time, and up to 64 Gigabyte storage capacity.

This is the best for beginners, experts, and professional people too.

Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon:

This is another best drone available for sale. The complete product specifications are:

  • Its weight is about 1100 grams that means 2.4 pounds
  • 25 minutes is the flight time
  • 29km/h is the maximum speed
  • 12 MP 4K camera is there
  • 122 meters means 400 feet is its flying altitude
  • 2.4GHz is the controller frequency
  • Its operating range is around 800 meters which are 2625 feet
  • The dimension is 22.2×16.5×9.4 inches

Underwater Drone for Sale:

Drones in simple which can navigate in water specifically sea,river are called underwater drones and they are getting popular for research and catching rare underwater creatures.

NEMO Underwater Drone:

The NEMO Underwater drone is the ideal choice for fishermen, vacationers, and scuba-driver. It builds as a heavy-duty design and it has multiple tasks to perform. With the help of 1000lm LED headlamps, you can capture mysterious locations in the darkness.

NEMO underwater drones have an independent control system and ultra-long waterproof tether make amazingly clear videos. It has a replaceable C-Hyper Helix battery for long-term adventures and events with very easy and simple charging techniques.

Some other features are mentioned below:

  • Cave Exploration
  • Underwater Photography
  • Scuba Diving
  • Fishing
  • Yachting
  • Scientific Exploration
  • Ship Inspections
  • Bridge Inspections
  • Dock and Dam Inspections

Light Duty Drones for Sale:

Hobby Drones and Recreational UAVs:

This is another drone category that you can buy according to your needs and demand and purpose of work. Light-duty drones are also helpful to make and create photos and videos. These recreational drones are also known as “Hobby Drones”. They are lighter, and smaller as compared to other drones that work as inspectional and recreational activities as well.

Other special characteristics are:

  • Capture aerial occasions and event
  • Recording of extreme sport-related activity
  • Recording of natural things
  • Making photography
  • Involvement in drone competitions
  • To capture vocational memories

Kids Drones on Sale

Currently, you can purchase a toy drone for less than $15. The cheapest toy drone that we recommend is the EACHINE E010 Mini UFO for $22 or below. This is the cheapest drone that you can buy without any reliability problems. In terms of all the drone products valued around $20, this drone has the best customer feedback out of all.

For kids 8 and under, we recommend the EACHINE E010 Mini. It’s small, the propellers are protected for added safety, and it’s only $21.99 which is almost disposable! For kids over 8 years old, there are many different toy drones to choose from, but we think the Parrot Mambo and Mambo FPV are the best choice, especially for education. With the Mambo, you get a versatile, easy to fly, Lego compatible, Wi-Fi controlled drone. You can learn from this drone to program on using Parrot’s SDK, Apple’s Swift programming language, or Tynker, a programming environment made for kids.

Passenger Drones for sale

YouTube video

When we talk about the passenger drones for sale, the first name that comes to our mind is the DCL big drone. It is the world’s first manned stunt drone. It shows that the flight testing makes the machine perform loops, rolls and much more.

YouTube video

The second name in this category is the Workhorse Surefly, which made its debut in 2017. Almost all of the passenger drones use electric power to lift heavy loads.  Workhorse Surefly is unique and formidable as it utilizes both a gasoline generator and electric battery packs as second options if there is a setback from the generator.

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Ehang drone was one of the first drones to be built for human transportation. It is the only drone that has interacted or conducted tests of more than a handful of human passengers (over 1000 test flights). It is one of the most compact passenger drones for sale in the market today.

DJI Drones for sale

There are numerous discounts regarding Skydio 2.  The Skydio 2 Starter Kit is available on the Skydio website for $949, a $400 savings: get more deals on the Sports Kit, Cinema Kit, and Pro Kit. It is in the shipping process at the moment. Most importantly, you shouldn’t forget that if you are trying to invest in a professional drone hardware, training is a crucial aspect of the equation.

The manufacturers around the world are still trying to find financial stability after the coronavirus pandemic, which is why you won’t find every drone product in the market. If you want a drone as a Christmas gift, you can consider the shipping dates.

Overview of Drones

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (typically configured as quadcopters). To keep drones stable, they have onboard flight controllers capable of measuring movement and giving feedback to the motor controllers (ESCs). Controlling the speed of each motor is what allows drones to fly in virtually any direction. For example, to move up, all the rotors spin faster creating more lift, but to move right, the left rotors spin faster and the right rotors spin slower causing the drone to tilt to the right.

Once the drone is tilted to the right, some of the downward thrust is directed to the left. When a drone is hovering at an angle, it will drift in the direction that tilts in. To rotate a drone, half of the rotors spin faster and the other half spin slower. This only works because half of the rotors are spinning clockwise and the other half are spinning counterclockwise to create a torque force.

Every drone has a different control range. Most toy drones can go about 40 feet to 300 feet. Camera drones can reach distances of over 4 miles, and airplane drones can fly even further. The biggest limitation for a drone with a quadcopter-like design is battery life. Even with a consumer drone like the Phantom 4, if there’s no interference, you will run out of battery long before the drone loses its connection. We’ve flown Phantom 4 as far as 4 miles away before needing to return home.

The Verdict on Reconnaissance Drones for Sale

There are many different kinds of drones available today. The typical cost for a toy drone ranges from about $20 to $250. The price of camera drones starts at around $300 and goes up from there. The DJI Mavic Pro (the best drone we’ve tested) retails for just under $1,000. Professional drone users will spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the best image quality and flight time.

The radio controlled unmanned aerial vehicles allow the pilot to capture any kind of shot a pilot would crave of. They can be used to keep an eye at sensitive installations and to gather mission critical data in places that are inaccessible for humans. Moreover, they record the video footage that can be used for tons of different purposes.

Drones that are equipped with intelligent autonomous flight features such as ArduPilot can be used for surveillance of certain areas and provide constant security. Moreover, they come loaded with Sonar technologies that enable collision detection and obstacle avoidance.

The world of reconnaissance drones demand rapid advancements in technology and personal aerial drones are surely the next pedestal. They are able to broadcast a live video streaming of the areas they are covering and hence transform into a totally viable and legitimate security solution for your personal and commercial needs.

With a bunch of flying machines, you can ensure a vigilant eye is kept on your commercial and private installations without having to hire humans who could fail you in a number of ways. Moreover, these drones are equipped with smart features that instruct them to return to the home station before the battery runs out of juice. So, you won’t have to worry about their repairs and maintenance as well.

There are a large number of drones for sale that can be used for reconnaissance purposes. These drones include pre-programmed flight trajectory features as well and can be purchased in camera ready or camera mount form.

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